Saturday, April 20, 2013

Too Far Gone To Come Back

We are the present both individually and collectively. Countless ideas about the world trying to find their place in elusive time and space.

The strong, powerful, and persuasive eating up the little fish in this massive pond we call life. No place to run, no place to hide, no place to fall apart.

The big ones eating up the little ones this is the game. Rules are for fools and those who have been tricked into submission by the machine.

You have sold out to passion, tricks, treats, and folly. You have made a secret pact with the devil. You have given yourself over to the new world order.

The will to fight has been sucked out of you. The wisdom that calls to you will go unheard. The come to drain you of your last bit of life.

It is so much easier to give in and say oh its not so bad these are just the times. The is just the way things are.

These worms dropped from the sky are eating you up from the inside out. Controlling your every thought and action.

You have been made to consume the deadly poisons and breath the toxic air of the dragon. You have been enslaved and you have loved it.

There will be no escape for you or your offspring. The deal is done and now you, we will all pay. And those that come after us will beg for more.

How will you free yourself from something that you have worshiped, something that you adore. How will you even know you have fallen?

Your very life depends on this machine. Your very existence has been consumed with it. Most are so far in this darkness they are already dead.