Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Worthless Posting by Kiler Davenport

We as human beings have the power to cut deep wounds into this current system that is failing. We have the power to override this current system of things for all of it was brought forth by thinking and doing. What are you thinking and doing? Talking is easy and posting is worthless.
We have agents out in the field giving us reports of our mission, objectives and targets. We work in the active mode all the time. We demand results and most of the time we get them.

For one to be successful in this game one must know the rules and how to play the game. Most of you do not. Most of you are nothing but slaves of the machine. Sure you think you are making a difference here but you have no real and powerful connections. You are farting in the eternal winds. You are not able to grasp this complex matrix.

End Of The Line by Kiler Davenport

We are at the end of the line as far as recovering from the damages that have been done and are being done at this time around the world. We will not find ourselves in a better position and we will not leave the children with any hope for recovery. We will leave them with a dying and suffering people. This is clear to anyone who is alert and wake to this new world order. All we can do now is buckle in and enjoy the ride to hell on earth.

The kids must be taught what they are facing and the dangers all around them. They must be given training and education as to how it all got this way and who is responsible. They must be told the hard core truth. We let all of this happen and we still are.

Stuck On Stupid by Kiler Davenport

Many folks are stuck on stupid and clueless and this is the way they like it. They are comfortable living in these false comfort zones. They have no idea how much danger we are in and just how fast things could go from bad to really bad. Most minds are very easy to control and the government knows this very well.

The majority of Americans are being controlled by the machine and are clueless that they have been taken over. Their kids are also under control and command of the borg. A few of us have escaped and cannot be controlled. We believe this is because we grew up on the farm and had our own milk cows and drank from our own wells. We also grew up away from the city and deep in the woods.

Most of you are deep into the matrix and will never escape. This is a fact and must be dealt with. Those zombies who feed the machine and live for the machine will forever be in the machine. Those of us who have not had our minds warped must stick together for the end is close. The house of cards is getting ready to fall.

Enslaved and Clueless by Kiler Davenport

Oh new world order thank you so much for making us thankful for being completely enslaved and clueless and we will continue to feed your killing machine. We thank you for creating this digital network so that we might believe that our silly and foolish posts are changing the world.

We will bow to you and we will serve you to the fullest extent possible. We bless you in the name of transhumanism for keeping us from even knowing that we are programmed. We thank you for controlling our minds because we do not have the sense to get out of the rain.

What would we do without you new world order? How would we live without Wal-Mart? You feed us, cloth us and keep us and we just love you.

Changing Perception by Kiler Davenport

What used to work is not working and what used to be good is now bad. Things do not ever change it is just our perception that changes. Objects are manifested in this space and time through imagination and concentration. One is no different than the other. It only looks so to the untrained mind.

When one can look deep beyond this physical world which is only a very shallow pond one will see that we are driven by these magical forces called particles. We come from these dark places in the void and all is contained there. Learning to play inside this realm can be fun but it is not easy to learn.

You must find a master of these dark things. These unimaginable things and work with them and listen to them and study.

Over The Edge by Kiler Davenport

My words cut through the bullshit and pull the enslaved from the bonds that have tied them for so long. I will push you over the edge and then some. If we stay where we are then we shall get what we are getting. Everyone must try and break free of what they know and believe. You know you are enslaved when you react the same way to the same stimulus. You know you trapped when you take everything personally as if it revolved around you and yours. The masters will pull your head off and chunk it in the trash. They will hit you with an ugly stick. If you are worthy they just might keep you around for awhile.

Christian Face by Kiler Davenport

For all of you who go around with that Christian look on your face. Just wipe it off and learn to set the example. Stop telling everyone you meet that you are praying for them. Stop inviting people to your Church unless your Church is in the streets and doing the dirty work and getting close and personal with those who are suffering and hurting. Just do the work and walk the path.

If you are not out there getting dirty then you are just blowing smoke up peoples ass. Each and everyone of us need to take this advice. You have to take folks by the hand and love then no matter what they look like, smell like.

Jesus did not come to save the well healed and rich. He came to work with the low lives and down and out. The ones you wanna be Christians pass on the street and lock your doors and hope they do not bother you. America is on its last leg and soon we will feel the full and long lasting effects of this.

Leap Of Faith by Kiler Davenport

Project Cross Promotion brought to you by APRI

Beyond the Senses by Kiler Davenport

We exist within many realms. Yes even our own selves are many. Some folks are just not able to reach beyond the senses. They are trapped in them and enslaved y them. To go beyond this one must understand that there are multiple platforms contained inside but not restrained inside the human machine. Each one of these realms is always acting and interacting with the external world. The power is not what is observed but what is invisible to the eye.

