Friday, October 24, 2014

Waiting For God by Kiler Davenport

Everyone is searching for the answers and many are waiting for God to come and save them. Others are at peace with themselves and nature. It is normal for humans to look into the sky and wonder what is out there. And it is alright to look inside to see if the answers might be there. The hard cold fact is that we do not know any of these things.

We speculate and we make up stories to fit the current ways of thinking and doing but in all of these things we still come up empty. We are so much the same yet so divided. We are all born into this world and we die yet we still cannot come together on the real pressing issues of the day.

Most people have a very limited capacity when it comes to dealing with reality as it is. We are big on the blame game and we love to point fingers at everyone but ourselves. We have all that we need to live and be safe, sound and secure. Yet we are destroying ourselves and the future of our children and their children.

You asked is there any hope for recovery and I say what does that mean. What does it look like and feel like and who will be responsible for its coming and when. Are we not able to come together and solve these problems? Will we not realize that it is up to us and us alone to fix what is broken or do we continue to look out there for the answers.

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