Saturday, October 11, 2014

Devolving not Evolving by Kiler Davenport

We will now be entering the final gate of no return. We are devolving not evolving. Do not let these new age immature people tell you any different. This bunch is completely clueless. They have good intentions yet they do not live and act in reality. Most of them are young and without wisdom. The majority have been somewhat sheltered and have lived in a comfort zone void of any true suffering. They live in a fantasy world. These folks avoid hard core in your face reality at all cost. Keep them away from your children and do not fall under their spell.

New age movement simply means empty headed and void of understanding. Most of them are without any common sense at all and would be completely lost in a war zone. They refuse to interact with those of us who live and fight on this front line and they will do almost anything to avoid confrontation. Besides these folks we have just plain stupid and clueless. These folks are just completely out of the loop when it comes to knowing anything about international activity.

All they really know how to do is have babies and go to Walmart. They are in a daze most of the time and suck off the government dole. They are breeding like rats and their off spring will be just as stupid if not more stupid than they are. So there you have it.

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