Friday, October 24, 2014

Game Over by Kiler Davenport

What we have here is a case of the smart verses the not so smart. The powerful and rich against the not so powerful and not so rich – the haves and the have nothings. In most cases the rich and powerful always win this game and it is a game.

At a very precise point in the money game the rich learn how easy it is to control the poor and how easy they are to con. The rich and powerful have been playing this game long enough to know the rules. As a matter of fact they made up the rules and are making up more rules by the minute.

98% of you are completely under the spell and control of this machine. You are a slave and a servant of  the rich. If you do not bow to them of your own free will they will force you to bow wit rules, laws, policies and procedures. You sign their contracts, buy their products, live in their houses, put money in their backs and send your kids to their schools. Most of you are clueless to even know you are clueless and this is a problem.You are like mice on a sinking ship, little chicks going down the belt to the grinder. The blind leading the blind. Yes the rich keep you amused and out of the way. They know you inside out.

The U.S. is doomed to self destruct and of course we are all completely responsible for this. Can we turn it around? The answer is hell no. Will we turn it around? The answer is a resounding hell to the no. This game is rigged for the house to win and believe me they are winning.

Just keep your head up your ass and continue to do the same old things you are doing now and soon, very soon the game will be over.

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