Monday, October 13, 2014

We Are The Watchers by Kiler Davenport

When you get up in the morning do you even think about how fast the earth is moving under your feet. Do you know the tremendous forces acting upon your mind and body?

This vast space beneath and within and around your being. When you place your hands in front of you there is nothing but empty and dark void spanning quad trillions of light years outward. Most of you live in a little box and cannot realize  this place. Trillions of electrons carry this spark of life and limb.

Caught up in your lame emotions, bound by attitude and enslaved in a fantasy you walk blindly about. Swimming in these man made poisons designed by mad men. What is your life but a moment, a split second in elusive time. Your true vision has been cut off and the vision for and of the children has been crushed. Your becoming has become and your indoctrination complete.

We the watchers sit in waiting. Watching as you spin down to the dead. Your offspring gobbled up and swallowed in the belly of the dragon. When will you come out of your sleep. When will you break the ties that bind. What will you do today, tonight, tomorrow? Will you come with us and break the spells? Will you learn to free yourself from yourself?

As I send you these words they are deflected by foolishness, absorbed by your dirty filters. Do not reject this soft wisdom. Do not hide your face and run away from this mystery. We are the watchers.

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