Saturday, October 11, 2014

Standing Firm by Kiler Davenport

What this new age does not and will not understand or realize is that the game is over. We have waited too long to act in unison. We have allowed ourselves to be completely enslaved by this ruling class monster and we have given the children over to the state and its minions. The majority are afraid and clueless as to how this system really works at the core. They still feel like this is a somewhat level or normal playing field. Even the educated ones are clueless as to how this machine really works. This fight will be left to those of us who have been in the death chamber and seen and held the dying in our arms. It will be left to those of us who are willing to die for what we know to be right. It will be those who have been behind the dark wall of this new world order as we have here at the station. Organizing and standing firm is the only way. We must stand together and band together and fight together.

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