Saturday, October 11, 2014

Living Life In A Time Warp by Kiler Davenport

Its so very funny how we live our lives in this time warp and do not even realize that we are being tricked. Tricked by our own brains that we believe we control when in fact we do not. As matter of fact your brain is only operating at 10% and this is all it needs to navigate this matrix. Your current reality is fixed in time and space and cannot be altered.

You have very limited freedom inside this illusion and all of your actions are rather meaningless on the whole. Most of you are at such a low frequency that you cannot see beyond the void of space time. Someone once said "you are what you think" and what they should have said is "you are what you believe you think" because belief is the key to a complete and delusional reality.

If you believe it then it is so at least in your mind and body experience. To be what most call normal is to be enslaved by the matrix. To conform is to be in bondage. Humanity is pushing against a force that is very powerful and this force keeps most pinned down and represses. It is what we call the force of nature or the so called normal way of the ebb and flow of the current culture.

As far as we know we are the only beings that are aware of ourselves and this alone can create a form of insanity and delusion. Animals are not going around worrying about death or housing or what car to buy. They do not even realize that they are here. We are the only ones that do this and this is the problem. We came with this package and we will die with it.

However, remember it is possible that we are nothing more than a computer chip inside one of a trillion computers. This is the intel that was leaked to our news station last week. We have reason to believe that a memory wipe will be performed next week and we have very good reason to believe that these have been going on in a loop for many years. This is all very complex and I do not expect anyone of you to understand this. However it is real.

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