Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tough Love Central

concentrating on what is good, wholesome, sweet and pure will not help us. all of these things will take care of themselves and have always been there. what we must do and have been called to do is show that these qualities are much more conducive to live than the alternative. what are all the so called good people doing and where are they, that is the question and something that needs to be answered.

being good is very subjective and self serving. even bad people say they are good and even do many good things. in their mind this gives them a free pass to do what ever they want to do. sure I give to the homeless and give to the church but in secret I am a complete ass whole and gouge my customers and sell
dangerous products, provide bad service and treat my employees like shit.most people change from day to day and are not very consistent at being good all the time. most folks are good only when they think they are going to get something for themselves out of the deal. many just put on the good face to fool everyone.
the fight between good and evil is not what most people think. this game is not for the weak at heart. it is war and one must be a warrior to understand this. lovie dovie light foot people of the so called light are not cut out for this at all. they need to stay home under the bed close to ma ma. this is a blood and guts war that will be fought on the battlefield of real life. we will not come out on the other side of this thing without an all out blood and guts ground war.this is something all of you light foots need to understand. it will be fine for you to come in and remove the dead bodies and clean up afterward but stay off the battle field or you will get your new age ass kicked.

How Does It Feel??

how does it feel to know that you are a slave in your own Country.
how does it feel to know that you live in the most wasteful nation on earth.
how does it feel to hide in your comfort zone while thousands of innocent people die.
how does it feel to know that you should do more,much more to help.
how does it feel to eat and waist while others starve right here in our Country.
how does it feel to be bound and tied by the banking cartels and credit gangs.
how does it feel to be part of a Country that puts money first and people second.
how does it feel to go to bed at night and know that we are killing thousands.
how does it feel to be part of a ruthless gang of mobsters and thugs.
how does it feel to have let all this and more happen on your watch.
how does it feel to know that your children will have to suffer for what you did.
how does it feel to look your kids in the face in the morning and say it will be ok.
how does it feel to know that I am right in saying everything I am saying here.
how does it feel to be completely brain dead and clueless as to what to do now.
how does it feel to just keep going with the flow and pretending
it will all get better.
how does it feel to just keep taking and taking and taking and never giveback. how does it feel to have killed so many innocent people all in the name of God.
how does it feel to think of yourself as so damn special when you are rotten.
how does it feel to work so hard every day and have no life of your own.
how does it feel to send our people into battle to die for the new world order.
how does it feel to be a partner in the crimes being committed on distant shores.
how does it really feel to just keep lying down and taking it up the old ass.
how does it feel to live in a Country that values animals more than people.
how does it feel to live in a Country that is so damn divided and selfish.
how does it feel to live in a Country that consumes more than it produces.
how does it feel to live in a Country like this that calls itself one nation under God.

Behold Faith and Her Works

say to that mountain move and it shall move, do you believe that?
the Lord was referring to things that get in the way of your forward movement.
things like addictions and bad habits, temper, anger. you must believe and act.
you have the power to do fantastic things in your life, but first you must believe.
you have been to fear and cow down to life. your bad programming keeps you down.

it is almost imp
ossible to change old programming,it takes practice and patience. you must never give up and always remember that you are in charge of you. never say never have faith and practice what you preach. yes it is hard, very hard. it took a lifetime to get where you are and it will take a long time to change your mind.

reprogramming is one of the hardest things you will ever do and it is easy to give up. you start by erasing everything you have ever been taught and rethinking everything. question all questions and question all answers,take time to study the issues at hand. remember everyone has a different take on things and the way they work.

there is no one way to do or think about anything,life and everything in it is a process. nothing has to be this way or that way,everything is in constant movement. what is right to you is wrong to another, and what is wrong to you is right to another. never get the idea that you are right and everyone else is wrong, be open and listen.

