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APRI PRESENTS: Tuesday Night Roundtable With Host Kiler Davenport

So many are struggling with personal issues - lack of employment, unable to pay bills, loose friendships, bad relationships, faultering businesses, government red tape, mean and overbearing bosses, and a hoard of seemingly impossible obstacles.

The many members of our roundtable who travel through this revolving digital door will be talking about the essence of consciousness, reality and being. We will discuss the importance of linguistically based reality, culture, tradition, dogma and social interaction as well as science. We will touch on human relationships, the collective, community, unity, fellowship and religion. We will also discuss the fear that holds people back from success, a meaningful existence, economic stability and meaningful personal relationships. Come join us. Bring your questions, your answers, your doubt, pain, suffering and inconsistencies.

This roundtable will go indepth. It will dig the deepest well into these issues. This may be one of the most important two hours of your life. Bring your pen and paper. We ask all of you critics, nay sayers, spammers, hackers and party poopers to join us. You might even learn something too. See ya on air.

The many faces of Ed Roman are revealed through his creative, inventive, animated type form of thinking. His music writes reads and delivers like a fusion between a children’s book and a musical – full of wonder, delight, adventure and expectations.

Since Ed began playing, studying and writing music in the early 80’s he had diversified into many fields of music. You can say he’s had his hand in every facet of the creative process; from studio musician, songwriter, live performer and teacher. He has also been part of several bands including Brotherhood, Family Tree, Soup, Big Beat Collective and Special Ed and the Musically Challenged.
On May 26, 2011 Ed Roman released his latest CD titled “Oracles & Ice Cream”. The single “So I Breathe” leads the way with an upbeat, hand clapping song. “It’s a song that was written to uplift everyone in troubled times…” states Ed. In fact, listen to the lyrics and you’ll realize that life is great in spite of obstacles that one may face. Sung with emotion, free spirited with an almost floating feeling, this song truly makes your soul soar. 

As a composer Ed Roman is clever in placement of lyrics and sound. As a musical arranger, it takes innate skill to blend so many different types of sounds and textures together. Whether he writes funky jazz or fusion rock or urban folk music, there is one of many common threads that run through his songs, creativity, innovation, strong rhythms, layered vocals and harmonies and professional productions. He has crisp vocals with a playful type of animation to it which is the icing on this fabulous cake. 

“Intellect in music has its own sexiness”, states Ed Roman. “Music is missing that ‘change the world’ feeling. I don’t think we’ll ever see another John Lennon, but with my soon to be released CD “Oracles and Ice Cream” music is intelligent and sexy again…and may just change the world after all”.

The author C. William Clarke known on Facebook as Flowetic Justice has been working with his imagination since he was a teen. He began writing and illustrating his own original comic book stories at the age of thirteen. He dabbled in poetry a bit at fourteen but those few scripts evolved into rap. He began exploring the world of hip hop at fifteen. He has opened for legendary rap acts such as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five , Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick , and L.L. Cool J.

He took a break from this while he majored in Psychology at New York University where he earned his degree . It was there that he learned due to his essays and talks with his professors that he had a knack for writing He then spent several years working in the mental health field as a drug and alcohol counselor and a clinical therapist. Due to a near fatal car accident,personal hardships, and emotional struggles he begin to write what he was feeling as a coping mechanism.He wrote his first public poem on Facebook in December 20`10 and has never stopped. He also picked back up where he left off on his musical endeavors.. 

He has worked with producers over seas as well as in the states under the name The L.E.J..He also released a well received rap album in 2009 entitled "Time to Blow" .
In 2010 and has won the Blood Sweat and Tears poetry slam and began to concentrate on writing his first poetry book. .Since then he has published six books "Thoughts of a Single Man-100 poems on 100 days" and "Thoughts of a Single Man Vol. 2 Poetry for the Grown and Sexy, The Erotica Files", " Love Letters", "Confessions of the Pen", " Ink Without Fear" and a man's mental health guide called" After She Leaves -A healing guide for the suddenly single male." all of which are available . He is releasing his second and final rap Cd's this year "Wanted for Spitting in the Streets" and " The City is Mme" , He will also be releasing a poetry /musical Cd this year excepts of which can be found at

He is also working on a graphic novel which he is also illustrating. as well as writing that should be finished by this summer called " Redemption Alley". He writes in all styles of poetry on multiple levels as well as stories in adventure. horror , and science fiction. He was also featured in a poetry collaboration, a individual poem, and a short erotic story in the book"Hot Summer Nights" available through And lastly he won the infamous blog radio Poetry After Dark's " Battle of the Metaphors" in December 2012 Find him on Facebook at and become lost in the endless rivers that flow from Justice Clarke also known as the "Thoughts of a Single Man".

