Monday, November 17, 2014

God Not With Us by Kiler Davenport

God is not with us my friends. For these are the last days. It does not take a big brain to see and know this and it is not religion that I am even talking about. It is common sense as daddy used to say. Yes we have been lost for a long time my friends. We have only ourselves to blame.

Let me tell you something. I have burned and buried my share of bodies and I have held many in my arms as they took their last suffering breath and it is not easy for me at all to tell you this. Many of you will not get this at all because you are dead already and you will stay dead. Let me tell you that there is a God and there is a method to all of this madness and folly. However most of you will not listen to common wisdom that I give you here and the Holy books talk of this. It is not easy to free yourself from your self made prison and it is not easy to see what I am saying here at all.

The mark that all of you know about is being bound up in the self and not willing to listen to wisdom and instruction. Only this simple wisdom will save you from this madness. God’s word is everywhere for all times. God’s wisdom comes in many forms and through many people. It is a very simple message and not complex at all. All of the Holy books require action and physical contact.
Call on the sage, the guru, the Jesus, the Holy man. Call out from the ends of the earth and ask that they open your eyes to the truth of their words.

None of these matter at this point. All of these things that you perceive are illusion. Now you must fight the good fight and walk in the ways of those that knew these things. You must reach out to those who are hurting and suffering. For this is the way of salvation and freedom. You must act. Lift your brothers and sisters up and feed them and cloth them and comfort them and love them.

Stay away from the fads and movements and protests and groups that say come with us and find freedom in the self. Stay clear of those who wave the hads and claim to speak from the dead and other dimensions. Do not go around the ones who claim to be from other planets for they are lost forever. Be of good cheer and go out and bring in those who are suffering, the old, the children, the ill of mind, body and soul. Comfort the lost and lonely and depressed and this will set you free.

Can You Love Me? by Kiler Davenport

Can you love me for what I do or do not do? Can you love me in all of my dirty shit? Can you love me when we are so damn different? Can you love my hurt, pain and suffering? Can you love me even when I am nothing like you? Can you love me just the way I am? If not it is not love at all. I love you no matter how crazy you are and no matter what you do or how crazy you seem to be. I love you just where you are.

New World Order by Kiler Davenport

We are the new world order. We are you and you us. It is time for you to know our real purpose and intent. It was never to enslave you. It was to own you and control the very air that you breath and the cloths you wear and the cars and trucks that you drive and the food you eat and the money you spend. We are not after you. We already have you and your offspring and all that is yours and theirs.

There is no escape from us because you have given yourself to us of your own free will. You fell for the bait and you will always fall for it. You are so easy. Look we are telling you at this very moment who we are and what we have done to you and you will do nothing at all. Because we own your mind and we control your brain and your body.

We have presented you with so many fictions and so much illusion that you will fall for anything we put out. Plus we know how to move you and how to fool you and trap you. Look at what we are and look at you. You are nothing. You are scum on the bottom of the scum. The piss in the pee bag.
We have created a fool proof system where the house always wins. If you rise up against us we will kill you. If you disagree with us we will crush you under our feet. If you do not obey and persist we will kill your children for they belong to the State anyway.

Zone of Wonder and Amazement by Kiler Davenport

We are what we have been looking for. We are the inside of the inside. We have not been given the ability to really see ourselves for what we really are. However that could change soon. We must open the third eye and silence ourselves. We must stop believing the world as we see it and start to see the essence of and manifestation. Our senses will not allow us to go where it is we would like to go . The senses keep you grounded and this is not completely good thing.

There is a realm that exists and it is possible to go there but you have to move away from conventional thinking and just enjoy the ride. You must stop reacting to the external world as if it had something to do with you directly. You must realize that billions have come before you and trillions will come after. Stop believing yourself to be so important and special.

You do not even show up on the radar. You must stop trying to pin down and define everything and just let it be as it is. Yes you can move it this way or that and yes you have a say so in the way things go but be easy and calm and discerning. Stop rushing for the finish line to show everyone how smart you are. Just be in the zone of wonder and amazement.