the world is forever changing and flowing like a mighty river,you must flow with it. ideas, attitudes and opinions are nothing but powerful energy flowing in the universe. and remember it takes focus and attention to move mountains and people. be always attentive to your surroundings and be alert to the environment around you. do not be quick to judge and point fingers, be very slow to anger, keep calm. forever be a magnet for wisdom. let her come to you and abide in you. be at peace.

as you grow in wisdom many will be afraid because of the things you speak.
your words will be as the rushing wind and many will fall and not understand.
the ones who are supposed to hear you will and those who do not will parish.
this is the way of the world. this is the mystery of the ages, this is life.
go the way of the masters, seek out what is good, the world is drowning in darkness.

we the watchers are here for a short time to reveal the mystery,do not be blind.
break away from the illusion of the self and come out of the darkness.
we the watchers have come to open your eyes to the mystery, listen and think.
many are called and few will be chosen, because you have your eyes closed.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


when I say I am this or that I am dividing the whole. when I say I am, I am not.
when I say we did such and such I am lost in the fog.when I say me, I am dead.
when I say you and me I must not forget them,when I feel so special I am deluded.

we do not have the power because we are not on the same page,we are dead.
I do not have the power because of the I in you and the we in them, do you see.
all of
the combined knowledge in the world is mocked by one falling leaf.

all of the beauty in the world is brought together in one single rain drop falling.
humans are animals all dressed up,they are food for the worms of the earth.
we will pass like bad gas in the winds of time and the earth will 
once again be safe.

like nasty maggots we crawl upon her back,she moans and groans in resistance.
we do have the ability to realize right and wrong,good and bad,we choose to destroy.

we take away and waste, we suck this land dry, like wild zombies 
loosed from sleep.

can one only imagine the power of one thousand holding hands in agreement.
can one only think of the force and energy of one thousand saying no 
and hell no.

show me this one thousand and I will be the first to come in and help,
just show me.

I am one and two is two so where are all of you,if we can be 1000 I will show you what we can do.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


have you ever just sit back and watched your thoughts 
go by as if watching a parade.

have you ever wondered who you really are and
if you have anything to do with you.

what if you are just a forward moving endless tape,
a dot on an eternal time line.

what if the real you is made up of everyone,
what if understanding this is waking up.

there is no power in the self, the me, the I,
the us, the all of.

the power is in the we,
the individual intellect is completely useless by itself,
to be an island is to be dead.

the power of community has been lost to the 
illusion of the self and selfishness.
we live in a culture and have created such as 
to be afraid of each other and paranoid.
the powers that be do not want true community 
among the people this is truth.
division is the poison and the self is the tool,
we have lost the common ground.
our lives are built on sand and rotten foundations,
our quest for unity a misty dream.
we reach out to the void and feel completely empty,
we cry to the wind in vain.
who will come hold us, who will believe our pain and confusion,
where have they gone.

we have been swallowed up by this machine,
sucked down the dragons throat.

we live in the darkness of the times,
we live in our self constructed illusions.

to come together in true unity and fellowship 
would shatter the heavens and earth.

to reach out and hold each other would be the 
force that would change the world.

to believe,to forgive,to share,to listen and seek
 understanding would heal the world.

try and not let anyone shatter your hope and 
dreams of a better world,we are here.

we still believe in humanity,I still believe that 
there is hope, we must come together.

it will take a renewing of the spirit and mind,
it will take practice and hope.

we love you and forgive all of you,
we forgive ourselves and the ones that hate us.

we pray that their will be a coming together,
an awakening,a movement of people.

citizens of the world united to overcome ourselves,
our illusions, our programming.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Now You See Me, Now You Don't - Kiler Davenport

Most folks are so kind to you until they find out you are in need of something. When they first meet you they put on that face of "how are you doing today?". "Well let me tell you I am not doing good at all. I just lost my job. The wife and I are so depressed because we are just about a week away from being homeless." Man the look on their face goes from smile to blank in thirty seconds and then they start to look for an easy exit strategy. I do this to strangers some times just to watch the reaction and eight times of ten people just can't wait to get away from you. Two out of ten will normally listen intently and one of those might offer some really good advice and might even pray for you if you are lucky.