All of the truth and power that we could have and should have is not something you can touch, taste, feel or smell. It is the very essence of creation. It is in the dark matter and resides in and around the shadows and the void.

Crying Out To God by Kiler Davenport

For most crying out to God is a normal everyday thing. It just comes with the package and seems to be the thing to do because most everyone else does it. However, God most surely does not exist as we might believe and if in fact this is the case that is still crazy and confusing to say the least. But most folks are afraid to question this because of their deeply embedded programming and indoctrination.

The question should not be does God exist but rather why do we really need to know this and how has it helped all of us around this world so far. Do we really need to know? Is it that important? For some yes and others not really. Life to me seems much more as a complete fiction as it does real. As a matter of fact it is completely impossible. Yet here I am typing this I think.

I am locked into the Jesus thing as many of you and I have gone round and round with this for years and years and I will be just as confused on my death bed as I am now. I want Jesus to be real and I want him to be the son of  God and everything else the good book claims.

This is one of those things that we shall just have to wait and see my friends. In the mean time let us see if we can do what he asked us to do.

Moving Forward by Kiler Davenport

All of science, all of history, and all that is cannot be fully explained. Our ability to observe, process and comprehend is limited to say the least. We are but paint splattered onto a cloth of unknown etiology and left to dry in this eternal sun.

To say that we know something is to say nothing. To say oh but we were there is lame. For one to say we are becoming is right and of sound accord. To say I am a small part of many and limited in my views and perception is prudent. We must always ask "how did we come to know", and where did they come to know and believe and then and only then can we move forward.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Break Free by Kiler Davenport

When will you break free from the lies. When will you escape the bull shit. When will you open your eyes and see what is there. Most of you are complete fiction. You are all dressed up and not one place do you have to go. You are aimless and empty. You long to be a part of something that seems real and solid. You pretend to know. You fake your way through.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

APRI PRESENTS: KD LIVE @aprifriends2014

Passive, Massive People by Kiler Davenport

We live in a time where people are overwhelmed with information and raw data. We live in a time of the passive massive. People are so used to being told what to do and how to do it that they do not have any real mind of their own and what they do have is a fiction and illusion of freedom.

The indoctrination has been slow and sure. The programming has been swift and focused. So much that I will be tagged and labeled as a disruptor and communist.

Those of us who have not allowed the government to take over our minds and bodies can see these dangers that are all around and respond effectively but the zombies are forever lost in the matrix.

Clueless Posts by Kile Davenport

You can know who the zombies are by looking at their morning posts. The posts are clueless and meaningless and do not line up with current reality at all. As millions suffer and die at the hands of our own government these clueless lamebrains are posting as if the world was a fairy land. They are playing games, signing petitions and telling everyone where they are, what they are eating and so forth. It is not hard at all to see why this country is in deep shit when you study these clueless posts. These folks are deluded and lost in the matrix forever.

Zombie Conversation by Kiler Davenport

When zombies sit down and talk to other zombies they completely understand each other. They can relate. Its one clueless idiot talking to another. However when I meet a zombie I have to be careful what I say and how I say it or they will short circuit and walk away. This has happened many times to me and others here at the station.

The zombie mind has been blocked from the realities of the day and they just cannot see or hear anything that goes against their current programming. They run in packs and all think alike. They are always talking in the same mindless chatter.

We have been reported by these zombies and they have been watching us from a distance. They have formed a circle around us and have told others in the community to watch us and our activities. The funny thing is we know who they are and we have been watching them for over 4 years. Yes the watchers are being watched.

New Agers and Lost Sheep by Kiler Davenport

The new age is running amuck with infiltrators and disinformation agents and the clueless fall into these traps all the time. Especially young people who are easy picks. Many new age groups are filled with people who have no common sense at all. They are empty headed and will and are serving the new world order well. They are told that they are Gods and they are consumed with the idea of love and light.

Most of these new agers are lost sheep and have no master to lead them down this complex road of reality so they end up believing almost anything that sounds like magic and mystery. Some of these groups have become cults and are brainwashing the members. The disinformation agents want these folks to be and stay clueless because this way they will stay out of the way of the movers and shakers.
There is no room  in the real world for these lame brains. We need warriors and realists. We need those who can see and smell reality as it is in the now and deal with it as it is.

Love and light will not save us and it will not turn this country around, not one bit. It will only serve to make the stupid more stupid and the weak weaker.

