Monday, June 17, 2013


So I went to my psychiatrist yesterday and from the very start of the session things got off to a bad start. First of all there is a complete breakdown in communication between the mental health personnel working with me. I see two doctors and one is not reading what the other is writing and this is a problem. I was also floored when Dr. Ruff looked at me so serious and said 'with all due respect I believe you to be somewhat delusional'. 'And what makes you think that' I said. 'Well' he said 'the last session was going well until you started talking about these chem trails  and all of the chemicals falling from the sky out of the jet streams and weather modification projects developed by the government including the United States Air Force and NASA'. He then proceeds to get a little grin on his face as if he really put me in a position to confess that I was delusional or even psychotic for being alert and orientated to my current environment and being well read on technology of the day and very well educated on the strange science that is being practiced all in the name of progress.

Why should it be my responsibility to prove that I am not delusional just because Dr. Ruff is not well educated on the current technologies and science of the day. Why should I have to suffer being labeled delusional or even worse. To me this is a breaking story and one that needs to be told. If even part of what happens in that office yesterday is happening to others we the people need to put a stop to it and develop safeguards so that it will never happen again. I wonder what would have happened if I had told him that we are all being tracked, traced, profiled, and surveiled all of the time by the National Security Agency, The Department of Justice, The Department of Defense and major corporations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All of this is public record and fact. What would he have diagnosed me with then?

What if I had said that the federal reserve was privately owned by a few mega rich at the top of the food chain and that they are the ones calling all the shots as to how the world works. What if I had talked about brainwashing or existentialism or Agenda 21 or HARP. What about vaccinations being poison to our children or our very limited amount of drinking water being poisoned and possibly even drugged in some locals. What if I had informed him that our government is not only manipulating the weather but can also produce at will earthquakes or tsunamis, drought or flood. Would this be reason to lock me up and throw away the key and how many well meaning folks out there are going and have gone through the same thing I am going through now.

Why should the burden of proof fall on me to prove myself sane when all this information is on the internet, factualized, and reported on by some of the most important, intelligent, and credible people on the planet. Would it of not been better if the doctor would have been knowledgeable in these issues that we are all facing at this moment. Would it have not been better for everyone if he would have said 'WOW. I guess I need to study and come up to speed on what is happening in the real world so I can better help those who need my help.'

On my next visit to all of these so called psychiatrists I am now preparing, at Dr. Ruff's request, a complete file on all these things talked about above. I am also thinking about filing a law suit against these doctors who are abusing their power without giving the patient a chance to prove their case.

If I am delusional then we are all in trouble because millions of people are waking up to these atrocities going on all over the world including the killing of innocent people in the Middle East funded by tax money of United States citizens. I will conclude here with the fact that I can prove my case and I will present the facts to those who will listen. I hope that when this is over it will turn the mental health system upside down and change the way we approach mental illness and the way doctors deal with these tough issues.


It is my firm belief and opinion that human beings will never know why they came to be. It is also within my understanding that we will never really know if we were created or if we have just always been. Man in his quest to know more and want more has unleashed a monster that will surely be the end of him.

In our attempt to find the fountain of youth we have developed the tools to destroy us all. In our mad rush to progress we have forgotten some of the most sacred rules of life. We are raping and plundering the earth with little respect for those who will come after us. I do not see this global gang bang slowing down any time soon. If anything it will get worse until we are forced to ease up.

Man has become a complete nuisance upon this rock we call earth. We are multiplying like rats in the sewer. This quest for global dominance and power has placed the U.S. in a very dangerous position and has redefined international and foreign relations to a point where even the most learned do not have a clue as to what will happen next.

Our insatiable dependence on oil has been the cause of and the reason for so many innocent lives lost with many more in its wake. We seem to never learn from history that a house divided will fall and a government who has lost its sense of responsibility and oath to its nation will surely die or come to naught.