Kiler Davenport's brain is constantly running. He ponders the things of the universe, human communications, existence, consciousness and the quantum realm. He loves to interview others to learn what runs deep in their minds. He lives outside of the box and outside the lines of constructed reality. Constantly imagining the unimaginable. Analytical, philosophical but thankfully embedded with common sense. He is a peace maker by escalation and deescalation. He tells it like it is. He wonders why it is like it is. He craves balance in a creative world. He knows the impossible is possible. He truly loves people in their essence. He sees beyond the surface. He realizes the light in this dark void we are surrounded by.  He is the Bureau Chief and Senior Executive Producer and On Air Host at Alternative Public Radio International.

He can be all things to all people. In his 58 years he has dealt with every personality imaginable in the human race. As you may already know his life's work has been caring for the elderly, advocating for them, and supporting them in this money driven and corrupt long term care system. He took care of his mother day and night. She was his shining star. As much as he loved her he still developed a severe case of caregiver burnout.

He has been a emergency medical technician, advanced life support paramedic for many years. He worked in forensic science dead body pick up. He grew up working in the embalming rooms of funeral homes. and he has burned over 300 bodies at the crematorium. He has held many a decapitated head in my hand - children, young adults, and old. He has worked two major plane crashes in the U.S. with all dead on board stacking bodies in diesel trucks to the max. He has worked on trauma teams, search and rescue and special operations.

He is a former investigator consultant to one of the largest news organizations in the world. The focus of his story was elder abuse. He has had three half way houses that housed over 150 people. and has had his share of failed and successful businesses. He is an ordained minister. He studies world religion including Zen, Hinduism, and other forms Eastern Mysticism.

He likes to shake people out of their comfortable tree, knock them off balance, keep them on edge. that is what makes the world turn. So there you have it a little bit about Kiler Davenport.

Richard M Knittle Jr. is a veteran of 2 services the US Navy and US Army National Guard with 3 Honorable Discharges, he has been a member of the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association rodeo circuit as a Bull Rider in Southern California.

Richard grew up in Simi Valley, California just north of Los Angeles, he now resides in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.

Richard is a huge supporter of Fathers Rights and 50/50 Parenting and believes that PAS is mental child Abuse.

"DNA does not matter when you love you child."

"Every Single Child has the absolute right to have a relationship unhindered with both parents!"

"Poets often have conversations with their heart and soul
in a language their brain doesn't understand"
-Richard M Knittle Jr.

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March Interview Lineup for Alternative Public Radio International with Host Kiler Davenport



Klassika Trio (Clint Shepherd, Jolanda Nel, Chris Romeo) - March 5, 2015; Matt Farris - March 9th, 2015; James Robert Webb - March 12th, 2015; Bernie Nelson - March 16th, 2015; Morgan Riley - March 19th, 2015; Kacey Smith - March 23rd, 2015; Sean Patrick McGraw - March 26th, 2015. All showtimes are from 7 pm pacific to 9 pm pacific. Show information for each show is listed below with pictures for each interview. Direct links for shows to follow.

March 5th, 2015: Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Klassika Trio

Klassika combines the two genres of pop music and opera.  Three classically trained voices form a harmonious blend of unique sound and style that is known as Popera or Classical Crossover. Performing favorites in classical crossover style such as:  Unchained Melody, Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Prayer, Don’t Want To Miss A Thing and My Heart Will Go On.  The trio performs a stunning variety of songs while singing in English, Italian, Spanish and French.
Klassika has three members:  Jolanda Nel, Clint Shepherd, and Chris Romeo.