Does anyone ever ask you if you are hungry? Do they ever offer you a place to stay or want to keep in touch and try and be of help. Well hell no. Especially in this day and time when everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to make ends meet themselves.

I believe that if someone just came out and said you are coming to my house and you and your wife can have the spare bedroom. I would shit my pants. I have done this on numerous occasions just to see what would happen. I'm am telling you we live in a dog eat dog world. It has become a real zone in the burbs.

People have become more selfish and protective. They are paranoid of strangers in need but to not even sit and talk to you. To just look for a quick exit in my opinion is just down right dirty.

I always love it when they find an escape route and as they are leaving they look back and say " we will keep you in our prayers brother." What the hell does that mean anyway? Let me tell you what it means. I really do not give a rats about your problems and I use God's name to make me feel good about myself and I do not have the time or patience to deal with this shit.

Yes my friends the world is a twisted and perverted place. There are so many folks in need and very few equipped to help. I mean come on how many of you would really take the extra time and effort to help this stranger. How many of you would put yourself in harms way to reach out to a person you had never met and offer more than a prayer. I can promise you not many. I admit it is a tough thing.

I have been on both sides of this conversation and I can tell you it ain't easy. It is at the least a very awkward situation and most people really have no idea what to do. I wish that I could give an easy answer here but I can't. What I can say is we all need to try and do more, much more to help those in true need. Those that by no fault of their own fell through the cracks and had no safety net to catch them.

Mary and I have been out there and we know what it is like to feel like an outcast, to feel invisible, to feel completely unwanted. I mean when you are out there lost people seem to look right through you as if you weren't even there. Or maybe they pretend not to see you. Either way it is the most horrible and degrading feeling in the world hands down.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


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the big question now seems to be okay so we have woken up and now what and so what. and when other people say oh you have become awake so tell me what are you going to do now and they say oh, I am going to go and wake other people up and I say then what. and they say I really do not know, and I say are you going to get all these people together and do something and they say I do not know. do you know?
you must understand all of this is subjective and subject to questioning. for what is true to you is not true to everyone,and what you see happening is a construct of your reality and not everyone else's. and what is bad to you may not be bad to anyone else. everyone sees the world from a different perspective and has a unique way of processing information.
so you see to be fully awake is to be fully in touch with the process of communication and be able to have fun with it. I will be doing many shows on this very complex subject if any of you would like to learn.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


the big question now seems to be okay so we have woken up and now what and so what. and when other people say oh you have become awake so tell me what are you going to do now and they say oh, I am going to go and wake other people up and I say then what. and they say I really do not know, and I say are you going to get all these people together and do something and they say I do not know. do you know?

