Saturday, July 26, 2014

There Is No Place I'd Rather Be

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

America: The Land Of The Lost By Kiler Davenport

America is truly the land of the lost. We turn our heads as thousands are killed and millions suffer. We feed this dangerous machine and we allow our children to be educated in their schools and be used by their technology. We sell them to the state at birth and allow them to be programmed and indoctrinated by these lies.

We are destroying this land and all that lives upon it. We are the most wasteful nation on earth. We have sold out as whores of the state and we are teaching the children to sell themselves short to these monsters.

As innocent blood fills the streets all over the world and our senior citizens are being abused and neglected. We play here on this digital network as if nothing is wrong.

Do any of you really believe we will escape punishment? Are you all so damn stupid that you think you will escape responsibility. We will pay and we are paying and the children will be the ones to suffer the most for what we have done.