Clint Shepherd – Tenor
Clint previously directed the comedies LOVE SEX AND THE IRS, FOREIGNER, A LITTLE MURDER NEVER HURT ANYBODY and DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER.  Credits include SHARPLESS (Madame Butterfly), GERMONT (La Traviata), Silvio (I Pagliacci), Warden/ FRANK (Die Fledermaus), FATHER (Hansel and Gretel) and ZUNIGA (Carmen).  His roles in musical theatre include TONY, West Side Story; JESUS, Jesus Christ Superstar; CURLY, Oklahoma; LUMIERE, Beauty and the Beast; COWARDLY LION, Wizard of OZ, CHARLIE, Brigadoon; RICHIE, A Chorus Line; Voice of AUDRY II, Little Shop of Horrors; DAVID, Godspell and RALPH in Reefer Madness.  Clint has joined forces with the very talented and beautiful Jolanda Nel to produce a dream that they both share:  A concert with classically trained singers performing popular songs and classic favorites. 

Jolanda Nel – Soprano
Jolanda Nel was born and raised in South Africa and graduated from the Pretoria School of Performing Arts.   She performed the roles of:  CONSTANZE, Dialogues of the Carmelites; DESPINA, Cosi fan Tutte; RITA, Rita; LAURETTA, Gianni Schicchi.  She received two achievement scholarships and graduated with honors.  In Denver, Colorado she appeared as LUISA in The Fantastics with The Augustana Institute of Music and as MADAME GOLDENTRILL in The Impresario. She sang the role of ZERLINA , Don  Giovanni in Rome, Italy with the International Lyric Academy of Rome. She also performed VIOLETTA in La Traviata with the Sunstate Opera under Maestro Mario Laurenti.  In stage comedy productions Jolanda has perfomed the roles of JULIA (A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody) and JACQUELINE (Don’t Dress For Dinner).  Jolanda recently became co-owner of M.D.H.F. Productions, LLC. and is very excited to join forces with the very creative Clint Shepherd. 

Chris Romeo – Tenor
Chris can often be seen performing with the St. Petersburg Opera Company.  Roles include:  DON CURZIO (Marriage of Figaro), FIRST PHILISTINE (Samson and Delilah (Saint-Saens) as well as unnamed roles and Chorus in Die Fledermaus and Madama Butterfly.  Chris received his Master’s in Vocal Performance from the University of South Florida where he performed the roles of FERRANDO (Cosi fan Tutte), Haute-contre roles in King Arthur, DON JOSE (Carmen) and EDDIE, The Rocky Horror Show for which he was nominated for the Irene Ryan Acting Award.  Other performances include Sweeney Todd with the St. Petersburg Opera Company and Iphigenie en Aulide with New Century Opera.  When Chris is not performing his second passion is helping people with his music. Working closely with the non-profit organization, Creative Clay, Chris is able to bring music to patients, families and caregivers in healthcare communities in the Greater Tampa Bay area

March 9th, 2015: Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Matt Farris

With an unparalleled passion for country music, it comes as no surprise that Skytone Entertainment artist Matt Farris's career has gotten off to a promising start. A heart for helping those in need paired with an incredible talent and positive energy has allowed for the early and natural growth of a significant fan base. All of these characteristics have given Farris a strong foundation on which to build his career – one that, at the hands of another, was almost
instantaneously taken away.
Entertaining family and friends from the moment he spoke his first word, Farris's passion for
entertainment has always been apparent. With an early exchange of lullabies for classic country tunes sung by his mother Sandra, the Lake Havasu City, Arizona­native has ever since gravitated toward the genre.

After graduating high school, Farris moved to Flagstaff to attend Northern Arizona University and later to Phoenix where he became an emergency medical technician and certified fire fighter through The Glendale Community College Fire Academy – all the while continuing to work on his music. His plight for country music stardom, however, nearly came to a tragic end when an altercation with two strangers trying to steal his father's truck left both Farris and his father shot. "There were a few men looking to steal my dad's truck. We tried to stop them... At one point, one of the men pulled out a gun and shot. My dad stepped in front of me and the bullet went through him and into me. We were both extremely fortunate our injuries weren't more serious."

The incident put the importance of family and music into perspective for Farris, who formed a band with his father and grandfather – both musicians themselves. Eager to get back to his music, Farris began playing out around Phoenix, continuing to build his career and fan base. In 2010, he surprised the band by entering the Colgate Country Showdown, making it into the Arizona State Finals. Encouraged by his success, Farris made the move to Nashville to further his career in 2011.

