Saturday, October 18, 2014

Little Time To Act by Kiler Davenport

The majority of Americans are completely unaware that they are being completely controlled by something other than themselves and if and when they wake up to this fact it will be very difficult to understand and swallow. It is so hard for the average person to grasp. These mind mapping systems and control projects have been operating for years and their reach has been far and wide. Most of you do not want to believe that their is some outside force controlling and programing your every move but they are and have been. Your history has been distorted and twisted beyond imagination. Your kids if you do not start to realize this will be trapped and enslaved just as you are. Please give my words and works a chance to absorb into your mind for our very existence depends on this information. You can still come out of this and recover and you can help your children recover. stay with us and listen to the shows and be part of the 1000 producer project. We have very little time to act.

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