you see not being awake just means that you do not believe the exact same way that people who think they are awake feel. I mean I could say your not awake if your a republican, or if your not gay or religious. not being awake can mean many things to many people and this is something that is not talked about very often. not talking about it leaves so many people confused and wondering. most people out there who say you need to wake up are talking about the government and the way they have programmed people to do what they want them to do. they are talking about all the strange things that are happening all around us that many do not want to deal with or simply do not believe could be happening. 
many people have never even thought about waking up because they do not feel like they have been asleep. as matter of fact many people here in the United States feel that things are running somewhat normal, sure there are problems but to talk about the food being poisoned and the government being involved in cartels, beings from other planets and all that is when
they leave the room and call the men in white to come and get you because they think you are crazy.
you must understand all of this is subjective and subject to questioning. for what is true to you is not true to everyone,and what you see happening is a construct of your reality and not everyone else's. and what is bad to you may not be bad to anyone else. everyone sees the world from a different perspective and has a unique way of processing information. we are all pretty much in our own little worlds, trapped in our experience and opinions. to be a really good communicator you must understand all that I am telling you and much more. you have to be able to see things from every angle and be able to put yourself in other shoes. this does not mean that you will always be so nice and understanding nor does it mean that you will be able to bring everyone around to your way of thinking.
what it does mean is that you will learn much more about how to deal with all kinds of people in all kinds of circumstances. as you start to learn more about human and other forms of communication you will see just how very complex it really is and how powerful it can be if used properly. you will also find yourself playing with people as a cat would play with a mouse. I do this all the time and it is second nature. to be fully awake is to understand what I am stating here. most people just rattle and rant.
they are really running on automatic stupid mode. they are not really thinking about what they are saying or even why they are saying it let alone if anyone is grasping or caring about what they are spitting out.
so you see to be fully awake is to be fully in touch with the process of communication and be able to have fun with it. I will be doing many shows on this very complex subject if any of you would like to learn.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Let's look at 10 ways you can become a steward of the planet by greenifying your home. Consider the potential benefits involved: You'll be doing something positive for your family, your community and possibly the entire planet. You'll also be teaching your kids that building a better future for everyone is a goal that deserves their effort and a few sacrifices.


Many of us buy coffee on the way to work every morning -- it's simply convenient. All of those paper cups and coffee clutches tend to have at least some post-consumer recycled content, but once your Joe is poured, that's usually the death knell for their life cycles. What's more, while your car idles in the drive-thru line, you're emitting carbon dioxide. Instead, try making your coffee at home before you hit the road. It's a safe bet your favorite spot sells the same bulk beans they use to make your morning coffee. Get a reusable to-go cup, fill it up and you're all set. Just be sure to unplug your coffee maker before you leave; no point in having one more appliance vampire sucking juice while you're gone.

And morning coffee's just the beginning. Use your imagination: In what other areas can you trim you consumption? It won't take long for you to discover that some green practices are more expensive than what you're currently accustomed to. One nice thing about teaching yourself to reduce consumption is that it's an instance where greening your life is less expensive, too.


You probably grew up taking some things for granted. The water coming out of your faucet is a good example. The developed world has water on demand. Just turn a knob and presto: running water. But this might not be the case for much longer. In the United States, some neighboring states are beginning to sue one another over access to shared water resources, and aging infrastructures are struggling under the ever growing demand for abundant, clean water.

When you reevaluate habits and practices you take for granted today, you teach yourself to conserve some resources and use others more wisely. One great way to start is by making your home a water-conscious zone. For starters, make sure your faucets and toilets aren't leaking. Some minor tinkering and a few dollars spent at your local home improvement store can mean the difference in several lost gallons of water each and every day.

Simply paying attention to how you use water can help you conserve this precious resource, too. For example, you can save water by shaving in the sink rather than the shower. And when you turn on your shower, place a 5-gallon bucket beneath the stream while you wait for the water to heat up, rather than simply allowing it to run down the drain. You can use this gray water in your garden.

Collecting rain in a rain barrel is another great project. These large barrels can be positioned beneath one of your home's downspouts to collect rainwater as it rolls off your roof. A spigot is usually attached to the barrel to accommodate a hose. Not only will your plants receive the benefit of captured rainwater, you won't spend as much money on watering your garden (or bend the law, if you're under an outdoor watering ban).


It can be hard to justify paying extra to help the Earth, even during good economic times (let alone when grocery store prices are sky high). Still, you can probably afford to buy at least one or two food items from the market that are more environmentally friendly. Just paying attention to the labels of the products you buy can lead you in the right direction. Logos that credit an item as being organic tell you that you're buying a product that helps sustain the planet.

Organic foods are better for the environment because their production doesn't demand the use of cheap but harmful chemicals. Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers have long shelf lives and can be reintroduced into the environment after their application. For example, excess fertilizer can be carried as runoff to watersheds when it rains, affecting the water quality in surrounding areas.