Our science and technology is out of control and those who created it demented and forever lost in its gaze. Our moral compass is shattered and one nation under God has turned to one nation under greed. Many things one considered despicable are now the norm. Our lust for pleasure at the expense of others is cutting at the core of our ability to survive. We are now in such financial ruin that not even the most intelligent plan will not save us from the economic collapse and complete failure.

Corporate greed, back door deals, and double dealing are rotting the system from the inside out while people sleep in their comfort zones waiting for their crumbs to fall from the master's table.

Where will it all end? How will it end? I say it already has while you were asleep.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Wisdom comes through time and experience. It is like a fine, rare, expensive wine after many years of aging. It blossoms forth to wet the pallets of those ready for its birth. True wisdom comes through pain, suffering, perversion, dread, confusion, trauma, depression, selfishness, greed, darkness, and death. The more death the better.

She feeds on curiosity and observation. Her maturity springs forth in silence. She is not loud and boisterous. She will not easily take center stage because she is waiting for the world to take another breath. She has been in the game far too long so she has learned to wait, to be patient, to just be.

Wisdom is not free or easy. Her path was filled thorns and thistles. Her mind filled with rage. Death was always on her mind. A constant companion lurking in the shadows around every corner.

She is as soft as a lamb or deadly as a snake. You cannot shake her. You will not kill her. She is eternal. She is solid. She will not be blown off course. She cannot be fooled.

Wisdom is the calm before the storm. She will not bow to kings. She will not follow the pack. She is steadfast and sure. She is always on. There is no wavering with her. She will let you run your course. For she is way beyond the finish line. She will stand when others fall. She will fight when others run. She will live when all have gone.


The simple fact that we are somehow conscious of ourselves is a complete mystery when in fact we have no concrete proof that we are in fact ourselves. Of course it is also a complete mystery that we even exist at all. This kind of thinking if taken to the extreme can drive one completely mad and in fact has driven many people to the edge and beyond. The human brain as far as we know is not capable of performing these types of functions or contemplating these types of impossible calculations. This leaves us in somewhat of an endless and eternal loop.

I believe it is well enough that we strive to survive. Over the years I have come to see just how destructive it is to try and convince others that we shall never know the meaning of life, consciousness, existence, space, time, or so called reality. We will never even come close to knowing the essence of being or the phenomenal mysteries that surround us. We must learn to be present, to be alive what ever that means. We must know that we are here to help each other. Our quest is one of reaching out, of caring, of forgiving, giving, understanding within the realm of possibilities and knowing and believing that we are in no way special or privileged in this complex event we call life.

Our worst mistake is believing that we are right and others are wrong. Self-righteousness and conceit has been the downfall of every civilization since time began. I firmly believe that we have the capacity and ability to control ourselves to a point that would be conducive to a more sustainable, safe, secure, and healthy future. However, so far, we have not done this. We are a cunning and manipulative species. We are a destructive, dangerous, and violent in our very nature. To alter the course of the future in a way that would work for everyone would be the most ordinate and painful task we have ever undertook at the collective level of community. It would require sacrifice that the majority are not willing to make and it would force upon the many the opinions of the few and this is just the opposite of what we are used to.

In other words we should move to a place in our minds where the minority rules simply because the minority is usually right. The minority understands that we cannot have our cake and eat it too. The minority understands suffering at its worst. They understand what its like to be last in line, hungry, cold, depressed, bewildered, and cast out. This major shift in thinking will not likely happen because the big fish are so used to eating up the little fish.

To many of you this is an absurd idea and one that should not even be contemplated let alone considered. However, one day soon, you may end up inside that minority and then and only then will you understand this wisdom I speak here.


Those who are wide awake realize that we live in the present moment. It is all we have. To complain about yesterday and worry about tomorrow is a complete waste of time and energy. We truly live in the moment and those who can fully grasp this are way ahead of the game. At present we are not even sure if the past ever really happened or if there really is a future ahead of us. We are not even completely sure if this present is real at least not in the way we believe it is. Trying to get a firm grip on what I am saying here will have a profound effect on your life and those around you. If in fact we as humans do create our reality as we go and really do have the power to alter its course in profound and exciting ways on command. The benefits of this power is almost beyond human comprehension.