Silence Of The Comfort Zone by Kiler Davenport

Just beyond the silence of the comfort zone there awaits a place of darkness. It has been lurking in these shadows for years and years waiting to pounce. Grooming you and yours and making you good slaves of this machine. It has made its nest in your brain and it is sucking you dry of all that you are. So even what you believe yourself to be you are not that at all. You are a product of propaganda and foolishness, indoctrination and lies. Your thoughts are not your own. They own you and your life and all that you are. Can you see beyond this fog? Can you escape this madness? Can you? Have you?

Wisdom by Kiler Davenport

Wisdom is a very soft whisperer. Her call grows faint as darkness falls. The fool cannot hear her even when she is right next to him. Her voice is like fine silver flake blowing in the winds of time eternal. The fool will not see her. His head is buried in the sands of death and the grave. We rest in her arms and sleep in her bountiful house. She is glad. We long to be with her in everlasting sleep that will never end. Yea we will walk on her sweet path and hold her close to us. Some of you will never know her and she is better for it. We will protect her gates and hide her secrets until the end. When will you come out of your deep, dark sleep. Open your eyes. Soon time will be no more and all shall parish to the void. Where will you be? What will you do? She calls and her voice is sweet.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Inside The Matrix by Kiler Davenport

We are all inside the matrix and are being controlled by the machine. Some of us understand how all of this works and others never will. One way to know you are breaking free of the order is when you can listen to someone talk without butting in and trying to sell them your opinion. When you can just listen and absorb what they are saying without judgment. Many will parish in this matrix and many will never open their eyes to the truth because they have not a clue as to how it all works.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Its Never Too Late by Kiler Davenport

Monday, November 10, 2014

The I Am Not by Kiler Davenport

We are all sitting in our little comfort zones so quiet, so pretty, so calm, so cool. We are not dodging the bullets. We are not running with dead babies on our back to find a place of safety. We are not starving for a warm piece of bread. We are not homeless for we have a roof over our head. The.. rebels are not coming. We know not their name. We are in the United States of America. We continue to play this foolish game. There is no way that we could know the suffering in this world. There is no way that we could feel the true pain that exists just within our reach in this digital world. As long as we are in our little comfortable beds we feel so safe, so secure, so healthy, so sure.

Is it all about perception? Is this a hologram? Is this some far fetched idea of the I AM? Where do we go? What do we do to understand this 'you are me' and 'I am you'? How many more days will we stumble and fall until we realize this matrix was designed for us all.

Where I Live by Kiler Davenport

I try so hard to be me. I try so hard to be normal. I fight for normalness yet my background plagues me. All of the dead bodies that I have carried in my arms call out to me. They scream in their pain and agony. The dead babies that I have held in my arms, those sudden infant death syndromes. Those mothers crying 'is he alive, is he alive. can you get him back?' It is a plague upon my sense. It is a burning, searing fire upon my senses. Embalming all these bodies one after the other. Old men, young men, babies, the poor, the rich all lying there on my embalming table. Some scheduled for the crematorium to burn at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh yes we checked them to make sure they are well done. We checked them to make sure their ashes will come out into our tray without bodily fluids dripping. Most of their bones falling on the floor of my crematorium to be swept up and thrown in the trash with the rest of the garbage for the day. The bell rings. It is another call. Another homicide. Another situation gone bad for someone. We get there anticipating, excited, elated. What will this scene look like? Brains on the wall. A bloated body left in the sun for three weeks. Blow flies the size of raisins. Body fluids dripping out in the floor running out into the street and into the gutter. This is the life of Kiler Davenport. This is my story, my plight, my calling, my existence, my consciousness.

Many of you ask me why are you so intense. Can't you just have fun with life? Can't you just sit back and relax? Why can't you be like us and piss away your time on fake book? Take your meds. Go see the doc. Stop taking everything so damn seriously.

So many of my bodies haunt me. They cry out to me. They ask me 'why, why did I have to go through this? what is the meaning of life? why did I have to be one of those stuck in a nasty black body bag with my fluids oozing all over the floor?' My little babies that I have held in my arms after I pick up from the morgue with my partner saying ' throw the little bastard in the back. with that sheet so bloody why would you want to hold it'. I say 'I love this little baby. This baby has a mama and a daddy. This baby didn't have the chance to get a good grip on life. So I am gonna get a good grip on this baby and make sure that this body is respected'. So now many of you will know why I am a talk show host. You will know why that I want to tell you my story. You will know why that I have such an urge to speak these truths that I have lived. I love all of you. I know that this is hard to believe in this digital fake book universe but I do love all of you.