In late 2011, Farris came to the attention of Skytone Entertainment owner and veteran producer Frank Green. His first single, Redneck Radio, saw placement in both the Billboard Indicator (peak #56) and Music Row (peak #) charts, as well as holding a position at #1 on the Indie World Country chart four weeks in a row. His current single, Resident Redneck, continues to ascend and was recently nominated for industry trade New Music Weekly's New Music Country Single of the Year Award. Radio and industry trades aren't the only ones that have taken notice – on February 1st, the cast of Country Music Television's (CMT) My Big Redneck Family sported Matt Farris shirts on an all ­new episode.

Farris continues to play live as much as possible, sharing the stage with Darryl Worley, Trent Tomlinson, Adam Gregory, Keith Anderson and Colt Ford. This summer he opened for Jason Aldean, Tyler Farr, Joe Diffie, and Gord Bamford on the main stage at Country Thunder in Florence, Arizona. Despite a full schedule, Farris still finds time to give back, supporting both the Make a Wish Foundation and the American Cancer Society – focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness. After losing friend Denise to the disease, he started Denise's Day – an annual benefit in his hometown which can be seen at

"Giving back is extremely important to me. I love everything about what I do. But, more than anything, I love that it allows me a platform to better help those that need it. My music gives others a voice... I love my job."

March 12th, 2015: Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with James Robert Webb

James Robert Webb is heads and shoulders above other country artists, and that isn’t just figurative either! At 6 foot 5 inches tall, the phrase holds true literally as well.

With all that height, one would have expected Webb to be pursuing some sort of athletic career, but music had a greater calling on his life. Growing up in rural Oklahoma in a small town called Kellyville, Webb quickly started experimenting with music. At 7, he began to teach himself how to play piano. In his teens, he added guitar to his instrumental repertoire. He learned both instruments by ear, giving him the skills necessary to excel at jazz music later on, becoming an Oklahoma All-State Jazz pianist in high school. He also applied his ear training to other improvisational genres such as Western swing.

In 2010, Webb began to pursue songwriting. Drawing inspiration from his favorite artists, including Garth Brooks, The Rolling Stones, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, B.B. King, Miranda Lambert, Vince Gill and more, Webb’s music gives a modern take on traditional country. He blends the best of the music genres to create a unique country flavor.

"I listen to virtually every kind of music there is, but when it comes to country music, I am mostly moved by the traditional country music and honky tonk, as well as the vocal stylists. Garth Brooks, Ronnie Dunn, Miranda Lambert, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill—these are the kinds of artists that I relate to the most. In my personal opinion, that’s what’s missing from country radio today—country music. Namely, fiddle and steel.” 

March 16th, 2015: Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Bernie Nelson

Like new strings on a well-traveled guitar, Bernie Nelson is both timely and timeless. Bernie's rich country vocals and well-crafted lyrics comfortably draw you in at his sellout shows.

With his roots seated deep in the truest form of country music, Bernie attributes his selection and conviction with his songs to his closeness with Country's best like Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell, Townes Van Zant and the more modern Garth Brooks and Chris Ledoux.

A favorite at the world famous Bluebird Café. Bernie has also graced the stages along side his legendary friends like Darryl Worley, Tracy Lawrence, Leroy Parnell and many others.

If he's not performing or writing, he can be found teaching his craft at his log home west of Nashville. That's right, he shares his expertise with aspiring songwriters at his infamous “Weekend At Bernie's” Songwriters Camp.

Bernie has been blessed with a successful career both as a songwriter and entertainer. His songs have sold over 25 million copies with multi-platinum cuts on the works of major artists such as Conway Twitty, Ricky Van Shelton, Kenny Chesney, Wynona, Colin Raye, Confederate Railroad, Chris Ledoux, Kris Kristofferson, John Anderson and many more.

Bernie achieved 'million-airplay' status on his #1 hit, “Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind” with Confederate Railroad. Most recently he's enjoyed success with cuts on Mark Wills' “Looking For America”, Montgomery Gentry's “Damn Baby” and Tracy Lawrence's “ 'The Ride' and 'Heaven For A While'”.