Most all of the super thinkers in history eluded to these and many more powers that have been there waiting to come forth. But over time we have let them slip into the void and be forced into dormancy. We can call this many things, these wonderful powers – magic, sorcery, voo doo, spelling, ascension, or getting in touch with God or source. But whatever we call them they will never be fully realized unless we understand how they work, what they do, and how we can use them to make the world a better place. Everyone has access to the abilities however most have been programmed to believe otherwise.

We live in a pre-packaged world where things you need come right off the shelf or show room floor. We have lost our sense of self reliance and self determination. Most everything is done for us. We are spoiled, selfish, and conceited. We have lost the collective spirit to the point where even our senses have been dulled and deadened. We have turned our powers over to this machine we call the state. It has become our god. We feed it, nurture it, worship it, take our sustained from it and bow to it, take our sustenance from it and bow to its rule of law. We do this because it is so much easier not to have the responsibility of thinking for yourself.

Critical thinking skills have been programmed out of the general population. The government loves it this way. They love for you to be dependent on them. They love for you to bow to them and be needy and weak. It is really hard to break away from this powerful machine. We are born into this system. This culture. This programming.

We are fortunate, if along the path of life, we find an escape route and wake up to the fact that almost everything we ever learned is a complete fiction. When you grow up and are nurtured into this system it is very hard to wake up and break away. I mean look how long it took to get you where you are at this very moment. Yes it will take a long time to break away from this prophecy.


Human beings are like old dead leaves falling down from the trees. They are spent like a shell from an old gun. Everyone seems to have many opinions on a wide array of subjects even though they may have direct experience with the subject at hand. We are drowning in a dark sea of aimless and clueless opinions. What is it that drives this endless opinion mill and how does this effect the day to day lives of the people duped into the bottomless pits of misguided rubbish?

How does one discern fact from fiction? How does one know what to believe and what not to believe?

My father used to tell me “Son there is the truth, the lie, and most importantly what really happened” and this last part is the hardest to find and the most elusive. The human brain is a very complex and mysterious organ. We know very little about how or even why it works the way it does. We are not even sure that we have any control over it at all. And of course if this is true then there is absolutely no meaning or reason for what I am writing here and even more strange is the fact that you have no choice in the matter of believing it or not.

What we do know for sure is that we know very little about the world we live in. we have no idea where we come from or why we even came in the first place. We have really no idea where we are when we look at the big picture and we are completely clueless as to what happens to us after death if anything at all.

So we are left with the question of how can we learn to navigate these muddy waters of existence and what can we do to come to some kind of conclusions about our illusive realities that we can all agree on that will be beneficial and productive for our futures. We have been asking these questions since recognizable time began. Some of the wisest and most intelligent people in the world have pondered these imponderables for thousands of years without an answer.

Oh sure there are trillions of opinions out there streaming from billions of brains full of trillions and trillions of brain cells but to no avail. So what is the answer or is there an answer. I believe not. It is my opinion that there is no simple method to this madness. I have also come to the conclusion that it is of no importance what so ever that we know the reasons. My saying and philosophy has always been “IT IS WHAT IT IS” and that to me is the answer.


Okay so you've turned over your driver's license, burned your social security card and denied ever having a birth certificate. You now claim to be one person under God free of government contracts that bind you to the machine. Oh I forgot you also ripped the tags off your car, canceled your liability insurance and refuse to pay any more income tax or contract with the government in any way, shape, form or fashion. For those of you wondering why anyone would want to do all of this you are not alone. People who go to these extremes to separate from the current powers that be are not crazy. They are not stoned out of their mind drunk hippies. They are simply fed up with this power crazed, money hungry, corrupt, killing machine we call government. Not everyone is brave enough to take these drastic steps to disconnect from Uncle Sam and go through the hell that many of these folks have to go through just to feel this strange kind of freedom. I consider them to be brave and fearless.