We have such a short time to live, to breath, to be conscious, to be creative, to be sassy, to be violent, to be perverted. We have such a short time to see this illusive reality and this is why I am a talk show host. Come and join us. Come and be a part of this station. Come and be a part of this community, this collective. Let us shine. Let us prove to the world that we are the collective. We are the community. We can unify. We can be the collective. We can stand beside each other and fight this fight that is so important to all of us. Contact me. Contact the station. Support the station. Re-post our pages. Invite your friends to our special events and let us know that you care. Take care my friends. Take care.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Way of Expression by Kiler Davenport

Everyone has their own way of expression and each has reason to be this way. The key to gleaning wisdom from all, even though we do not understand the ways in which they act is to just listen and ponder. Never be afraid of the other unless of course they are violent or physically abusive. You learn about the world much more by hanging around with folks who are much smarter than yourself and who have experiences that are amazing and crazy. You will never grow or expand your view of the world if you play the safe game and look for those just like yourself.

Eternal Winds of Time by Kiler Davenport

We live, we love, we cry, we suffer and we learn. We blame and except responsibility. We point the finger at others with three pointing back at us. We search for answers only to find more unanswerable questions and we die. We try and make believe that we have answers when in reality we know nothing at all. We fumble around in the darkness of this void pretending that we are somehow special when in fact we re nothing but specks of dust blowing in the eternal winds of time.

Same Exact Things by Kiler Davenport

So you got up this morning and you did the same exact thing you did yesterday morning what real good is that. All of you, each and every one of you must get out of the grind of the same old same old if we are to progress to a level that exceeds this one. Otherwise it will just be your programming that is running things and that is not a good thing.

For most of you this post will seem obscured and you will not even respond with wisdom. You are so hell bent of yourself that you can only see that and nothing else. I am always fighting against my old worn out self and its programming and indoctrination.

What will you post today and how and who will it help? Where will you go today? What will you do and why? Will you try  and find folks just like you to hang with because the others are just to different from with the homeless. Do you volunteer for the battered women’s shelter? Do you go and volunteer for the mental health association?

Tell me if you believe that you are making a really big difference for those who are in pain and suffering and dying. Tell me if you are out there on the front lines like we and our teams are doing the dangerous and difficult work that most do not want to do and will not do. Are you teaching your kids about the world? Have you told them of the world you help create and just how dangerous it really is? Are you going out and buying more things on the credit to make yourself happy? Tell me what you will do today that is really worth a shit please.

Fix The World by Kiler Davenport

Many of you act as if it is up to someone else to fix the world. You act as if there is some hidden hand that will save you and yours. You are stuck in your little safe zone and  do not want to go out there and get dirty. How many of you will just piss this day away doing nothing but posting meaningless shit. How many of you will continue to put the responsibility on everyone but you and yours. Most of you are not worth the salt that goes in your bread. You are just breathing air. Instead of watching the film why don’t you become part of the movie. Get your ass out there and get involved.

Fully Awake by Kiler Davenport

To be fully awake one must do much more than be able to read between the lines. One must be able to completely know that there are no lines at all for this is the matter of illusion. There is no him, her or I. This is the mystery that enslaves you. What is out there and inside are all one in the same. The master is in touch with all and none. The universe is as much in the rain drop as it is the house top. You did not come in and you will never go out. It just always has been and always will be. One must move beyond things and see the totality of all that is none and the same.

Stumbled Upon by Kiler Davenport

All of us who are seeing this have stumbled upon time, space and matter and are bound by these three things. In my opinion these states are very confining and sad. But it is what it is and we must learn to deal with this lower realm. Many say we are gods and this is completely false and even destructive. We are the created and not the creator.

My friends do not delude yourselves and do not be a fool. It would only be God who knows where God came from and why God exists at all and what God is if anything at all. God is beyond complex. God is unthinkable and you cannot know the essence of what we mortals call God so please stop with this nonsense and foolishness.

