Tuesday, February 19, 2013


the world is a much more complex place than the so called light people seem to want to believe and imagine. the ones so far that we have dealt with are very immature and seem to be afraid to connect with the reality of the suffering, sick, depressed, lonely, hungry, homeless, deprived and those who just need someone to reach out to them.
they speak of the light but seem to live in a very dark place. they are full of ideas but seem unable to get them started. they also do not really want to hear any opinions but their own. they talk of forgiveness but seem to not pratice it. they talk of caring but never can tell me of their work in and of the community. they bash religion yet seem to be caught up in cultish thinking. they pretend to have all the answers but are not prosperous themselves. many like to play the victim game.
I have also noticed that they have trouble getting and keeping a solid love relationship. they create their own little world of words and gather in all the ones that will listen and have their 10 minutes of fame. they rebuke authority, logic and reason.

they seek to put themselves above others who do not agree with them. I am speaking here of the lost ones, the broken and immature ones. I have met many in the light movement who are very wise and easy to communicate with. I have met some who are very well versed in the art of human communication. they are far and few between. they love to be around those who will bow to them and agree with all that they say and do. for many of these will always be broken and suppressed. it is just the way of the world and it is what it is.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Zack Van Arsdale-Girl Geo-Gypsy Poet 2-3-13


THE GYPSY POET RADIO SHOW..2-3-2013 "Girl George & the Gypsy Poet"..talk with: Zack Van Arsdale..Singer/songwriter Producer/guitar player..Nashville Outlaw