Saturday, August 3, 2013

Words by Kiler Davenport

Your seeing as if stoned on stupid. Your taking all these words strung together by babbling fools and stringing them all up in a cool little necklace of empty space. Pulling them down as you run through your little fucked up filter.

Words coming into land from God knows where. What are these words but fragments of fragments? Mutilated grants and groans begging for attention. Do not greet them with a smile when they fall upon your lips. Do not spit them out as if you were old friends from high school.

These words, so called words, come mask and shrouded in the moment. They are fictions waiting to be read by the cultured mind. The mind of this new age. They hide behind confusion and pain. They suffer the agony of defeat. One million wars have they fought to cloud the minds of men everywhere upon this orb.

They run rampant across the sands of time like magnets they attract every piece of dirt and scum along this eternal path. Do not sit with them easy for they will consume you, chew you up, and make you pay to the fullest. Command them, order them, rebuild them, let them know that you are standing firm in the fact, wisdom and knowledge that they are only words.

The Inner Circle by Kiler Davenport

Why do so many cover themselves in blankets of bullshit to hide the depths of the soul on fire. Why put on the faces that others want us to wear just to somehow to try and fit in. We all do it some more than others and still some are forever lost in this bottomless pit of fakery.What would the world be like if each one of us could just be ourselves no matter how strange or bizarre, no matter how sickening or shocking. How have we become so shallow and afraid?

Sure there are outgoing and even crazy folks out there who relish their uniqueness and bask in the fact that they are different but they are very far and few between. Most just follow along as best they can. They live to please others and play the game of fools even if it bars them from ever seeing who or what they really are inside.

It is so risky to come out, even dangerous to many and I am not just talking about diversity here. I am talking about radical behavior and cutting edge living and thinking. I am sure you know someone like this or have some of these traits yourself.

Many of you lead double lives. Many of you are saints on Sunday and serial killers on the weekend. Well maybe not so drastic but you get my point.

I have always had a knack for getting people to open up to me and spill the beans about their secret lives. It just happens with almost everyone I meet. I believe this is a gift and a curse. It is a massive responsibility to carry around all of these secrets and very awkward to be out and around with all of this dirty laundry during social gatherings and special events.

Each one of them look at me as if to say how cool is this because they all know that I could destroy them and ruin their reputations yet I remain silent and loyal to the core and believe me there is power in this. It gives me a sense of honor and places me in an eternal position of trust with all who I come in contact with.

Most of you cannot and will not keep secrets. You can't wait to go out and spew the rumors, bullshit, innuendo, and personal heartfelt trusted confessions of even those you are supposedly close to. Oh yeah sooner or later it comes out in one form or another. It just slips through the cracks in your shallow and clueless brain. I have made it my business to learn how to keep secrets and win and keep people's trust.

I do not trust human beings as far as I can throw a thousand pound rock. However there is a selected few who have passed my rigorous and almost impossible test. We have our ways of knowing who we can trust and why. This is why we (our little group) are so off the radar and hard to locate or know of our goings on because we surrounded with traitors and back stabbers.

We, meaning my inner circle, are in continuous testing mode. We are constantly gathering data and intel on people to see if they might be a fit in our group. Those outside our group have no earthly idea what they are missing by being blabber mouths and rats. Sure we keep them around in the peripheral and even really like some of them to a point but they will never have the privilige of entering the inner circle and this is a dirty shame because it would change their lives forever.

Friday, August 2, 2013

This Long Road To Nowhere by Kiler Davenport

When I hear people say "Kiler you can't change the world my friend" or "I used to believe I could change the world but now I know that I can only change me" it really makes me sick to my stomach. We change the world every second of the day for better or for worse like it or not. Unless you are a complete idiot you must know that you are a vital link in this massive puzzle we call existence or life.

When most folks say they can't change the world what they are really saying is that they just gave up the fight or run out of energy and passion. I am hearing people say this more and more at all ages and in all kinds of places. Its almost as if there is some unseen and diabolical force at work here. I know it sounds crazy even to me and I am way out of the box but what else could it be.

We are living in a very dangerous and some would say deadly times. Our freedoms are being stripped away as fast as old wall paper. Our skies are filled with poisons of unknown origin. Our waters are being polluted by our own people. Our food has become something of a mystery and is evolving into deadly games and practices that could alter our way of living or even kill us. This is most assuredly already happening all over the world and this is so much talked about new world order seems to have an agenda that would make the most skeptical person sit up and take notice. Yet we continue to buy into all of this sick science.