Fine Tuned and Fragile by Kiler Davenport

We are so fine tuned and fragile. Just a little off and bang we are in trouble. Most do not realize how easy it is to get on one side or the other of the health spectrum. To much acid and we are in trouble. Too much alkaline and boom there we go. It is all about balance and awareness of where we are and where we need to be. Many of you are killing yourselves with poison food and slowly killing your children by letting them eat these deadly poisons. How does this make you feel? Can you justify it?

Pleasures and Freedom by Kiler Davenport

Our passions flow in all directions and we seek pleasures and freedom to pursue these things. We must always stop and think as to where these feelings come from and how will they help us. Leadership is a must but it must be strong leadership and the kind that seeks good for all of the people and just not a select few at the top of the heap. People today are lost in this complex matrix. We have been given the wonderful opportunity to be free people but we have lost our ability to think for ourselves. We have turned off all of the power over to the wolves and now will pay the price.

Ants Or Bees by Kiler Davenport

We are not ants or bees, if only this were so. We are human and this is what we do to maintain the hive and the hill. It is what it is and if we remove this current swarm of leaders what can we replace it with and how long before it becomes just like this again. The current leaders know that people cannot and will not think for themselves. They also know that they do not have a system that works and that they are willing to fight and die for so on it goes. Do you understand?

A Place Called Earth by Kiler Davenport

We live and move within our senses and we know not what they are or how they work. We exist on a place called earth and we know not where it is or why it is. We manifest from these bodies and know not why or how. We sense something bigger and better yet we seem not to be able to grasp or touch it. We suffer and we are in pain. Millions die and are dominated by the hands of men and women we call the military. We sit back and watch as the world unfolds and we do nothing.

We have not learned to work together. We have not learned to forgive. We pretend to have fellowship and we pretend to love. Our children here in the US are growing up as clueless as their parents in most cases. Race against race, town against town, county against county, country against country, neighbor against neighbor.

You work for and bow to the very one you want to kill. Does this make any sense?

You are not willing to give up a lot to change just a little. You want it all and you want it now. You are satisfied just to be. You want it all and then some and you will run over the next guy to get it. Look how you shop and look how you act and live. You are lost in the matrix and bound for the void.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Looking For The Gods by Kiler Davenport

We look for the Gods and they are not there. We look for the soul and it is invisible. We search for answers to elusive questions. We beg to see the light and we are light. We chase after empty opinions and follow dead end roads. We fall short of the mark and dead on our face. We take much more than we give. We want love but have no idea where or what it is. We know not where we are, why we are, how we are, or what we are and yes some are so sure of themselves. When you can understand all of my words then you may leave this temple.

Place of Mystery by Kiler Davenport

We live in a place of complete mystery and we know not who we are or why. Many of you have been indoctrinated to follow the current culture and trends. You have been fooled by your senses and programmed by this new world order who is beyond clever when it comes to mind control. It is not hard to see that this is a planned attack on the people of the US and abroad. Special interest groups are in control of this congress and the rule of the central banks. The people have given the power over to these mobsters.

Law enforcement are being trained to react to citizens as if they were all dangerous criminals. The state has become the controlling agent of the federal boys and will in most cases bow to them in time of crisis.

It is way too late to turn this situation around and we are just now getting into the most dangerous part of all of this. The American people are so damn clueless and unaware of the reality and magnitude of this that the game is over and all that is left is to destroy the masses and clean up the mess.

Study and Focus by Kiler Davenport

Living in this matrix is tricky and it can give one a false sense of security as long as Wal-Mart is open and there is a McDonald’s just down the street. What you must understand is that all of these illusions are delusions and made to order by the new world order. It is okay to wonder around in this dangerous world as long as you know the rules of the game and you understand that you are trapped in this illusion. To be awake is to question everything and believe nothing.

When we come together on fake book we need to come as explorers. We need to come in peace. Most of you just follow the followers and are the blind leading the blind because this is the way you have been programmed and indoctrinated. It is really hard if not impossible to break out of and away from the matrix that has been created. It takes time and study and focus.

Troubled Mind by Kiler Davenport

If your mind is not troubled and you are not afraid then you are a zombie of this new world order. If you do not wake up every morning crying or at least afraid for all of us then you are dead in your spirit. If you are not bringing your people together in your community and working together to try and understand this dangerous trouble we are in then you are a zombie. We are the people and we are the power. Most of you have given up and the majority are clueless as to the state of the world. We must push forward with all of our might and with wisdom. Millions are suffering and the innocent are being killed at an alarming rate. When you can turn your heard from this and make believe that you are not responsible. Then you are the walking dead.

