Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fake Book Zombies By Kiler Davenport

They stand glass eyed and empty
Their children follow them like old sour milk dripping from a jug
Their steps are meaningless and their path a dead end

These fake book zombies
Millions and millions of them going down to the slaughter house
Rushing down to the kill floor dazed and amazed

These are the clueless Ines that will tell you that they are warriors here on fake book
These are the ones that sit for hours and hours posting meaningless dribble

These comfort zone junkies
These dime store poets
These mindless slaves of self destruction
Popping out of the hole like groundhogs in a massive flood they come

Zombies of the New World Order ready and waiting to serve
Ye shall know them by their posts and their words
Mindless creatures destined for a cold and empty grave

Consumer crazed maggots filling the streets
Trained to be submissive
Programmed to mimic and indoctrinated to fail

They own nothing, control nothing, and are nothing
Whores of the ruling class
Expendable as garbage
They come and they come and they come
Extermination is imminent and death is soon

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beyond The Essence By Kiler Davenport

A massive tug of war between those who say they know and those who know we cannot know. This place of wanting and lust for things of pleasure and pain. We gag at the small things swallowing mountains of shit. It is our way. The we in the me. The I as in capital I. Slithering bodies behind the door of this sex crazed world. Pretending to be so sweet until I get you in my web of lust and darkness. Yes, darkness that place where we cum unglued and lick the very essence of our being. Fat with that animal hunger and ready to explode into each others soul as if we were the dead cum alive to ravage each other. Our passions a crime. Our needs satanic. We get lost and are savage in our ways. Seemingly immortal in this bed. We transcend the normal and have given ourselves over to the devils and their minions.

Kiler Davenport Live: Interview With Author June Bugg

On this episode of Kiler Davenport I interviewed Author June Bugg. A little bit about June Bugg:

I am JuNe. I have been writing since about the 6th or 7th grade; I am currently 900, and 29 years of age so that is a lifetime or three; I had B a rapper type dreams as a child, and in my town we did well locally 4 some delinquent kids, mostly hustling 4 monies, and trying to B famous.

REFUSE 2B shaped by any set of circumstances or conditions - I know suffering & pain; however to suffer passively 4me is not an option. Amalgamation shaped me, but never made me, and I have absolutely nothing 2 lose but my chains...
I was given this world... I grew, I learned, I thought I knew, I grew some more. I changed, still x plore and He is not through. Not yet. Prv 21:31

To hear the show hit the button on the player below:

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Kiler Davenport Live: The Science Of The Mind

At the request of many fans we did another show on the complexities of living and operating in this state we call humanity or the third dimension. We have touched on many of these very important subjects before however many are still having a hard time understanding how to escape the trap of the self and years long and ingrained programming that they have been bombarded with since birth.
The so called new age movement is trying very hard to provide answers and we commend them for that. However, many of these groups do not have any idea of the realities they are facing nor do they truly understand the mechanics of the machine. We welcome your input, comments, and suggestions on this show. We respect all people and we understand that each one of you has a different perspective on the matter.
Many of you will stay stuck in the third dimension for life and others will break free.
On this show we talked about the concept of right and wrong. The role religion plays in all of this and this most misunderstood thing we call existence and human life.
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Kiler Davenport live: In Plain Sight

On this episode of Kiler Davenport Live I talked about the illusive power structures, organizations, entities, projects, and programs that rule our government from deep within the shadows and behind the dark curtain. On this episode we exposed the illuminate and broke it down into its many components and parts.
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Kiler Davenport Live: Back In The Digital Saddle

On this episode of Kiler Davenport we updated you on all of our progress here at the station. We answered many of your questions that have come in via email concerning the state of the union and the world. We also discussed some strategies to use over the next few months to deal with this so called "fiscal cliff" and going over some special projects, programs, and events coming up in 2013.
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Kiler Davenport Live: Planning For The Future

