Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mindless Disconnect On Fake Book by Kiler Davenport

This mindless disconnect we see here on fake book is a dangerous sign that this current culture is empty headed and without true wisdom. Groups of 25 or less who were dedicated and focused could and would do more than 1,000 in a meaningless and clueless group of immature members who have no understanding of these systems and subsystems that we currently operate in.

I see that most of you are running down a dead end digital road that goes absolutely no where. To post and post and post as this world sinks into the shit. Yes we are up to our necks in shit. We have the infrastructure built for a powerful movement. Yes, hardly none of you realize this. You are severely deluded and programmed to keep doing these things. Your programming will not allow you to see your enslavement to these systems. You have become like fish in the sea. You do not know that you are in the water. You just plod along blindly and follow the system that has been out for you.
What is your excuse for being lazy and clueless? How can you explain yourself should you have to give an answer. Are you just so afraid to jump in these cold deep waters of the unknown? Has your brain been pickled by the establishment and implementation of these powerful mind control technologies that are all around us.

The majority of you are lost in this massive matrix to the point of no return. You live on fantasy, fiction, delusion and mainstream indoctrination and have no real mind of your own. It has been taken from you while you were asleep and of course your children are in most cases as clueless as you are. Try and grasp the fact that freedom requires tremendous sacrifice, pain, depression, stress, energy, worry, deconstruction, and suffering.

True freedom will never be a reality without purging. A purging of all of those things you hold dear. You have been bound up in a prison of your own doing. However, there is still a chance as long as we are breathing to help you escape these bonds. We here at the station get up every morning and think about how we can improve the world by improving the way we see the world. We struggle to see beyond the illusion that we have been sold. We ask the hard questions first to ourselves and then to those around the world that will listen to our radio broadcast.

Will you help us? We have so many powerful projects, programs, and special events that all deal with education, the human condition, and reality as it is. We deal with these issues head on and at the core. Let us come together and build one of the most powerful and far reaching public radio platforms in the world today. Let us prove that we the people are still in charge.

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