Changing and Ever Evolving by Kiler Davenport

Do not beat yourself up for what you have done or not done. You are who you are and that is that. You are ever changing and ever evolving. Do not get bogged down in the mud of the past. Do not go back and lick up the vomit. Try and clear your mind and body, feed the soul, clear the air. Many times we get trapped in thinking we are bad people. The fact is that we are energy beings, particles dancing. Do not be fooled by this self. This illusive thing we call existence. Reality is a very complex thing and hard to fathom. Take time to ponder these things and seek wisdom and counsel.

Pure Energy by Kiler Davenport

You are pure energy and empty space. Stop being brain enslaved. Return to the place from where you care and dwell there. Break loose from this illusive self and see this wonderful space and place where peace lives. Do not be moved by others who still live and act in the lower worlds. Love them but do not be moved by them for this is an easy trap to get caught in.

Waiting For God by Kiler Davenport

Everyone is searching for the answers and many are waiting for God to come and save them. Others are at peace with themselves and nature. It is normal for humans to look into the sky and wonder what is out there. And it is alright to look inside to see if the answers might be there. The hard cold fact is that we do not know any of these things.

We speculate and we make up stories to fit the current ways of thinking and doing but in all of these things we still come up empty. We are so much the same yet so divided. We are all born into this world and we die yet we still cannot come together on the real pressing issues of the day.

Most people have a very limited capacity when it comes to dealing with reality as it is. We are big on the blame game and we love to point fingers at everyone but ourselves. We have all that we need to live and be safe, sound and secure. Yet we are destroying ourselves and the future of our children and their children.

You asked is there any hope for recovery and I say what does that mean. What does it look like and feel like and who will be responsible for its coming and when. Are we not able to come together and solve these problems? Will we not realize that it is up to us and us alone to fix what is broken or do we continue to look out there for the answers.

The Truth by Kiler Davenport

The truth is we are all alone. We came into this world alone and we will leave alone. These moments are all that we have. We must treasure them and be in awe of them. Our time is but a second and then the deep dark grave swallows us up. There are no second chances. No coming back to say goodbye. And no if only if I would have said this and that. Death is the ultimate end. The eternal sleep. Whatever you need to do, do it now. If you need to forgive someone do it now. If you need to call an old friend do it now. Do not put off any longer for tomorrow you may die.

Game Over by Kiler Davenport

What we have here is a case of the smart verses the not so smart. The powerful and rich against the not so powerful and not so rich – the haves and the have nothings. In most cases the rich and powerful always win this game and it is a game.

At a very precise point in the money game the rich learn how easy it is to control the poor and how easy they are to con. The rich and powerful have been playing this game long enough to know the rules. As a matter of fact they made up the rules and are making up more rules by the minute.

98% of you are completely under the spell and control of this machine. You are a slave and a servant of  the rich. If you do not bow to them of your own free will they will force you to bow wit rules, laws, policies and procedures. You sign their contracts, buy their products, live in their houses, put money in their backs and send your kids to their schools. Most of you are clueless to even know you are clueless and this is a problem.You are like mice on a sinking ship, little chicks going down the belt to the grinder. The blind leading the blind. Yes the rich keep you amused and out of the way. They know you inside out.

The U.S. is doomed to self destruct and of course we are all completely responsible for this. Can we turn it around? The answer is hell no. Will we turn it around? The answer is a resounding hell to the no. This game is rigged for the house to win and believe me they are winning.

Just keep your head up your ass and continue to do the same old things you are doing now and soon, very soon the game will be over.

Thought For The Day by Kiler Davenport

Father I ask that you open the eyes of those who are blind to the suffering around the world and bring them into a place where they can see clearly. Let them do more than see these things but let them act on what they see and give them the wisdom to overcome their own enslavement and moral poverty. The day will come very soon when they will be crying out for help and who will be there to comfort them and who will come to the rescue. Father they do not realize the dangers that we face nor do they understand just how quick it will come. Let us all wake from this deep sleep and reach out to our brothers and sisters around the Nation and the world. We know Father that we are only bound by our selves.

Frame Of Mind by Kiler Davenport

Okay we all need to get into a very different frame of mind. Many of you out there still believe that everything is being somehow taken care of by other folks. This could not be farther from the truth. You are responsible for your end of this thing and your neighbors and friends are completely responsible for all that is going on in your town, community, city or nation.

These clueless, lazy mindless zombies who just sit around looking pretty and breathing good air need to get off their prima dona ass and wake up to the reality of they day and it ain’t looking good at all. As a matter of fact it is dangerous as hell and getting worse by the minute.

I know it is hard for some of you to even grasp what I am saying here and even harder to act on this information. We can’t continue to just hang around and wait for others to fix this. We have to do it ourselves. Let me know how you feel about what I am saying here and let me know what you are doing that would be considered out of the box.