This show could save your life, the life of your friend or a loved one. I talked about the importance of being your own advocate when dealing with healthcare situations including emergency room, long term care, and hospital stays. Malpractice suits are on the rise and for good reason. Hospitals make mistakes. Doctors, nurses and caregivers make mistakes. Unfortunately many of these mistakes lead to permanent disability or death. With over 75,000 baby boomers moving into an already over burdened system. Consumers are going to have to become more self-empowered and educated. I also spoke to those family members who take care of loved ones at home. Teaching them how to use the system effectively with the outcome being more effective communication, better quality care, and peace of mind. We also praised the caregivers around the United States who care for the elderly.
To hear the show hit on the play button on the player below:
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Kiler Davenport Live: Instilling Hope In A Hopeless World

On this episode of Kiler Davenport Live we went beyond new age rhetoric, the business of religion, pop culture, fad, philosophies, quick fixes, lies, propaganda, illusion, delusion, and mind control and seek to find the missing link. Thee major part of the puzzle that has been hidden in plain sight since the very beginning of this massive and powerful, global agenda to blind the eyes of the American people. I provided the answers to your many perplexing questions and laid out a plan for the new year that will satisfy all sides of the equation.
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Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with David Corral

On this episode of Kiler Davenport Live I interviewed David Corral: L.A. Calling
Below is a bio about David and L.A. CALLING

L.A. CALLING is founded by singer-songwriter David Corral who resides in Los Angeles, CA where he was born and raised. The city where dreams come true has birthed the inspiration behind his music. His sound is described as a combination of dance-adrenaline with the power of the guitar. David possesses the talent to play the guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, and programs. This array of talent has allowed him to produce the unique sound of L.A. CALLING. His dexterity has granted him the opportunity to work with multi-platinum artists such as Trouble Valli (formerly Crazy Town) and Nick Menza (formerly of Megadeth). Throughout his career, he has opened for world renown groups including: Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill, and many more. L.A. CALLING has been heard over 90 radio stations worldwide. In addition, various blogs have featured L.A. CALLING including BitCandy, Pure Grain Audio

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Making Change Happen By Kiler Davenport

To say we know is to know nothing. To say that we know something that came from nothing is impossible. If we have the capacity to believe or to say believe then we can believe in those who cannot believe. Does something have to be believed to exist in truth? I would think not.

Caught up in this illusion of self we are blind to the possibilities and will stumble past wisdom as she looks us right in the face. We dare to dig beyond beyond what we have been told for fear of finding it. If we stand out too far we are afraid that we will fall.

Reconstruction cannot and will not happen if we do not free ourselves from these lies self imposed. This darkness is of our own doing. We ate from this twisted tree of life spun and spelled upon us by this dragon of the darkness. Our children birthed and handled over to these devils.

We must destroy this current culture of dogmas. We must develop a new and constructive language. We must push beyond this dark and stagnant pool of piss for brains who rule with war. You must start where you are and flow like water into the river. Hold out your hand and capture the energy available to you. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Arms Around The World By Kiler Davenport

Many folks are creatively dead and without a mind of their own. Most have been beat down by this system to the point where they feel completely powerless. I feel this way many times. I get severely depressed and down to the point where I just want to vanish into the void. But something strange keeps me going as if there were something out there calling me back into action. Most of you know that something is very wrong with this world and you can feel the confusion and disdain of the people. This new world order monster and the ruling class has put their arms around the world and enslaved so many and will continue this destruction until we the people rise up and stand together and are willing to die for our freedoms to be returned to us. I do not believe this will open in our lifetime or the next generation a however we should be giving them hell at this very moment and we are not doing that at all. All in all it looks like a lost cause. We shall see.

Words By Kiler Davenport

Words are the cutting knife. The magic wand of those who know how to use them. Words lift us from the earth. They renew the heart, mind, soul and spirit. They split the atom and destroy cities and displace the people. They bring forth creation and spur the imagination.

What are you doing with your words? How are you using them? They are the most powerful weapon in earth. Dancing together in swarms and knowing not themselves. Connected and attached to things. Alone they are worthless.

Silence is golden and a place of rest and refuge. Words will shape the universe and take us to distant stars. Words are the precursor to every baby born and the future of the off spring. Remember this my friends next time you open your mouth.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Last Chance By Kiler Davenport

It is the collective mind that is not working. This electorate is that completely absorbed in the self. We have lost our sense to remember what it was like to group up and fight the elements. Our survival no longer depends on us getting along with those around us. At least in this current mind set and the very one that is destroying us.