We feed and nourish this corrupt and twisted government as if it were our pimp. Yes I believe we have become whores in this systems. Sluts and slaves of the system. We have not only bought into this NWO system. We helped and continue to help build it and make it stronger at every turn. We buy GMO. We run up our credit cards. We fall into the deadly trap of rent to own. We do not save money. We buy all kinds of things we can't afford. We destroy much more than we build up at least in the sense of environment and personal development.

We are civilized savages hell bent on getting our fair and equitable share no matter who the hell it hurts. For every one good thing we do there are countless tragedies going on all around us. Are you a do gooder? Are you one of those touch feelie, new age, air headed, clueless people who would rather deny reality at the expense of millions who are suffering in unspeakable places where most lame brains will not go.

This article is harsh and brutal. It touches the core of what is wrong in the US. The down right refusal of people to put themselves, family, and friends on the line and in the line of fire in order to bring back and preserve a way of life that was safe and sustainable for those ones who will come after us.

Not one of us can say that we have done our share of the real work up there on the firing line. We are a nation of spoiled brats and passive lame brains. You know who and what you are. I do not have to come and pull you out of the crowd for you to be identified. People who have had a taste of this war already know who you are and where you live.

I have already said so many times before Americans are always there to do the body count and create the excuses for our never ending quest to be the best at everyone else's expense.

The Middle East is a perfect example and one that will continue to destroy the lives of our brave men and women who have been somehow conned into believing that the boogee man is there and we need to kill him and all those around him.

If liberalism does not kill us it will surely keep us shackled to the idea that we are somehow responsible for policing the world.

It seems another liberal fool is born every second and because of this the body count is rising to a point of no return.

Shit For Brains by Kiler Davenport

When I write about the current brain drain that is taking place at lightning speed around the world people get really upset and violent. They ask me what makes me think I am so smart and just what are we doing to save the world. We (our team & our station) is out there on the front lines doing what these idiots doing the name calling should be doing. We are in for the long haul and intend to stay. And yes Americans have been programmed and are being programmed to be stupid, passive, spoiled, defensive, and down right lazy.

They (we) have been blessed or cursed, however you want to look at it, with everything we need to be secure, safe, happy, healthy, productive, and prosperous. Yet with all of this we are still sinking away into the abyss. Most all our systems are failing. Our leaders are corrupt and on the take. Our people are so divided on the big issues of the day that problems will never be solved adequately.

We bitch, moan, complain, rant, rave, scream, yell, and holler and to no avail. People just can't seem to come together long enough to solve the really important, dangerous, and critical problems that are destroying us slowly but surely.

What is behind all of this? How did it all begin? What is feeding and sustaining the monster of mind control? I would say the times, the culture, greed, selfishness, ignorance, and vanity.

Everything seems to be moving in a direction that will soon make us extinct or at least something completely unrecognizable. We have already morphed into something our ancestors would not even comprehend or respect and of course we believe we are so special and normal.

I am on the hunt for zombies, lame brains, and air heads. We must find them and try and contain them long enough to figure out what to do with them. If we let them run loose they will infect others especially the children. They are multiplying like rats in the sewer. They are destroying our most critical institutions and are on the forefront of gun control and other pending legislation that will ultimately seal our fate and bring us to our knees as a nation.

These liberal lame brains are a scourge on the landscape of liberty and justice for all and we must find a way to cut them off at the pass. Most of these folks are completely clueless as to how the process of government really works at the core level. They are trying to be and even consider themselves good citizens under the control of and mostly happy with this current form of government.

We call them the empty headed middle class. Those who just follow along and believe everything the mainstream media tells them. They attend political rallies, pay their taxes, do as they are told, believe almost any lie put before them and will surely brainwash or at least try and manipulate their children to follow off of this deep and dangerous cliff.

Air heads would never think of challenging the status quo or going hard against the grain. Mostly because they are just plain stupid and clueless as to how things work.

These zombies are out in critical mass and, as I said before, their numbers are growing exponentially. My advice is not to date one. Never marry one. Please do not sleep with one (well I take that back). They are good for that. Just avoid them at all cost and if you are forced to be in close quarters where them.

Try your best to deprogram for this is our only hope.