Roller Coaster Ride by Kiler Davenport

Life today is a roller coaster ride. Things are moving at light speed. Things change as if they never really happened. The human brain is not evolved to keep up with this rapid pace. It has the capacity but not the training and concentration needed to understand. The tools have not been implemented and the community has not been programmed to use their brains in this way. One must learn to be quiet and realize the essence of this reality. One must look beyond the movement and yes live in the moment. One must be able to ascend the highest possible point to see beyond this dark and complex matrix.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kiler Davenport Live

In this video went in depth concerning how you can protect yourself, family, friends, and others from the many dangerous and devastating events that are coming. Expect a hard hitting, no holds barred, in your face production that will give you the skills, knowledge, wisdom, and clarity to stay ahead of the game. We know that current events are overwhelming the population. And we know that the general population is unprepared and even unaware of the dangers that lurk ahead.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Right or Wrong by Kiler Davenport

Remember telling someone you are right is also telling them they are in fact wrong. Let me ask you at this time what makes you so right. How can you determine if you are right, you cannot. So why is it that we go out and try and sell this to others. Is this attitude changing your world for the better? Are folks asking you to run for some big office?

Your right is wrong to another and what you believe to be true is insanity to others. Life is a string of illusive events in time and space. We are contained within this massive energy field and we will remain here forever because that is the way energy works.

Look how long we have had to bring things into perfect balance and yet we have not brought anything into balance. Look how long we have had to fix what is broken and yet we have not. Can any of you grasp this or are you too far gone?

Your quest for this illusive truth is a fiction. You are a small fish in a vast and ever changing ocean. Your idea that you are somehow special is insanity to say the least.

The Dead Path by Kiler Davenport

You have been trained to follow the dead path, to bow to fools and to love folly. The truth is not in you and reality is far from you. Your children are dead and run down this empty road looking for this invisible treasure – digital diamonds. As wisdom cries out you all run the other way and hide because you are afraid to confront these demons.

Your guilt is pressing and holding you down. Your lack of interest in the things that count will destroy you. To confront the truth is very dangerous and harmful. To face up to the reality of this world can make one crazy. Most of you prefer to remain hidden away from these front lines and that may be okay.

Edge Of The End by Kiler Davenport

The majority of you are the walking dead. Clueless empty headed zombies blindly walking into the void. Trapped in your false sense of security and completely enslaved by the machine. You have that stupid look on your face, that clueless gaze. Programmed by the machine to do the same thing in the same way and get the same results.

We are on the edge of the end as we know it. The dangers that are just over the hill will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. Natural man has been absorbed into the machine. The children have been swallowed whole by this thing. You are like floundering fish out of water like rats running crazy in a maze. There will be no escape for you. Your children will suffer because of you and when all of these things come upon you. There will not be one people to save you.

Those who have ears please listen to my words. Prepare yourselves. Be ready to give an answer. They are coming and they are powerful. You have been warned and you should wake up and see this reality.

Clueless And Broke by Kiler Davenport

Those who did not get money from the money tree are left behind and crying. They all of a sudden want to lash out at the mainstream and hurt them. I hear this word mainstream so much and am just a little sick of it. It comes out of the mouth of the clueless and broke. It spews from those who cannot seem to catch up to the pack. I am not saying that this so called mainstream is a good thing what I am saying is that it is a thing, part of a whole, an even, a fiction, the matrix, an illusion and delusion. Something to be understood and pondered.

Creating Realities by Kiler Davenport

We humans have a need to be self secure at the expense of all the others and we are a warring people. We have a need for greed and speed. Like it or not we are each other. We get into trouble when we try and say that we are somehow different from the others and it makes it easier to kill them.
We are divided because of our lack of understanding of how this all works. Do we create our own realities? The answer is yes. Are those realities effected and infected by our personal experience? The answer is yes.

You are no different than the guy in jail for armed robbery. You are the same as the lady standing on the street corner begging for money. It is your lack of wisdom that keeps you divided from reality. Your reality did not include these folks. You are selfish and have set yourselves above the people in need and you see yourself  as better than them. It is much easier to accuse than to blend in and know that you are them and they you.

State Of Being by Kiler Davenport

Everything in this known universe is always in some state of being. Particles were not always together as you see them but they always existed in some form at some point in time and space. Our brain loves to create things and call them names. All things came from a source of light and energy and it is sure that they will return there in whole or in part. This is degeneration and regeneration. This cycle is and has always been eternal.

You are the same as the things you create and they the same as you. I the me can try and explain all of this because of the brain’s ability, capacity, and need to know and tell. Things do not have a need to know and tell. They just are what they are.