Magic Mystery Moment by Kiler Davenport

I dreamed of a multiverse and there we put our pants on upside down. Our fingers were on our back. Little kids hung from trees. Ice cream fell from the sky. All of the birds were one and the same. Time stood still yet a trillion years passed by as I took a puff from the stick that held the snake in my ear. My body had to turn inside out to get into this place and the ground was way over the top of my head. Jello was hello and dogs were mojo. I played the cello in the wello. I spoke a word that did not become me nor did it come from me. What of this magic mystery moment?

Death by Kiler Davenport

Death knows no color, no pain, no worry, no suffering. It is not tall or short. It is not concerned with money or power. It is eternal and calm. It is dark and cold. It begs your attention. You wonder when it will come knocking. You wonder if it will come in softly or kick down your door. You will not stop it. You will not bargain your way out of its hands. There is no escape from this end. Can you feel death creeping up behind you, calling you, beckoning you. Be slow to anger. Be soft and clear with your words. Be firm and solid in your thinking and doing. Live life to the fullest and be ready.

Illusion of Humanity by Kiler Davenport

We are not who or what we believe ourselves to be, not in any way, shape, form or fashion. To be a force in this place we must know this and practice it. We must unground ourselves from the illusion of humanity and break free of our programming that is and always has been based on our limited experience and shallow perspectives. Many find themselves caught in the crossfire of the self, bogged down in the delusion of the me, me, me, me. If you continue to hold a narrow mind then your life will remain a crap shoot and you will forever be lost in the matrix and enslaved behind the dark walls of this new world order. Tapping into this part of your mind that will free you will not be easy and it will demand your constant attention. It will be impossible for most of you and you will spiral downward to your death never knowing freedom. If you would like to learn more I will be glad to help you free yourself. you can contact us @ and we can go over some of these things that will get you started and on your way to freedom and prosperity.

Dying World by Kiler Davenport

Let me say for sure this is not a time for happiness. This is the major problem with this clueless new age. 280,000 plus babies will be born into this sick  and dying world in the next hour and most of those will be born into poverty suffering. This is not a time to be happy unless you are a complete village idiot or a completely clueless lamebrain.

The streets of this world are deep in the blood of the innocent and we are a dying world. Millions are freezing to death and you type. Women are trying to give birth on cold bloody floors while being bombed from air and ground. Others in third world countries are running for their lives and watching as their children are killed in front of their eyes. Over 1,000,000,000 people make less than $1 a day and most of that goes to bribe city officials just to live another day.

The US has become a haven for airheads. These new age nuts cram the streets and are popping out clueless and empty headed kids right and left.

It is fine to be strong, alert and even cheerful. But God oh God let us hang our heads in shame for what we have done and are doing to this world. If any of you can be happy as in kinda air head happy then God be with you. It is just a matter of time until the US sinks into this massive hole we have dug. Look to your God. Get down on your knees and ask “can we really say we are happy”.

Old and Alone by Kiler Davenport

We look at the old as if they are from a different planet. We hate to smell them. We squirm and wiggle to get away from them. Oh sure most of you pretend to be listening and interested but in reality and deep down you just want to get the hell out of there and back to your false and clueless little world. All of you will soon, very soon be there and you will remember the time you had and did not spend with them. You will be so alone and hurting. You mark my words people. You heed the call for they are calling and they are without hope. So many left in the shadows and all alone to fend for themselves. Will you help them? Will you visit them? Will you take the damn time to just be with them? Remember what I have said here. The clock is ticking and very, very soon you will be there crying and dying.

Not All Equal by Kiler Davenport

Remember we are not all equal. People need to get this and grasp this concept. Hard experience, skill and wisdom are in short supply and most of you fall very short of these. Seek out and find those who have those qualities and stick with them. Life is about growth and it evolves and you must evolve with it. Wisdom stands alone and may not search out or it may come and go because it see you are not even ready for its presence. You must stand still and make yourself ready. You must close your big mouth and sit down and be quiet. Wisdom sees all things, knows all things and is all things. Rest in the moment.

Reality Is Real by Kiler Davenport

The treasure goes to the swift and the powerful and not those who sit back on their ass and pretend. Reality is real and now we must learn to navigate this complex matrix. Nothing is as it seems and up is down and over is really under. Come out of your sleep and see things as they really are for this is the only way we can move forward and alter this pattern of insanity.