March 19th, 2015: Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Morgan Riley

With an unbiased passion for music – regardless of genre – it’s clear that Skytone Entertainment artist Morgan Riley offers something new to country listeners. Her soon-to-be-released album Collage is just that… A melting pot of genres with an ever-so-slight country dominance. While the road to this release hasn’t always been smooth, Riley has handled each curve with hope and exuberance – all the while finding her sound and writing to connect with her fans. “I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason – everything that’s happened throughout my life has led to my relationship with Skytone and the release of this album. I couldn’t be happier.”

A Maryland native, Riley knew she was destined to be a singer from the start. “One day when I was younger, I started singing a Mariah Carey song… My brother heard, grabbed my parents and said, ‘you’ve got to hear this!’” Impressed by their daughter’s obvious talents, Riley’s parents quickly became the greatest support in her pursuit of a career in music – a dream inherited by her grandmother, who also sang. At five, Riley began performing at weddings and anniversary parties and by 15, she was recording at a local studio. Confident in years of practice and experience gained in live and studio performance, she made the move to New York City at 18.

In New York City, Riley found herself regularly performing with a pop-R&B group and recording at the city’s legendary Hit Factory Studio. In a struggle to find her true sound, she moved back south to Greenville, South Carolina and began to perfect her country edge. “I’m generally undeterred by any type of hardship or roadblock. My dad has been a huge inspiration when it comes to this. He won’t let me give up…” Auditioning for the Pride of Carolinas, she beat out 4,300 people and received single placement on the competition’s compilation album by Koch New York, featuring the best artists in North and South Carolina. Shortly after, she began working with producer Chris Clay (TLC) on her album Affinity. “Chris has always been such an incredible supporter of me and what I do and, of course, is an incredible talent. I so enjoyed working with him on Affinity. The album really represented where I was at the time… Still, I felt I had a bit more country in me that needed to come out.”

Affinity landed in the lap of veteran producer and engineer Frank Green, whose track record includes multiple #1’s and just as many gold and platinum albums. Riley met with Green, performed a few of her originals and was quickly signed to his label, Skytone Entertainment. “My whole life I’ve dreamed of being signed to a label by someone that believes in me and all I do. I’ve certainly found that in Skytone and Frank.”  The deal was made sweeter yet when Riley and Green began writing together for Collage material – a writing relationship whose chemistry she describes as “off the chart”. Drawing inspiration from her top musical influences – everyone from Carrie Underwood to Alanis Morrisette, Evanescence to Jewel – has given her unparalleled flexibility when it comes to writing. “I find I can write any kind of genre. I’ve also taken bits and pieces from different genres and pulled them into my writing. Collage is very much a product of that.”

Until the album’s release – set for early spring – Riley continues to write, perform and work with children aged two through five at New Springs Church. “I’m really blessed to be where I’m at in life. I have no doubt given the team I’ve surrounded myself with that this release has the potential for great success. I feel like Collage is me – the first project I’ve done that truly represents my voice. While all other genres play a part in this album, my dad always encouraged my country side. Now that I’ve found it, I can’t wait to share it with fans.”


March 23rd, 2015: Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Kacey Smith


Kacey Smith is a small town country girl with big music dreams.  She is no “stylist’s gimmick!” She was born and raised in a rural Tennessee home, where she developed her singing abilities while she pursued other activities such as riding horses and coon hunting.

Currently Kacey is a full time student majoring in Music Business at Middle Tennessee State University.   She has already completed her Associates Degree at Motlow Community College, Lynchburg TN. 

She is taking her music abilities to the next level by writing songs, recording in the studio and performing often.  In December of 2010, Kacey signed a publishing and management contract with Banner Music of Shelbyville/Nashville.  Since that time, Kacey has performed in OK, MO, AR, MS, TX and AL.  And for events/venues such as, Jack Daniel’s International BBQ Competition, Texas Songwriter’s Cruise, St. Jude Radio/Cablethon, The Billy Block Show, Nashville Humane’s Dog Days Festival, World Famous Bluebird Café.

From children to the more mature audience member, Kacey’s performances are a hit because she tries to fashion her performance set list to best approach her audience. Whether it is a county fair or a private house concert, the audience finds themselves drawn into Kacey’s show and feels a real connection with her as a person and an artist.  Kacey is putting herself out there working toward accomplishing her goals in making a big music dream a reality.