We truly are amazing and a complete mystery all at the same time. The fact that we seem to know our self is a mystery and one that has never been explained. This presents a problem because we are trying to explain. This is impossible that the clay could explain itself and the potter does not talk to or reason with the clay.

All of us seek to know who we are, where we are and what we are and these things are completely impossible to know.

We seem to exist in physical form and we seem to be in what we call time but we are not even sure of this. Most of you are trapped inside words and things and this makes it impossible for you to know that you do not know this because these words enslave you and keep you locked in the box of illusion and delusion. You will never break free of your current programming and indoctrination. Unless you free yourself from words and rise to the level of the mind that is unbound and lives in infinity.

What Is Your Essence? by Kiler Davenport

Strip off this mask of the self and look at the real you. Have you ever really looked this hard for who you think yourself to be. Come away from this poison that has enslaved you. You who are without wisdom put on the false face and pretend to be so special. You are getting ready at this very moment to put on the face for the family and outshine them all.

All dressed up and look so pretty like a shiny new penny you can’t wait to circulate. But you see this is all a lie and a fraud. What is your essence? Who are you really? Do you even know this person?

There are so many ways to cover up and hide. So many ways to fool those around you.

Come out of this and experience yourself whole and raw and dirty flesh. Learn to look at others as such. You will never be of real help and healing to anyone if you will not be true to yourself.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Little Time To Act by Kiler Davenport

The majority of Americans are completely unaware that they are being completely controlled by something other than themselves and if and when they wake up to this fact it will be very difficult to understand and swallow. It is so hard for the average person to grasp. These mind mapping systems and control projects have been operating for years and their reach has been far and wide. Most of you do not want to believe that their is some outside force controlling and programing your every move but they are and have been. Your history has been distorted and twisted beyond imagination. Your kids if you do not start to realize this will be trapped and enslaved just as you are. Please give my words and works a chance to absorb into your mind for our very existence depends on this information. You can still come out of this and recover and you can help your children recover. stay with us and listen to the shows and be part of the 1000 producer project. We have very little time to act.

Hard Cold Facts by Kiler Davenport

Humans are nothing but a string of memories. We somehow are able to put things into some kind of perspective that we seem to understand and this in itself is very very complex and not easy to comprehend even by the most learned men and women. Ideas as to how all of this works are as varied as the stars in the night sky. Many people seem to believe that they are the one with the answer and that everyone should listen to them and do what they say.

The hard cold fact is we have no idea how any of these things that deal with existence work or don't work. And I mean not one person on earth that has ever lived and died. We make all of life up as we go and we live in a way that feels good to us. many say they believe in God but do not act as if they do.

Others do not believe in God but are better than the ones who say they do and still others are just completely clueless as to who are what they believe. Yes it is a mess and gets worse every day because of this complex structure we have set up. There are billions of folks on this planet and more on the way. They all have a very different take on things and this makes it even more confusing. Everyone can't be right and everyone could be wrong, And then again some could be right and many wrong. In essence we do not have a clue as to where we came from. We are clueless as to how we the human species got here and we have no idea what it will be like when we die and future more we have not even defined death yet.

Some say live this way and others say live that way and others do not give a rats ass how you or they live. Humans dislike pain and suffering but they bring it on themselves and give it to others every day. People say they want to live in peace yet they fund wars and the killing of millions of innocent folks every day.

Everyone walks around saying I love you but have not a clue as to what love really is and how it works, if they did the divorce rate would not be off the charts and I mean off the charts. We have completely clueless parents raising completely clueless kids and we have smart kids instructing crazy and clueless parents. We have a church on every corner and yes in the US people spend billions on hard core porn. The folks that run this Country are running it in the ground and most Americans act as if everything will be just fine.

We are a Country that prides itself on being a super power with billions and billions spent on the killing machine we call the military yet we cannot find a way to house and feed our own people and this so called healthcare system is nothing more than a massive sick care system. The pot is calling the kettle black everywhere I look. And the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing or even why.

Its no secret that we are in self destruct mode and at any time one of these monsters that we have created could kill us all or most of us anyway.So what to do, if no person really has the answers and even if they do almost nobody will listen to them anyway. I have written at least 2000 articles and written and researched programs that work and are proven yet not one person responds with any excitement. I would consider leaving radio and just sitting under a damn tree but I am always called back.

It seems it is my gift to piss people off and get their attention. Yes everyone has a gift or do they we do not even know that. its hard to concentrate when you have all of these folks saying oh look the UFO'S are coming and see look there Jesus is in the sky. And others are putting tin foil on their heads and running from smart meters and telling me that my washing machine is spying on me. Yes its a crazy world and I guess for the mean time we are stuck here or are we.

