Monday, October 13, 2014

Clueless Fantasy by Kiler Davenport

Each one trapped in the confines of their own silly reality. Fooled by emotions and led by clueless fantasy. Burning up in the fires of delusion, hell bent on empty chatter. At the end of this day what mountains have you climbed little ones. What oceans have you sailed?

Enslaved in your illusions forever. Cut off from the collective and banished to the outer regions. It is there you will remain because of your ignorance. This digital hell has sucked you in and will drain the last bit of blood from you. Imprisoned by this digital master, bound up in propaganda and foolishness. lost in this empty void like a whore in waiting.

Have you fed your children to them? Have you sold out completely? What is your excuse? Who will care about you in the end?

The back of community has been broken. Hope for tomorrow a far flung mystery. You say the new age is upon us. You lie and say we are one. You have deluded yourself into believing what is false because you are empty headed and clueless.

The warriors of this world are few. The ones who have sold their soul to these ruling class monsters many. Our once strong communities abound with idiots, fat overstuffed lame brains who worship the lie.

This is the good deal culture. The I want it now class. Bigger, better, stronger, leaner, faster, taller wow class. My words here will not be of any use to these headless monsters. These consumer crazed lunatics. My words will be read and understood a thousand years from now. I will be long gone from this matrix of burning ash and I say this is a good thing.

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