Americans has given up on the idea that tribes are a good thing. They have become islands until themselves. Lost and greedy souls alone.

It will almost take a major disaster with thousands of lives lost for them to even open up their eyes and begin to realize where they all went wrong. And by that time it will be way too late to fix what is broken.

Up here we beg for community. We search for those who understand its vital importance. This wisdom is somehow missing from the people. Mostly because of modernism and the illusion of convenience. This is a lie and falsehood and will be the end of it,

If only you could see what some of us see and know what many of us know you would change your whole way of life now. Not tomorrow but now. For you would see your coming destruction and the end of life as we know it.

I can sit here and read your life and your future. I can see inside all of you all by just looking at your posts. Look at my posts and then look at yours and see who can feel the heartbeat and pulse of America.

You want solutions. Listen to our shows and read my articles and poems. Yes I can be an ass and yes I can seem crazy at times but all if you must understand that we stay in the war zones where ever we go. We go and live where the action is. Most of you will never see what we see or do what we do. And that my friends s why America is going down the shit hole.

In order to fix this shit you have to be willing to get out there and get in the middle of this shit. Talking about it will not save us and posting bullshit here will not fix or save anyone. You have to be willing to really study, think, get inside where the guts are and cut out the guts of this monster.

You have to know the enemy and how to attack it from the inside and know where its weak spots are. We are dealing with a very dangerous creature here. If most of you were on a real bloody battle field you would have already been killed. If you really want to fight join us on the front line. Help us build this radio station for it could be your last chance to save yourselves and your kids and their kids.

Red White And Blue By Kiler Davenport

America has become a killing machine and we keep the parts moving with our hard earned money and exhausting labor. For each and every innocent child that will die tonight the blood will be on your hands because you feed the machine without question. Each and everyone of us are guilty and will one day pay the price for our stupidity and lack of courage. You will try and find a way to contradict me. You will try and turn this thing around to fit what you have made yourself believe but it will not bring back the dead or stop the killing fields from floating in blood. Can you hear them screaming over the sound of your television? Can you smell their dead rotting flesh over that newly purchased outdoor grill. How much longer will you bastards hide behind God. How much longer will you spout patriotism and the red, white, and blue.

Calling All Comrades By Kiler Davenport

Look, some of you must have the brain cells to see how this could work. The network is here () and we are connected to the world. We could get our so called friends involved and neighbors. All of us together could do small boycotts. We could form silent protests if that is something people wanted to do. We could bring guests on who you all went out and picked. We could do so much for change. Plus we could prove that people can work together and that in itself would be powerful.

Lame Brains By Kiler Davenport

Now that most of you have pissed away your life in lala land what is next. How many lame brains does it take to come up with something original? So you will all be dead very soon and what can you say you have done. Did you fight I mean really fight or did you sit on your fat ass and complain. I know you feel powerless and so disconnected. You are angry at what I say. I speak the hard cold truth. You can't handle the truth. Can you handle it? Do you have any idea where all of this is going at all? Can you see up ahead? Your children are doomed and dead. We have put them in eternal earthly darkness. Are you proud of yourself? Can we hold our heads up when we walk down the street. Its over fool. The dirty deeds are done. The graves are dug and await our arrival.

Wisdom Vs. Brains By Kiler Davenport

We are all of one skin, bone and blood and yet we act as if we do not know each other at all. Most of the time when we are together we are not together.

Those who have wisdom are faced with the task of teaching those who do not.

This is a daunting task. You will not argue with idiots. You will not convince those who will not listen to reason. Wisdom can be felt by those who are craving her.

Lame brains do not have the capacity to see her or feel her because their mind is full of the self and the ego rules them. Airheads abound and those that do not want to offend them or hurt their feelings. Many brains in America have completely shut down.