March 26th, 2015: Kiler Davenport Live: Interview with Sean Patrick McGraw

Amid the two-day mainstream country, bluegrass, folk, roots rock and alt-country bonanza that was the third annual Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California, the unlikely last-minute addition of Sean Patrick McGraw (“Not related to Tim, so I didn’t pull any strings to be here”) to The Mane Stage line-up proved a surprise high point of the weekend. “Letting his freak flag fly” with the psychobilly swagger of a true country rocker, McGraw caught the attention of the record-setting crowd, industry insiders, and media heavyweights alike.

According to August Brown of the Los Angeles Times, “His early contender of a hit, ‘A Dollar Ain’t Worth a Dime,’ is one of the first of what will surely be many recession themed laments, but unlike John Rich’s ‘Shutting Detroit Down,’ McGraw keeps his sociology enticingly vague, warning that ‘People do desperate things in desperate times/ if a man don’t turn to Jesus, he’ll turn to crime,’ but it doesn’t feel like Christian proselytizing — more an acknowledgment that neither course of action is likely to help in the long run.”

Indeed, McGraw handles the subject of recession with the earnest understanding of a man who’s been on the front lines. “Last summer just clobbered me,” McGraw explains. “Between the poor exchange rate with Canada, where we did a bunch of shows, and gas being almost $5 a gallon, by the time I got off a West Coast run I was losing money on the road.” The resulting stress and frustration inspired “Dollar Ain’t Worth A Dime,” equal parts simmering rage and quiet resignation, as much an invitation to commiserate as a celebration of the American worker’s unfailing fortitude.

While McGraw’s performance proved to be an unexpected hit at Stagecaoch this year, an overnight success he is not. This road warrior and his “band of brothers” have spent the last few years playing upwards of 150 dates a year, last year alone racking up 80,000 miles on his new SUV (not bus, as McGraw is quick to point out). Though he’s well seasoned as an opening act, sharing the stage with Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Patty Loveless, Pat Green, and Miranda Lambert, he’s not above gratis gigs in grungy clubs along the way, playing for nothing more than the hope of selling five CDs or winning a handful of new fans.

“For all the good days I ever had working in a factory,” McGraw says, “I’d rather have a lousy day in the middle of nowhere singing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ anytime. Not out of laziness—” he adds, “I’m all about hard work. I just want that hard work done with a guitar in my hand as opposed to a hammer or a shovel.” Hard work it is, and not just up on stage. Whether behind the wheel or on the phone booking gigs, McGraw creates his own success with the tenacity to never give up.

Call it Irish grit. “If you grew up where I grew up,” McGraw recalls, “you were automatically hyphenated either Irish, Polish, or Italian, and your dad worked in the mill, that was a given.” Hailing from a small steel industry town about 50 miles outside of Buffalo, New York, McGraw was raised on Hee-Haw (“We loved Conway Twitty, or at least his haircut”) and rough games of hockey and football. Small for his age and showing little athletic promise, he gravitated towards music, and good thing: “If I’d have stuck with the sports I liked any longer I might have ended up getting my head taken off. We never wore pads, let alone helmets.” Instead, McGraw grew out his hair, picked up a cheap Japanese guitar, and at 13 started a rock band with friends, playing in bars a couple of nights a week—with a note from his mother in hand, in case the cops asked any questions.

As soon as he finished high school, McGraw hightailed it to Los Angeles with rock star dreams and a country sensibility. Wearing out records by Dwight Yoakam and Steve Earle, and “digging through stacks of junk at the Pasadena flea market looking for old Buck Owens and Johnny Cash on vinyl,” he developed his own unique hard-core hillbilly sound. His van at the time got only two AM radio stations, classic country and R&B, “So besides being a little too familiar with some old Cat Stevens songs, I got a heavy dose of Vern Gosdin long after he was happening, not to mention the Chi-lites and the Stylistics. I love that stuff.”

It soon became evident that Nashville was where McGraw belonged, so after a two-week trip and a couple nights at The Bluebird Café, McGraw made the move to Music City and hit the ground running. He soon signed a publishing deal with Liz Rose, and went on to write for Curb Magnatone. Despite some disappointments, including a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it stint on Nashville Star and as a member of the Brett Beavers band The Unforgiven (“We had some buzz for about a minute”), McGraw always found a way to pay the bills with music, impersonating Glenn Frye in an Eagles tribute band, taking sideman gigs with Dean Miller and Steve Holy, doing session work and continuing to write songs.