They are on the front lines of the war to bring and keep power back with the people who have seemingly given up their power to govern. Yes I am speaking of the commoners. You and I and all those other hard working, tax paying slaves out there who have taken back and recognized their rights under God to live free and restrained in a world where freedom rings and the common folk rule themselves.

We have evolved into slaves who bow willingly to the machine. We have fallen victim of our on accord to this tyranny and totalitarian rule and fist of the new world order. Most Americans are completely unaware of the dangers that lurk in the shadows of this dark and dreadful force.

What is amazing to me is how we could sit back and let things get this far out of hand without revolution or at least some form of intersection directed toward those who seem dead set on stripping us of our life, liberty, and justice. We are being poisoned with deadly chemicals and toxins. Arrested and beaten by police who have forgotten their role as peace officers and champions of the constitution of this republic and railroaded into court on trumped up charges based on mostly illegal statutes and ordinances that are designed to fill the coffers and the pockets of those who are running this illegal shell game.

Yes I applaud all of those who are fighting this evil, nasty, corrupt, dirty, and rotten system. The time for action is now. The time for revolution is now. The fox is in the hen house and eating up the chickens as fast as they can be born. I am referring to the children who are being birthed into this new world order. Who will be there to stand for them? Who will risk their life to rescue them, teach them, train and educate them? Americans on the whole are clueless, lazy, spoiled, glutenous, and self-centered. The system we live in and have allowed to grow was designed to divide and destroy us. The sad fact is that it will only get worse.

Minute by minute, second by second the clock is ticking down and we are being gobbled up in the belly of this new world order never to be seen again.


Many people are so quick to judge what they do not understand or do not agree with. This is not a new age problem this attitude goes back to the beginning of civilization and longer I am sure. It has gotten worse because we as a society have much more information coming into our brains and so much more going on in the world today. The things we have to decide on today pale in comparison to even fifty years ago. With the birth of television, radio, telephone, and the Internet life has become better in many ways but vastly complex in others.

There seems to be no one way to do anything anymore. Perception and cognition have changed. We are far from grounded as we were back in the sixties and even seventies. Yes times have certainly changed and in my opinion not for the better. When I was a kid in the sixties life was slow and simple. We did not have Google to run to and we did not have 1,000 fake friends and fam on the Internet. We respected our elders and believed in the Country and the officials elected to run it. Sure we had problems and difficulties but nothing then would even compare with the insanity of today.

We as a people have lost our way. We have fallen away from the things that are most important. Our value system is upside down and our moral compass is broken. The so called good old days are gone forever and old school ways are a thing of the past and never to be revived or even remembered again. This is a sad state of affairs. Most of us seniors grew up in this 'time forgotten' world. Most of the seniors I talk to are so glad they won't be here to see this shit get any more insane.

The fools and the foolish are taking the helms and the clueless slave class of mindless drones follow them into the new world order. The blind leading the blind into oblivion and beyond. The common sense has been beat out of these new age numb skulls and the clock is ticking down to God know what to a place of only God knows where.


I am still trying to get a grip on why folks just can't seem to get along especially those that have what I would call major differences of opinion. Then we have the race issue – he's black, she's white, he's asian, she's from Mexico, and so and so on. But then it gets really stupid. You have those who make fun of tall folks, short folks, fat people, and to really too skinny, long hair and short, old clothes and new clothes, old car new car, ugly house, pretty house and on and on and on. People are really short sighted and ill equipped to deal with the real world.

Most seem to live in a very little narrow world. They want what they want. They believe what they believe, eat what they eat, listen to a certain kind of music, wear certain kinds of clothes, and believe very specific kinds of things. Yes, people are very, very different and it shows at every turn. I believe diversity is healthy and built into the human machine. The only thing that really makes us all the same is that we are all different.