People have not been instructed on the art of thinking about thinking. This is both sad and dangerous. It effects us all. Stupid parents breed stupid kids most of the time. The gene pool is turning out shit and I do not see if t getting any better.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Essence Of Love By Kiler Davenport

So many of you have never experienced real tangible in your face love The kind that will go to the end with you The kind that does not and will not and cannot judge

I pray that you will understand that you may never find it It is something to be realized Something that has to be contemplated and absorbed over time

The essence of love will never show itself What we see dimly is a dim copy of love To see the essence would burn your mortal mind to ashes You could not bear it

Love is not something we do It is something we live It runs in the blood of the seeker It will not react to external circumstances It will not bow to fear It is eternal and calm

One must give up the self to know its power One must let it rule all things in life Love is not weak It is not soft and gentle It is without question all seeing

The extent of its depth never known The core of its being and origin never found Nothing will shake it Nothing will kill it And nothing will ever, ever fully contain it

Last Call Before The Fall By Kiler davenport

You mortal men grasping at the wind Chasing the golden rainbow You cram your pockets full of blood stained money as if it is sport You dress your women like plastic blow up dolls, sex toys You are all so ugly on the inside You are so rotten you stink

If only you would reach out to those in true need Just give from the bottom if your heart, soul, mind, and body You look down on those people You belittle them You hate them Your pride is digging you a deep pit Do you think you will escape it

My words are like fire I will split you in half from a distance You are cursed

We wait for you to turn from this vomit We have plenty of time Death will consume you I have heard men like you scream I have seen them wiggle and cry It was too late death was coming

Give ear to this you bastard You blood sucking fool Death comes

The Time Has Come By Kiler Davenport

They are mounting the black horse They stand upon the mountain breathing fire

Blood is in those young eyes eager to kill and control Anger repressed for years

They will come riding on iron horses ready for battle You will not escape them

Time is short and the night will come As they lay in wait for the dawn to kill

The moon splattered with innocent blood Eyes blinded from hell

Ride to the high places and seek shelter They are coming with a fierce wind

Do not let them take you Die for this noble cause Your land, your people

The time has come to fight The time has come to die The time has come.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Way, The Truth, And The Light By Kiler Davenport

As we sit back in our comfortable chairs and sip a cool glass of water and turn on the television all hell is breaking loose around the world not to mention right here in our own back yard. Most of you are doomed to a life of complacency. You have been programmed to mouth off, rant, rave, post, comment and pm yourselves to death.

We have grown too big. We have spun completely out of control with no hope of returning to the good old days. Yes you young people have no idea about the good old days. Those were the days that we should have opened our eyes. Those were the days that we should have been more involved and alert. The programming was going on then. However we were too comfortable and lazy.

1,000,000,000 posts will not turn any of this around. Its getting worse by the minute and will soon come to a head. Just remember this will be just one head in many millions. Civilizations have been going through this same cycle since the beginning of time. There is nothing new under the sun.

To err is human. To sin is human. That is what we do and that is what we are. Many of you new age kids out there love to say to people that people are waking up. I ask you kids waking up to what. That we are human and will always be human.

I love to sit back and listen to all of you who act like your really on top of this thing. Nine of what you are doing, seeing and experiencing are important in the least.

We are very young animals. Culture if any kind is but seconds old. You give yourself way too much credit for pretending to know anything at all. Is that to say that we should join the free for all. The fact is it is what it is and that is that.

We at cards that were thrown up in the air and fell to the floor. We are mystery. We are dust. On the cosmic whole we do not exist. For the record there is nothing to wake to. Nothing at all o wake up to. Read into my saying it is what it is and you will see the way, the truth, and the light.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reason For Existing By Kiler Davenport

Most of you are so busy looking at yourselves and thinking about what you and yours are saying, planning, and doing that you have forgotten your reason for existing. You are so busy trying to look the part and fitting in the click. You are lost in the darkness of the self. You have learned to fake it well. Put on the face. Dress the doll. Put on a show.

Many of you will never let your guard down. Your always on. Everything has to look good, smell good, feel good, and be good. To come out raw and naked would be out of the question. Can you ever really just be who you are at the core. That deep dark place where you hide. How long has it been since you have come out. How long will you hide.

Complex Illusion Called Existence By Kiler Davenport

Many are so caught up in this complex illusion we call existence. We know not where we came from, where we are nor where we are going if anywhere. I believe the key to putting ourselves and the rest of the world back in some kind of secure track that is that everyone realize that we are but little bleeps on this massive cosmic digital screen and that we are only here but a second.

