Saturday, March 23, 2013


the pen has nothing to do with the paper and the paper needs not the pen.
the writer has nothing to do with the writing and the writing has nothing to do with the reading or the written. where do these abstract illusions come from? how do they emerge inside the brain that has nothing to do with reality or non reality. where and how do these fictions arise and why. 
if my words are simply a state of mind what state is it and where did it come from if nothing is connected and all is a fiction. many of you believe in these illusions and delusions. many are programmed and indoctrinated into this strange affair. we beg for clarity and reason. we long to be understood and to understand. the objects of our desires and needs are but energy and spark connected by who knows what and from where. it is good for one to realize these oddities and mysteries. 
it is good for one to know that one is not one by any stretch of the imagination. we are all as of one pure energy manifested in countless ways and through multiple forms. be of good cheer and listen and ponder my words and wisdom and live, live to the fullest and be all that the you you believe yourself to be.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


okay so its time to just come out and tell all the new age folks who believe in voo-doo that all this stuff that is going on in the world today has nothing what so ever with any kind of magic or spelling at least to the point where some of you take it. I have been observing close up with the intent of bringing some of these things to the surface. some of you without even knowing it have gone way over the edge with all of this. we are all human and do human things which can seem pretty wild and crazy sometimes. here's the thing. the very rich are very powerful and cunning and they make the rules and design the plans for the future and the house is always rigged in their favor. 

I know this really takes all the fun and mystery out of the hunt but you have to come down to earth if you want to change the rules of the game. you must look at the world as one big house where all the little people live on the bottom floors and all the very rich and powerful live at the top and on the roof. its that simple. it is built into all of us to want power and control. some more than others. men more than women. 

I have been watching and gathering information for a while now so that I could write a book on this subject and help people learn how to see and deal effectively with all of these things. there simply is no magic or voo-doo. sure it can seem that way but in reality its really not that way. remember its all about power and control those who can get to the top without getting knocked off the ladder will have it and those for some reason or another can't  well they will be left in the dirt to fend for themselves. how clear cut is that for you? do you understand? don't get me wrong on this now there are many many strange things going on out there, and some of it looks like magic, spell casting and so on. do not be fooled at all its just normal humanity at work. and as far as UFOs who knows and who should really care. yes its exciting and wonderful but we have so many problems here on the ground to solve that it is a crime to even look up for more than a minute. and now we get to religion. our religion should be personal and based on love. forgiveness, sharing and caring.

religion should not be used as a tools for destruction, division, hate and power. each and every one of us have been given the ability to believe something different. we are all built different when it comes to the way the brain is wired up. we all look at life based on our experience and capacity for living, loving and learning. our whole existence is based on the choices we make and those choices are based on our personal programing and that is based on local and environment. if you can grasp what I am saying here it will change your life and the lives of all thise around you. it will give you the power you have needed to move ahead. I love all of you in this digital realm so very much and I really do care what happens to you because 

Heather M Pound and I have been out there on those streets and we have cried and cried because of the way this world and the people in it have become. we seem to be devolving and self destructing at a very rapid speed. some say its this and some say its that and none of us know what it really is but I can tell you that it is not spirits at least not the ones that you have been taught and made to believe in. the question remains can we save ourselves, the answer is yes if we want to and if we have the courage and passion. its that simple. we have the ability to move those mountains and walk on that water. most just do not have the energy anymore. 

I am so sick and tired of people saying we, we, we, we. there is no we. there is only a you. tell people what you want to do and what you are doing. speak from the first have you ever heard the old saying we shot a bear and paw drug it up on the porch and killed it. everyone has their own agenda and motives remember this when you are out there. remember this when you are talking to people. the people in America are so immature and spoiled. they have never had to really hurt and experience hardship and suffering. 

face book has become the new word addiction. we have lost our capacity to understand the true meaning of the collective, community, unity, fellowship and understanding as well as our common sense.drugs and alcohol are eating this Country up from the inside out. parents who decide that their need for drugs is more important than their kids should be hung. we are living at the end of our rope and those of you who are not part of the solution are part of the problem.