Saturday, October 11, 2014

Be At Peace by Kiler Davenport

How can we expect to ever make massive changes in this world when we cannot even get to know who our neighbors are. Why do we continue pretending that things will turn around when our children are trapped inside this illusion and delusion we have spun for them. Are we protecting them by sheltering them or are we killing them?

Our church, their church, my church, her church, the new age, the old age, this age, that age. Is it not time to reach out to your neighbor? Should we not be together? Should we not sit together and eat and laugh and sing?

They say we are all the same yet so different. Who are they anyway? I believe we should refrain from this thing and concentrate on community and compassion if not for ourselves, then the children. If we continue to be divided what good will it do for those coming after us. What purpose will it serve?
Our time together is short and the dark cold grave awaits us. Let us remember this when we debate. Let us know this when we are at war. Let us call this compassion to the front when millions are suffering and dying.

We are all born the same and we will all be there at the end on that cold, dirty morgue table. Let us not feel so special. I have walked in the blood and guts of the innocent. I have smelled the stench of the rotting flesh. Be at peace my friends the end is near.

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