Existence And Eternity By Kiler Davenport

We do not require first cause to get the engine running. Nor do we need anything but momentum to keep it running forever. There needs to be no first mover. However it is comforting to try and explain our meager existence and eternity only exist in the minds of humans. Time is just one element in this complex arena. This need to be explained has spurned a movement of crazies in all different directions. It has done much more harm than good and divided even those of the same color and culture.

Combination Of Energies By Kiler Davenport

The answer and the question just a combination of energies All one and the same There is nothing out there or over there or in there or under there Illusion and folly There is nothing to gain and not thing to lose Black is white and white is black The trip has been taken before you ever leave You are back before you even get there There is nothing to figure out Nothing to calculate Nowhere to go Nothing to see You did not to find it You will not climb it You cannot build it You do not see it Sit in your pool and stand firm in the truth of the lie Live the lie, live the life All one in the same You and I, it, those, them, they, me, us, we Energy you see You will not find reason, logic, or clarity of thought Because it is what it is, same Call out and none will hear The sound is pulsing light is raging beside and within

True Nature By Kiler Davenport

Do you all know that each and everyone of you live completely alone in this world and nothing exist except when you come in contact with it. Yes you construct your own world as you go and follow some basic rules in this game. Your everyday affairs are completely meaningless to the universe. As a matter of fact as far as the big picture you are useless. I know most of you want to feel special. You would like to feel meaningful and have some sort if predetermined purpose here. Then only thing we really do is just fuck everything up. We take and take and take and take and never put back enough to matter. We are selfish and greedy. We are so self centered and blind to our true nature.

Sea Of Mad Crazed Self Constructed Reality By Kiler Davenport

I woke up this morning in the high alps of my mind and spirit. There are us and them. Those of us who can see far beyond the self. Those that have moved beyond the mistake of really taking yourself seriously. Let us all meet on a neutral place. We look at each other and marvel that we know that we do not know. We then begin to do ponder and communicate. We look out and chuckle at the sea of mad crazed self constructed reality. We watch as the photons reflect mysteries of the ages. We do not see trees. We do not see people. We do not see our animals. We only take in this yet misunderstood thing called light. Every activity is but an illusion that makes no sense except that we develop it in this hologram we call the mind. If you will listen to this wisdom I give you. You will see a new world. You will marvel at the possibilities. You will say "Kiler I never knew what you were talking about until now".

Something To Ponder By Kiler Davenport

Life is a process. A forward moving evolution. We exist in the void of constructed, elusive reality. Self imposed yet controlled by strange external forces. Yes this to shall pass and very quickly. But what to do till then.

Kiler Davenport Live on Blog Talk Radio

Turning Away From God By Kiler Davenport

People are not turning away from God but they are blind to their own inner powers and those powers that are eternal and immutable. People have been programmed to live and think in this material world. They are connected to things. They have forgotten how to it their feet on the ground and feel this eternal spirit. Even those who say they are Christians are far from the truth. They are treading shallow and clueless waters. They need to reconnect to the spirit. They need to recognize their thinking. Reevaluate their existence and place.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Speculation And Illusion By Kiler Davenport

Life is simply a process. At least that is the only way we have been able to define it through science and we are not sure what life is, when it starts, why it started or when it ends. So its all just process and function. The rest is speculation and illusion.

Cancel the Cabal With Stephen Roberts


Counter Culture Rules By Kiler Davenport

It is not those who do the right thing who get to the top. That us what everyone is trying to do. It is those who understand that doing the wrong is unique and will give you an edge over all the rest.

Always think the opposite. Stop trying to blend in. Be unfashionable. The common place is a dangerous place to be. When you get caught swimming naked wrap the towel around your head.

Making the right decisions will never get you anywhere. Take the hard and twisted road. There you will have wonderful exposure and the oath won't be crowded with easy riders. Start bad decisions and go where very few have gone. Stay away from the easy option. Stop living your life through other people.

People tell me all the time "Kiler I am in trouble" and I say "Someone is going to kill you" and they say "No" then I say "Then you are not in trouble".

You know why you could not afford the house of your dreams because it stayed in your dreams. There is only one person that can determine the outcome of your life and that is you.

Knowledge makes us play safe. Being all grown up keeps us from seeing the magic. Let the kid in you open your eyes to new and fantastic possibilities and opportunities.