Friday, October 17, 2014

House Of Cards by Kiler Davenport

We have been taught to sit back and watch our own self destruction. We have been programmed to even promote stupidity and foolishness even as millions suffer and are homeless and starving. Our children are being raised to be lamebrains and those sucking off the nanny state. These young parents are teaching their children to be self loathing and self centered. The new age nuts are running from reality calling it fear porn.

Americans, more than any other people, are deluded and enslaved inside this matrix of mind control. These young clueless ones are not even able to grasp the dangers we face at this time. They have been captured by economic slavery and new age bullshit.

The sky is falling and this house of cards is tumbling down as fast as you can say Wal-Mart and buy now pay later. Every second that is pissed away here could be used to get off your lazy ass and get involved in physical reality called life and living.

You are what you post. I can spot a zombie a mile away and smell coming. Many who grasp my words here will feel ashamed and wanting. They will see that they are killing their children with their stupidity and foolishness. Some will feel so ashamed that they will change or at least try.

This mind war will not be won on the fake book battle field. It can only be won in the streets and face to face. Each and every post should be a call to action and a cry for wisdom and clarity. Every post should reflect the grave dangers we face and the short time we have.

True Democracy by Kiler Davenport

There will never be what you call true democracy. It was never agreed upon at the beginning if you read your history. The founders did not believe that common uneducated people could rule themselves and they were right. Just look at the prison system, the homeless population, the state schools these parents stick their kids in and much more. And as far as the environment it is long past the point of no return. Many of you live in a fantasy, a delusion based on a very narrow insight.

Most all grass roots groups have been infiltrated by law enforcement any way and there to divide and shatter the dreams of the clueless. Not to say you should not fight but you all need to deal with these real and present dangers up front.

Nasty Taste Of Reality by Kiler Davenport

Reality has a really nasty taste and many try to keep it from their lips and out of their mouth all together. When one really looks hard at one’s self it is not a pretty picture. We have fallen so far short of the mark and neglected our responsibility for taking care of ourselves and others in need. We have let our children remain empty of the real world. We have sheltered them from the suffering and pain of those millions around the world and have let the mainstream schools indoctrinate and program these little ones.

As we move through this dangerous matrix our minds are closed for repair and that repair seems to never come. We look to the skies for a Savior and that very Savior asked to do things even more powerful than he did.

Most are so afraid to look at the true balance sheet for it is there that they see the end of us because our deep sleep. Let us somehow come together and have a deep fellowship. Let us try and see what love really is and let us pray for a revival.

Mind Control and Spells by Kiler Davenport

We grow into these grooves and we are molded into who we are much like clay under the hand of the potter. Mind control is real and dangerous. I can see that most of you are not worried in the least that you are being controlled by external forces and that your children are under these spells. This is not like gaining weight and wanting to lose it because you can see that you are fat. This is pure mind control and it is present and dangerous.

Most of you are so much under the control of this new world order that you are completely blind to your total and complete enslavement. Worse than this you are clueless and empty headed. These zombies will even defend the new world order openly without even knowing it.

We are a deprogramming station and we are here for you if you should want to escape from the machine. Today we are experiencing a battle of the minds of the people and the children are the most effected. This mind control is all around you and it is being directed in and around you 24 hours a day.

Do you want your children to be free from the shackles? I fear that it is too late and the damage is already done. We are here for you if you need us.

Illusive Power Of The I by Kiler Davenport

The illusive power of the I will not sustain us. This delusional fixation of the proposition of the we is a fiction. True and lasting collaboration is a daunting task. Even so we must grasp for it and long for it. Wonderful, creative and energetic minds working together to solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Most of you are powerless and lazy. You shutter at the thought of having to work hard to find and keep productive relationships. Soon you will have settled into your meaningless, empty, endless grave and you will stay until the grave consumes your cold dead rotting body. Never mind that we are drowning in a massive sea of shit. Forget the fact that we have created hell on earth for the children.

Don’t even think about how we treat each other. Just continue to pretend that you are special and continue believing that someone or something is going to swoop down and save us all from these dangers that we invented. Keep your clueless head buried in that television it will all be over soon.

Nothing Changed At All by Kiler Davenport

We have traveled millions of miles out into space over night and what has changed here. The answer is nothing at all. Trillions and trillions of collective brain cells and still completely clueless. Opportunity abounds as millions sit and play on fake book.