There are a lot of items you may discard that can fulfill a second purpose around your house. Those coffee grounds, potato peelings, brown bananas and rotten peas are black gold as compost for your garden. Ironically, food you normally might throw away can be converted into fertilizer to feed a whole new generation of crops. You can purchase compost bins or make your own for little or no money. Not only that, you can make a small worm compost bin indoors and use it teach your kids that the cycle of life really is amazing.


Paying attention to where the goods you buy come from is a good way to help lessen your impact on the environment. When you shop locally, you support your local economy, too. For example, when you buy produce at farmers' markets that allow only local farmers to sell their produce, you're cutting down on the number of miles the food travels to get to market. The fewer the miles, the lower the carbon dioxide emissions associated with transporting that food. There may be fewer energy and packaging costs, too. The same goes for buying from local artisans and retailers that specialize in locally produced goods.


You can also get in on the action yourself by starting a backyard garden. Production doesn't get any more local than your backyard, and there's no better way to ensure that the food you eat is organic than by producing it yourself. Growing some of your own food will lower your grocery bill and your family's environmental impact. If you have a bumper crop, you can donate the surplus and help others, too.

You don't even have to own a backyard to plant a "backyard" garden. Some communities offer free or low cost garden allotments, public lands set aside for citizen gardens that will set the "groundwork" for your very own vegetable patch. Check with your regional USDA Cooperative Extension Office for more information about the availability of allotments in your area.


If you look around your house, you'll probably find a few places where treated indoor air is escaping -- and harsh outside air is seeping in. The beam of sunlight that shines from beneath your front door, for example -- that's not supposed to be there. Adding weather stripping to your doors is one step you can take in an effort to keep your home's envelope, the bubble of air inside your home, nice and tight. Properly insulating your house cuts down on energy consumption by reducing your heating and cooling demands.

The envelope of your home includes any place where air can get in and out, like your doors, windows, roof, floor and outer walls. Making sure that your windows are properly sealed with caulk and that the gaps between your chimney flue (which carries away waste gases from your furnace) and your roof can all prevent air from escaping or entering your home. You should also ensure that you've got proper insulation in your attic, under your floors and along outer walls. Home insulation is rated by its ability to prevent air flow, and it's denoted by an R-rating. Generally, the higher the rating, the thicker and more protective the insulation will be.


Creating a positive environmental impact by reducing your home's energy demands doesn't stop with its envelope, however. There are some even easier, less expensive ways to keep your house cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. Keeping your blinds or curtains drawn to prevent direct sunlight from streaming through your windows can help keep your home cool. Blinds and curtains also help prevent cold air from entering through your windows in the winter.

Another way to use less energy is by simply keeping your home a bit cooler in the winter and slightly warmer in the summer. The recommended thermostat settings during winter and summer vary depending on where you live, but the EPA suggests that you set your thermostat to a difference of 7 degrees when you leave your house and 4 degrees when you sleep. These kinds of small, mindful changes can make a difference over time.


So what's an even better way to greenify your home than decreasing your electricity demand? Well, wouldn't it be great to generate your own clean electricity and stop relying on the big power companies every time you want to turn on a light?

Solar panels, geo-thermal power systems and even wind power options are being employed by clever consumers across the country to reduce their dependence on the large power companies and live somewhat off the "power grid." Although this may not be entirely feasible for many of us right now, new technologies and revitalized adaptations of existing technologies are making the dream of clean, renewable energy more of a reality every day.

As an example, converting to solar power makes a big environmental difference, but installing solar panels is a costly proposal even when taking into account the tax benefits involved. One big problem with a major change to another method of generating electricity to your home is that it could take decades to recuperate the costs and start seeing a financial benefit. Before the economic slowdown, people were staying in their homes an average of seven years before moving on. Adding an expensive alternative energy option to you home won't likely increase its value enough to make the purchase cost effective -- today, anyway. Stay tuned, though. As alternative power system costs come down and conventional energy costs go up, the outlook could change -- and quickly, too.