It would be cool if people could just chill out and do what they do without trying to convince everyone else to do it. Sameness is boring and monotonous. When dealing with different kinds of people, and I do, respect is the key and letting them be without trying to change them. The problem begins when we try to sell others our bullshit and belief systems. Again respect is the key.

New age, old age, right wing, left wing, broken wing, atheist, agnostic, guru, sage, light worker, Jew, Arab, Mexican, Black. We all bleed the same blood, breath the same air, and die the same death and that's that.

If you have a continuous problem getting along with others who are different from you. It is a sign of immaturity and ignorance on your part. It is always a good practice to let others ask what you are about rather than trying to impress them with your dimes worth of knowledge when you first meet them. Let them wonder about you. You being in the neutral position allows people to trust you and get to know who you are on their terms and this is okay.

People need to always remember we are human first. We are just another person out of billions. Just a small grain of sand on an eternal beach surrounding an eternal sea. Don't run up in people's face and start telling them you are a light worker, healer, or sovereign, or clan mother, or sage, or guru, or anything else. Just be present in the moment. More times than not people just want to talk about themselves anyway and could really give a rat's ass about who you are or what you do anyway. Just learn to shut up, calm down and be. Being a good listener is much more powerful than being a good blabber mouth anyway.

People who are always running their mouth really never learn anything at all. Life is all about balance, focus, and practice. It's all about being able to just sit back and take it all in without constantly waiting to get your two cents in. Your moment will come. Your star will shine if you have one. If not learn to be quiet and listen to all the other blabber mouths out there and this will teach you what not to be.

In the midsts of all the new age love talk is a whole bunch of assholes who make it really difficult to see how this world could ever be a loving place overall.


Life is the ultimate game. The players are as diverse as the heavens and as unpredictable at the weather. There are some of us who know the rules of the game much better than others and love to play cat and mouse with the world at large. We bask in the art of carefully controlled communication and are always in the game and alert and fully turned on. When you open your mouth or type a word or post something I can tell where you are in the game and the more you put yourself out there the more you give yourself away.

Many of you are devoid of highly calculated interactive communications and are not even aware of what you are not aware of. In other words you lack the ability to think about thinking and this puts you at a very bad disadvantage when swimming in the tank with big fish. I have spent my life studying advanced human and environmental communications and I am for the first time revealing to you this dangerous and cunning art.

We are rare and you will not find very many with these skills and tactics. These skills can be used for good or they can be used in the most destructive ways. Most of us who possess these skills remain hidden in the shadows and never tell the secrets of the craft. Others use their skills to manipulate into doing things you would not or should not normally do.

To perfect the craft takes years of study and much practice and the craft cannot be taught. You are either born with this ability or you are not. Talking to one of us when you know who we are is scary and can even be terrifying to some.

The art or craft of communication is the most powerful force on earth when fully understood and utilized at full capacity. It can also produce deadly results and devastate whole populations and nations. There is no defense and no way to even know who is the master of the game unless you are in the game and possess equal or even more powerful skills than the opponent.

Some of us choose not to devastate and destroy. Some of us are just amused playing the game. Yes you can learn some of these tactics and you can learn to be a better communicator. However you first have to realize how to play the game and just how dangerous it can be.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Falling Off The Tracks by Kiler Davenport

So at the same time we are creating our own realities. We are crossing paths with the realities that others are creating all based on what I call self constructed reality emanating from one's senses and determined by one's experience and overall psychological makeup. If in fact we do create our own individual realities based on our past and present experience would this not suggest that there is absolutely no right or wrong way to do something or carry out some plan or create some project or event.

Human beings are very unique in that we have been given this fantastic ability to know that we are human. We see ourselves as a very important actor in this almost incomprehensible play we call life. As far as we know animals do not know that they are animals. They do not start the day pondering the theory of existence or thinking about the new world order or the end of the world. It is only humans that are able to do this and unfortunately it is only humans that are able to destroy themselves on command.