Remember you are nothing more than the decisions you make. No more no less. If you just want enough money to get by and pay your bills that is all you will ever have and the brains to go with it.

It is up to you. You can sit around and try to please everyone or you can lead the way to new and exciting ways of living and doing. I say if it ain't broke, break and see why. Don't sit around trying to make something perfect. Fix it as you go. Instead of asking people if they like the piece you have done. If you really need feedback ask them if they can see what is wrong with it.

You have to be or want to become or you will never and I mean never become it. Fantastic, powerful, and successful people have very healthy egos. The difference is they combine it with wisdom and creativity.

Never worry what the fuck other people are thinking. Guess what they are worried more about what you are thinking. Never be yourself because you do not have one. Be what you have to be to win.

Do you really think you are you? Do you really think you have an opinion? You are simply a multiple of many. This is why you must try and find your voice. You do not even have a point of view but neither does anyone else. It is a game of chance. You sell them. They sell you. The key to unlock the door to higher learning and wisdom is to always keep this in mind and use it as a trump card to those who do not.

The true genius never runs with the pack. You will not tell them what to do. They will not conform. They are often outcast, under the bridge, behind the building, at the shelter, the dirty one, greasy hair, dirty fingernails, feet might stink. Is this you? Probably not. Keep striving.

We are always becoming. We are a process, an anomaly. We must rise above culture, tradition, self, persona, concepts, ideas, flavor, attitude, stance, even personal experience to be able to see from the other side of the box.

Stop making the right decisions. That is what everyone else is doing.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Something To Think About By Kiler Davenport

Those who did nothing will suffer Those who thought that did something and did not will suffer These who lead a good life will suffer Those who did not walk the good walk will be taken And there will be no escape

Frequency By Kiler Davenport

Those things forced will come back to center. Light will continue to seek its source. The beginning of one thing and the start of another are one in the same. As so the planets rotate so do we. The ebb and flow of life and death the same. Everything that ever was are contained in the atom.

To feel, to touch, to sing, to see and hear are a temporary insanity. As we think so we are not.

My words will here will be filtered through your limited experience and ability to reason. God cannot remove the past any more than a pig can fly. Meaning comes through giving of yourself.

This moment is forever and the only one you have. To play the game and win one must know the rules. Pain and suffering will always catch you no matter how fast you run and no matter where you hide. What is done can never be undone.

Time and space are an illusion. It is better to be dead than to be foolish and clueless. Your children will surely drink from the glass of poison water that you poured.

You will soon, very soon, experience that sting of death. Make this moment count and be wise in your doings. Your dreams and ambitions are empty space. LIVE THERE!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Children Are Our Teachers By Kiler Davenport

Children are so powerful and magic. They can teach us so much if we will only take the time to listen to them and grasp them. They still have the magic and the wonder we have lost long ago. Some of the parents try to force them into a mold and indoctrinate and program them to be something that they are not and never will be. Children need to be free to express themselves and explore the world and all its complexity.

The problem starts early because we want them to be, look, think, feel and act as we do. Molding them too tight will cut them down to our size and God forbid we do this. Sit down, stand up, go over there, come over here. Show aunt I your new toy that you hate. Stand in the corner. Eat that shit that we would not eat. Go to bed now. Stop picking your nose. Yes we mold them to believe like we believe and do like we do and this is a crime against the children.

Child abuse is to hope your kids grow up just like you. This is child abuse. We need to let them find them. We need to exclude them from our delusion of the way the world works and let them create their own magic and we need to express this in many ways to them.

You do it own your children anymore than you own the wind or the trees. They came here as free agents and this is the way you should treat them. The public schools should be closed an burned. Television should be turned off and they should be given a fighting chance to grow and mature in a world that does not put them on the fast track to the new world order.

Children should have a full range of studies and options in front of them. They should not be sheltered from suffering and dying and hurting and the hard, cold, nasty world. We should do everything in our power to help them expand the brain as a whole. The left the right, the lower and the mind, the body, spirit and soul. We should avoid making them like us because we are no good example anyway you look at it.