It has become easier than ever to recycle with the introduction of single-stream recycling, which allows you to put all of your stuff in one bin to leave at the curb. But exactly how much of this will get recycled largely depends on you. Tossing an un-rinsed laundry detergent bottle into the recycling bin probably won't amount to any recycled plastic. The residue will make the plastic the container is made from less pure and maybe even keep it from being sold. Clean waste is much more likely to be recycled; after all, it's easier to reduce back into its original parts. So, cleaning out your laundry detergent bottle and discarding its cap before you toss it into the bin will increase the likelihood it actually gets recycled. Just a head's up.

Recycling applies to not only what goes out of your house but also what comes in. Everything from roof shingles to drywall can be made with some recycled content. Just keep an eye out for the words post-consumer recycled material. This means that some of the ingredients lived a former life as something else and were recycled into what you're purchasing. The higher the percentage of post-consumer recycled material in an item, the greener it is.






Friday, October 5, 2012

Mary & Me - Kiler Davenport

when your down and life has took its toll,always remember that their is someone out there much worse off than you,someone hurting through and through.

Mary and I have traveled thousands of miles wanting to just die all the while.
thirty dollars and a thousand miles to go, we had no idea who was friend or foe.

we cried so many tears along the way, we held each other tight night and day.
siting in the car trying to sleep,looking at each other with a blank stare.

could we go even one more mile, would their be a time ever when we would smile.
smelly cloths and dirty socks, could I not take care of my wife,she is all to me ,my life.

their came a moment in rock springs, when we could take no more, it was over.
we had come to the end of our road, we just wanted to get rid of this heavy load.

that night we fell asleep in each others arms, hoping for that eternal sleep.
many will never understand what it is like to be in the grip of depression this deep.

some how we are here to tell you this story, not for you to feel sorry and worry.
we just want all of you to know that we understand, we have been there.



Vinegar - an earth friendly alternative to many chemicals

Handy vinegar tips

Note: spot test before going all out with any of the cleaning related tips below.

  • To remove calcium buildup on kettles and electric jugs, boil the kettle with half a cup of white vinegar and leave to soak for a while. Rinse with fresh water, reboil with same and your kettle should now be calcium deposit free.
  • Place a small container of vinegar in your toilet and bathroom to eliminate odors.
  • A half cup of vinegar added to a toilet bowl left overnight removes bowl odor. The smell of the vinegar will also dissipate overnight.
  • A cotton ball soaked in vinegar and applied to bruises for an hour is said to speed up the healing process.
  • Vinegar on minor burns and many sorts of stings can alleviate pain.
  • For cleaning your dishwasher, vinegar frozen into ice cubes, then a couple added to the bottom of the dishwasher just prior to a cycle is an effective alternative to using heavy chemical cleaners.
  • Old, stiff paintbrushes can be revived by dipping them into heated white vinegar for a couple of hours, followed by a rinse in soapy water. Beats using turpentine!
  • Vinegar can be used as a nappy soak; simply add half a cup of white vinegar to the water in the nappy bucket
  • Use it as a broad leaf weed killer - spray it undiluted onto the leaves of weeds, being careful to avoid plants you wish to keep. A mix of vinegar and salt can be used to keep weeks and grass out of driveway cement joins.
  • Vinegar can be used as a benchtop disinfectant; but it's a good idea to wipe over at night in order that the smell dissipates.
  • For pet owners, white vinegar poured onto pet urine mishaps on carpets, then blotted up with paper towel will prevent staining and odor.

  • Save money on washing pre-spray by spraying undiluted vinegar on deodorant and other stains on garments just prior to washing.