Garden of the Mind by Kiler Davenport

We are all in the garden of the mind. We have all been released from the hard grip of the Church and now we are afraid and feel alone and divided. As we emerged from that grip we had no training to be independent and firm in our stance and we still do not. Our garden of thought has not been watered. It is dying. Wisdom has been lost and the completely clueless abound and are growing at an alarming rate. These brainless zombies are taking over in massive numbers. Void of reason and deluded by the mainstream media. Common sense has left most of the people and true and lasting wisdom is far, far from them.

Outside The Box by Kiler Davenport

People need to realize that we are all very new at thinking for ourselves and we are not doing a good job of it. Just a few seconds ago it would have been beyond strange for one to try and think outside of the box. All of this independence started in the 16th century and has come this far as it is today. As you can see we are all mixed up and turning everything upside down. The whole world is still in first grade as far as being able to stand on the solid ground of independent thought. The age of reason is not so easy when you have so many people free to think and believe on their own. For the first time we are just now finding out what it is like to stand alone in this mass void.

Wisdom by Kiler Davenport

Wisdom is a very soft whisperer. Her call grows faint as darkness falls. The fool cannot hear her even when she is right next to him. Her voice is like fine silver flake blowing in the winds of time eternal. The fool will not see her. His head is buried in the sands of death and the grave. We rest in her arms and sleep in her bountiful house. She is glad. We long to be with her in everlasting sleep that will never end. Yea we will walk on her sweet path and hold her close to us. Some of you will never know her and she is better for it. We will protect her gates and hide her secrets until the end. When will you come out of your deep, dark sleep. Open your eyes. Soon time will be no more and all shall parish to the void. Where will you be? What will you do? She calls and her voice is sweet.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Just Be by Kiler Davenport

This god. This thing. This odyssey. This bewildering, long lasting dream. Contemplation will not bring clarification. I ponder. I seek. I stand in awe.

My young life was wanting. My midyears confusing. And now I am back at the starting place. I know nothing. I am nothing. I seek nothing.

What is the we, the you, the I, them and us? Are we not all together in this matrix? Are we somehow divided and special? Do we not seek the same things, the same love, caring, understanding and security? What is it that makes us think we are so different?

We pass gas. We excrete the waste. We salivate, sweat, vomit, fall, slander and gravitate towards those dark moments. We are all susceptible to what might be called evil. Yet isn't this just an illusion. A trick of the senses. An evolutionary diversion.

What is evolution? What is creation, existence, consciousness, love, the collective, the community, the all in all in us?

I seek to explore, implore, draw out, beg the question of this matrix. What is it? How could it possibly be? Where could it possibly be?

We know not where we are. We know not of the place from whence we came and we no not where we might go as we take that last and final breath. So let us rejoice in this moment of ecstasy. This orgasm of the senses. This realization of some delusion of reality. This ecstatic moment we call existence, consciousness, reality, the I AM, the me, the self. Look at me, me, me.

Dissolve yourself into this paradigm. This dark and empty void. These particles dancing in this orgy of exultation and primordial soup. Seek to become. Seek to know that you do not know. Be naked. Walk on this bare ground with your bare feet. Extend your arms into this vast unknowable void and just be. Just be. Just be.

Soul Play by Kiler Davenport

Let us meet. Let us touch each other in that secret way. Our eyes crossing in this space time continuum. Our senses heightened. Our awareness enlightened.

You want to touch me. I want to touch you in ways that are exclusive to the dark world. We fantasize about each other in the depth of our consciousness. We know that some how some way we will dance together naked. We will make our own music. We will slowly put our breath upon each other from head to toe without any expectation, reason or logic.

I will bring you into my castle. My world of everlasting pleasure. We will find those things that make us whole and rich and sensual and healthy together. There will be not one external diversion from this quest that we seek.

Our fantasies will go beyond the point of reason. Our physical interaction will travel beyond the point of expectation. I will make you one with me and you will consent and submit and we shall bow to that eternal god of ecstasy and completeness.

There is life and then there is living. There is intent and then there is action. We will not feel guilty for our mortal sins because we know that this is the way, the truth and the life.