Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fast and the Furious by Kiler Davenport

We lie in a world of the fast and the furious. Most pass through their day with their minds made up. Those who cannot live in the present moment nor give thanks for it. Quick to react and determined to win the argument. They can’t wait to tell everyone how smart they are and how witty. These folks never really live at all. They are like the wind blowing to and fro. Their mouth is moving at light speed and wisdom is not in them.

This infection spreads to the children of these parents and on out into the community. These are the pretenders and the misfits, the clueless and the airhead. There is no stopping them. They are like a train without brakes. They have no control over their emotions or temper. They like to do all the talking. It is all about them what they do and who they are and where they are going.

Ask them about the GDP. Ask them how far the sun is from the earth. Ask them to tell you about quantum physics or cosmology. Ask them to explain just how the government really works or how bills are run through the house and senate and look at their face. Ask them to give you an overview of just how the communication process works and watch them squirm.

There are millions of these airheads all over the world and clueless mothers are popping them out like rats in an over crowded sewer. We must all work to bring these misfits in and educate them as to their responsibilities in this world today. We must tell them how important it is for them to learn to use their brains for a change – both men and women.

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