  • Spray a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water onto soap scum on shower screens, leave sit then wipe or rinse off.
  • Neat vinegar sprayed onto mold affected bathroom/shower tiles will kill the mold.
  • Vinegar can be used as a fabric softener by adding half the amount of vinegar as you would of your usual softening agent.
  • I've seen many suggestions that a tablespoon of vinegar can be used as a replacement for hair conditioner.
  • Vinegar can also be used as a glass cleaner either mixed with water or used neat in a spray bottle.
  • Use full strength vinegar to polish chrome and stainless steel
  • Use a 50/50 vinegar and water mix to clean your iron. Add the mixture to your iron and allow it steam itself clean
  • Pour boiling white vinegar down a clogged drain to remove the obstruction
  • Used in an fine atomizer, vinegar is effective as room deodorizer
  • Ants hate vinegar; so spray it around doorways and other areas they frequent to repel them

... not to mention vinegar is great for chips and salad dressings :).

Simple Water Saving Tips

As individuals, there are so many things we can do to reduce our water consumption - and save cash in the process too! Here are some brief and simple tips most of us can apply:

  • Shorter showers with less pressure
  • Install a water saving shower head - under $10
  • Ensuring taps, water pipes and hose connections don't drip
  • Checking toilets for leaks. Use a few drops of food coloring in the cistern, wait for a while and check the bowl for signs of color - be sure to flush afterwards prevent staining.
  • Buy clothing made with fibers that aren't so water intensive; such as hemp
  • Installing rainwater tanks or even just a small rain barrel
  • Using greywater from sinks and washing machines to water the garden
  • Using low water car washes
  • Installing tap aerators
  • Turning off the tap while brushing our teeth
  • Turning off the tap while shaving
  • Washing veggies in a sink partially filled with water instead of under a running tap
  • Setting washing machines at the lowest possible water level for the load
  • Watering gardens just after sunrise or just after sunset to reduce evaporation
  • Mulching gardens to reduce watering requirements
  • Installing drip irrigation systems
  • Cutting grass a little longer during summer
  • Reducing the temperature of water heaters which lessens the amount of mixing needed to be done in order to achieve a temperature that won't scald your skin
  • Installing dual flush toilets or displacement devices in cisterns
  • Fill a dishwasher completely before running it
  • Don't use water to accelerate thawing of food
  • Instead of using a sink rubbish disposal unit, establish a compost pile or worm farm
  • Use drought tolerant plants in your garden and drought resistant grass for lawn
  • Never use a hose to blast leaves or litter off a driveway - sweep it, it's good exercise too :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sixty Four Dollar Question -- Kiler Davenport

Those of us who have matured somewhat normally over the years can not help laughing when you guys and girls take yourselves and the politics of the day so seriously. You all are a hoot. So wrapped up in yourselves. So intent on getting your point across and for what. The names might change but the game will always be the same.

For anyone with half a brain can see that your vote is meaningless and all the time and effort spent could be directed toward building your local coalitions at the community level. The problem is most have forgotten how to work together without discord and disagreement. We live and attempt to operate in this massive system that is completely and forever out of control. We have lost our sense of focus and direction.

The rules of this game are changing at break neck speed and very few can keep up. Let alone understand or comprehend even the most basic component within the system.

All have become servants to this invisible force that in many ways seems to be turning on the very ones it was elected to serve and protect and to some extent provide for.

Today's citizens are like fish out of water. All gasping for that one last breath. All trying to get back into the safety of the waters of yesterday. All wanting to feel as if somehow we all really do make some kind of a difference in the way things turn out.

We have come to a complete breaking point here in the United States. We are bankrupt at least in theory. We are terrorizing the Middle East. We are setting up a system of fear and paranoia with mass surveillance and homeland security watchdogs. We have become absolutely self-destructive and unable to function as a nation.

The worst part of all of this is that most of the people in the U.S. are void of the wisdom, insight, and education to see the forest for the trees.

So many hundreds of thousands are clueless, could even be millions.

Most are still waiting for a savior. Someone or something to come and fix their completely broken down and worn out system we call democracy. How will it end? Where and when will it end? That is the sixty four dollar question.