Escaping Bondage Takes Big Balls By Kiler Davenport

To completely escape this new world order bondage takes balls and I mean big balls. Most cannot and will not do it. Most will not even try. For you would not even be able to buy, sell, or trade if you really woke up. You would be bound by the true law of this land that you stand upon and that my friends is not easy.

Call To Action & A Cry For Wisdom And Clarity By Kiler Davenport

We have been taught to sit back and watch our own self destruction. We have Been programmed to even promote stupidity and foolishness even as millions suffer and are homeless and starving. Our children are being raised to be lame brains and those sucking off the nanny state. These young parents are teaching their children to be self loathing and self centered.

The new age nuts are running from reality and calling it fear porn. Americans more than any other people are deluded and enslaved inside this matrix of mind control. These young clueless ones are not even able to grasp the dangers we face at this time. That have been captured by economic slavery and new age bullshit.

The house of cards is tumbling as fast as you can say Walmart and buy now and pay later. Every second that is pissed away here could be used to get off your lazy ass and get involved in this physical reality called life and living. You are what you post.

I can spot a zombie a mile away and smell coming. Many who grasp my words here feel ashamed and wanting. They will see that they are killing their children with their stupidity and foolishness. Some will feel so ashamed that they will change or at least try.

This mind war will not be won on this fake book battle field. It can only be won in the streets and face to face. Each and every post should be a call to action and a cry for wisdom and clarity. Every post should reflect the grave dangers we face and the short time we have.

The Undeniable Truth By Kiler Davenport

When should we grow up to the point of being able to look deep into the face of reality. At what age do we bring these hard truths to the young people. I talk to so many parents who want their kids to remain clueless concerning the harsh realities of the day. When are kids ready for this teaching and how much information should they be fed and by whom.

Most of the kids we talk to are completely caught up in the world of the clueless and basking in the fad shaped universe of the mainstream culture. Very few of these kids even know where they really are let alone where they came from or where they might be going. Many say let these kids be kids for Gods sake. Let them enjoy these wonders of being young and free. The problem I see with this is when will they learn to be adults and who is there to instruct them in the fine art of adult hood.

As this culture is so dumb when it comes to hard core, ground zero, reality we really don't have many qualified to teach. Most of the adults today are one brick short of a happy meal when it comes to worldly wisdom and practical knowledge. And our educational institutions are lacking in all areas of true and lasting development. The future looks grim to say the least.

Our new world is so massive and complex we may have passed the point of no return. When it comes to creating an environment that is conducive to activation of the total brain of our young ones.

We have this very dangerous situation now where the blind are leading the blind and the deaf the deaf. Kids have very few places to turn for help.

It has been my experience that kids deal with truth much easier than adults and we have found that an ounce of truth goes so much further than a pound of lies. Kids trust and need the dirty, nasty, rotten, filthy hard to swallow, grim truth. They will be worthless growing up in a world where they are sheltered and diverted from the real world. Letting kids be kids should not mean building fences around them to try and protect them from things they will have to deal with sooner than later and besides most of these kids have a much better grip and understanding of things than most adults want to believe or admit.

Kids just have a different way of talking and expressing. They come with their own set of rules and their own way of dealing with reality. When adults can take the time to learn how to fully relate to our youth then and only then. Then and only then will there be a true meeting of the minds. Adults have to face the fact that kids are forced to grow up much faster than we did and are subjected to things and are directly involved in things at eleven years old that took some of us to the ripe old age of 17 to comprehend.

Yes times have changed and parents need to wake the hell up and find a way to get real with these kids. Put the cold hard facts of life on the table. Limited and filtered communications with your kids or any kids will only end in complete disaster. So next time you have the chance just be real with these kids. Say the truth even if it hurts or is a little off beat and obscene. Keep the playing field level and make sure all sides understand the rules of the game and we just might save this next generation.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kiler Davenport Live

Friday, January 10, 2014

Kiler Davenport Live: A NATION ENSLAVED

On this episode of Kiler Davenport Live we discussed the illusion deep within the illusion, the dream within the dream. We analyzed the complexity of a nation completely immersed in mind control techniques created by our own government. We talked about fact vs. fiction, reality vs. non-reality. And we will got to the core of the issues concerning inaction of the populace. And the difference in belief and what really is.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Thought for the Day by Kiler Davenport