Our children are in grave danger at this time and are owned by the state and you sit like a dumb ass. The environment is a toxic poison soup and you sit here. What shall we do? When will we come together and fight for the future of our children.

We have a plague upon this planet. A disgrace. Blind air headed worthless zombies everywhere and we do nothing. Most of you are so stupid you will be forever be enslaved by this machine. You will bow to this monster. You feed it with your labor. Your children will follow you to the death. They will repeat your foolishness and stupidity. Is this really what you want? Is this really who you are? Can you bring yourself to see through this deep dark veil?

We have a plan and we are warriors on this front line. Won’t you come and join us. Soon you will be on that cold hard embalming table and then it will be too late to act. You will be there with all those other bloody and rotting bodies and you will not escape from there. Will you help us with the 1000 citizen producer project if not for yourself then do it for your children.

Bringing About Change by Kiler Davenport

To bring the change that most of you want would require you to give up so much that you are addicted to. It would require you to believe things that you would have trouble believing. It would require you to do things that you do not know how to do and would almost surely not want to do. All of these things that need to be done will not be done because of your programming and indoctrination. The ones who will do these things are few and far between. The rest will die along side their clueless kids and forever be sound asleep.

Dead Asleep by Kiler Davenport

We as humans are bound by physical science as far as performing physical functions and prethinking our actions are not within the context of our abilities we create our reality. At the moment things do not seem to be very safe. As a matter of fact the world is out of control as far as humans are concerned. Everyone has their take on what is good, safe, comfortable, secure, healthy, and so on.

Humans sill do most anything to protect themselves and their families however at the moment seem to be way off base when it comes to understanding what is really going on around us. Too many in the world today seem only concerned with themselves and their comfort zone. They are confined to a little box in their reality and will not venture out for fear of getting hurt. What most can’t see is that all of these little comfort boxes are tied together and one effects the other. Whatever you do in your box effects everyone else. We are all so intricately linked together.

The ones controlling this world and all that is in it do not care if you live or die. They are not concerned with what you think or even  how you think or believe. All they see is money, control, power, and domination and in many ways you are the same and this is where the problem starts.
Most of you do not have any real sense at all. You were born into a clueless family and will die in a completely clueless state of being. Others are smart enough to get out there and get what they want and to hell with you. Still others were born into families of massive power and control and these are the new world order. They hold the keys to the future because they create the future. You will never become part of this exclusive club.

These power brokers are many and they are controlling your mind at this very moment with technology that is beyond your imagination and comprehension. To break away from their control is almost impossible to say the least. Some of you will understand my words and others will shake them off.

The clueless zombies will try and find a way to say something completely stupid about this post or something completely meaningless. We have built our own little club here and we will not bow to the new world order. We stand strong and awake. We are in the know and have been behind the dark walls. We have made a way for all of you to come and join us but you are dead asleep. you believe yourselves to be so damn smart until they come for you and then you will wish you were on our team.

Zombie Minds by Kiler Davenport

These zombie minds have been cleaned of reason, logic and common sense replaced with a program that rejects all true wisdom. These new zombies have been programmed to disrupt and divide those who seek solutions. They reject sound thinking and teachings. They are programmed to disrupt and divide those who seek solutions.They reject sound thinking and teachings. They are programmed to take the conversation in a different and disruptive direction.

They follow the new age clueless and reject current reality. They are the walking dead and their children have been enslaved in their trap. Those of us who know these types must be very careful with our plans for these zombies are trained to report and destroy that which is sound and good. They put on a really good show until we call them out.

They talk of love but have no real deep and lasting love in them. They will not go to the front lines and use their own bodies as a shield to protect the innocent. They are full of lies and diversions. They are indoctrinated to seek out and destroy forces that would overcome the new world order. They accuse the front line warriors of being violent and dominating. They are cunning and smart in their mission. They are afraid of us who know them and can identify them.

Fragments and Broken Bones by Kiler Davenport

There is nothing left but fragments of what was. We walk through broken bones of a land lost to the clueless. We walk side by side with the slaves of this demented world. These zombies number in the millions and their children follow them down to the slaughter house blindly. Every step they take has been ordered by the machine. Every word they speak has been programmed into them. There will be no escape from this self made prison. Their DNA has been altered forever and they know not what they do. Some of us could not be bought or enslaved into this mind trap.

These new zombies are very dangerous and violent. They have become the watchers and will take your soul to the masters. Avoid them at all cost and avoid their children. When mixing them pretend to be like them. Blend in and act as they do or they will sniff you out and report you.

We are deprogramming as many as we can but our team is tired and overworked. These zombies come from all walks of life and blend in very well themselves. Some are hard to spot and will fool you so be careful and always alert.