This “whatever it takes” mentality stands front and center in “Dollar Ain’t Worth A Dime,” and it’s what eventually got him his chance at Stagecoach, where McGraw began to gain traction on the national stage. His performance there earned him a spot on the summer 2009 Toby Keith tour, and his debut album has been picked up for release later this year by Little Engine Records and their partner, CMT. Previously recorded with producer Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift’s go-to guy), and remixed and remastered by Spencer Proffer, the album reflects the hurdles and highs of a musician’s existence with gritty realism and good fun.

It’s a crazy life, and McGraw looks upon it with bemused satisfaction in “My So Called Life,” reflecting, “Some days I own this town, other days it shoots me down/Always I’m still hanging round, holdin’ on to hope.” Expertly depicting the driving pace of his “Honky Tonk Life,” McGraw stubbornly continues to hope: “I could quit all this road stuff, go back to my real job, put in a straight 9 to 5/But I love the neon, I love the people, and I love the Honky Tonk Life.” For Sean Patrick McGraw, the honky tonk life is the only life. “I never gave myself a plan B,” he says. “I never decided to grow up. I never got anything the easy way, and I’m proud of that.”



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tuesday Night Round Table with Host Kiler Davenport 2/10/2015

The many members of our round table who travel through this revolving digital door will be talking about the essence of consciousness, reality and being. We will discuss the importance of linguistically based reality, culture, tradition, dogma and social interaction as well as science. We will touch on human relationships, the collective, community, unity, fellowship and religion. We will also discuss the fear that holds people back from success, a meaningful existence, economic stability and meaningful personal relationships. Come join us. Bring your questions, your answers, your doubt, pain, suffering and inconsistencies.

This round table will go indepth. It will dig the deepest well into these issues. This may be one of the most important two hours of your life. Bring your pen and paper. We ask all of you critics, nay sayers, spammers, hackers and party poopers to join us. You might even learn something too. See ya on air.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Change: A Complete Ilusion by Kiler Davenport

Change is a complete illusion and is impossible because each moment is the same as the last seemingly glued together by the imagination and perception. Even time is elusive and empty. Time is just elusive connectivity and energy transference. Reality is not generated it is created from the void. All that you believe to make perfect sense is meaningless. You are a product of magic and self constructed reality based on experience constructed by the senses. Understanding how to break free from the self is the first step to self empowerment based on collective reasoning.

Monday, November 17, 2014

God Not With Us by Kiler Davenport

God is not with us my friends. For these are the last days. It does not take a big brain to see and know this and it is not religion that I am even talking about. It is common sense as daddy used to say. Yes we have been lost for a long time my friends. We have only ourselves to blame.

Let me tell you something. I have burned and buried my share of bodies and I have held many in my arms as they took their last suffering breath and it is not easy for me at all to tell you this. Many of you will not get this at all because you are dead already and you will stay dead. Let me tell you that there is a God and there is a method to all of this madness and folly. However most of you will not listen to common wisdom that I give you here and the Holy books talk of this. It is not easy to free yourself from your self made prison and it is not easy to see what I am saying here at all.

The mark that all of you know about is being bound up in the self and not willing to listen to wisdom and instruction. Only this simple wisdom will save you from this madness. God’s word is everywhere for all times. God’s wisdom comes in many forms and through many people. It is a very simple message and not complex at all. All of the Holy books require action and physical contact.
Call on the sage, the guru, the Jesus, the Holy man. Call out from the ends of the earth and ask that they open your eyes to the truth of their words.

None of these matter at this point. All of these things that you perceive are illusion. Now you must fight the good fight and walk in the ways of those that knew these things. You must reach out to those who are hurting and suffering. For this is the way of salvation and freedom. You must act. Lift your brothers and sisters up and feed them and cloth them and comfort them and love them.

Stay away from the fads and movements and protests and groups that say come with us and find freedom in the self. Stay clear of those who wave the hads and claim to speak from the dead and other dimensions. Do not go around the ones who claim to be from other planets for they are lost forever. Be of good cheer and go out and bring in those who are suffering, the old, the children, the ill of mind, body and soul. Comfort the lost and lonely and depressed and this will set you free.