We are a warring people, selfish, greedy, spoiled, temperamental, judgmental, conceded, and full of ourselves and always ready for a challenge that could  and will most certainly lead to a fight at some point in the exchange with other humans.

In this year 2013 we seem to have lost our common purpose if we ever had one to begin with. We seem to have created a new "god" called technology. We have somehow lost our way. Fallin' off the tracks that once connected us and gave us some basic united cause, direction, and reason to come together, work together, fight together, and have a sort of old time pre-ordained fellowship.

Today is a day of dangerous divisions and strange bed fellows on the international stage. "Show me the money" seems to be the new mantra. If we can't buy it we will just kill you and take it the new strategy. Lying seems to be the totally in thing to do. This along with cheating, stealing, cunning, manipulation, and outright extortion has become the norm not just with the common people but even our own government is steeped in this dark practices and rituals. One must ask what kind of forces are at work here or is it just what we as humans do. Is it just the way we are built and that's that?

Has anyone ever taken the time to realize that people were made to fight, to create war, and go to war, to kill, mame, rape, pillage, and plunder. I know this is all hard to swallow but from all indications it might just be true.

Yes there is no doubt about it humans are dangerous, unpredictable, two faced and overall just destructive especially when given a little power and a title of importance. When presented with the opportunity, resources, money, tools, power and facility the sweetest person can turn into a killing machine. Yes this must be why we can't seem to get this train back on the tracks because somehow we have let the wolves into the hen house and they are eating up all the chickens while we watch. I mean look at what we are doing in the middle east and elsewhere. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being killed while Americans sit back on their fat ass knowing it is wrong and knowing that it should be stopped but they (we) do nothing. As a matter of fact many applaud these efforts of mass murder.

When I hear folks talking and posting about how we need to change the world I think to myself the so called world changes every second, minute, hour, day, month and year. What is change and who should be the one or ones who determine in what direction we should go.

I wonder if those in the new age movement ever really stop to think that the reason we have laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, statutes, and city ordinances is to protect us humans from ourselves and each other. We are all so diversified in our thinking and beliefs as to the ways we think everything should run and the way people should think and believe. We almost  have to have a ruling class or ruling elite or we would surely destroy each other and the world as we know it in a matter of months. There has to be checks and balances. There must be overseers and policy makers.

I will agree that the system we have created and allowed to continue is not the best by any stretch of the imagination but its all we got at the moment and will most likely be with us for a long time to come. What if we could see all of this as just the way it is until its not and do our very best to go out there and do what we can to make it better without promoting delusions and half truths. Not saying we should just lay down and except the way things are but understand and get a grip on where we are, how we let it get to this point and understanding just how long it might take given how long it took to get the way it is and work with that and deal with those facts.

We are at a time in history where right, just and fair have twisted meanings. We are also having to deal with globalization and the idea of a one world government like it or not. Often times social service and human development programs are machine made and run by bureaucrats who are just filling a seat or position and really do not care or even have depth of compassion, empathy, understanding and experience to even be working with other human beings who are displaced, suffering and in need.

We are a world filled with religions, dogmas, creeds, traditions, movements, beliefs, philosophies, tribes, ideas, experiences, communities, cults, militias, sovereigns, citizens, freeman, patriots, rich, poor, clueless, haves, have nots, demented, perverted, twisted, dysfunctional, strange, outspoken, introverted, smart, dumb, genius, deviant, diabolical, money hungry, power crazed, followers, leaders, killers, rapists, molesters, robbers, disinformation and misinformation agents, stoolies, rats, tattle tales, back biters, gossips, cheats, slanderers, spoiled, clueless, lame brains, drugged up, alcohol soaked, crazed maniacs and that is just the ones that govern that I am describing here.

Now if you add in the others who are governed who have the same problems now we start to get a really good picture of what we are all up against.