Everything in this known universe is always in some state of being. Particles were not always together as you see them but they always existed in some form at some point in time and space. Our brain loves to create things and call them names. All things came from a source of light and energy and it is sure that they will return there in whole or in part. This is degeneration and regeneration. This cycle is and has always been eternal.

You are the same as the things you create and they the same as you. I the me can try and explain all of this because of the brain’s ability, capacity, and need to know and tell. Things do not have a need to know and tell. They just are what they are.

We truly are amazing and a complete mystery all at the same time. The fact that we seem to know our self is a mystery and one that has never been explained. This presents a problem because we are trying to explain. This is impossible that the clay could explain itself and the potter does not talk to or reason with the clay.

All of us seek to know who we are, where we are and what we are and these things are completely impossible to know.

We seem to exist in physical form and we seem to be in what we call time but we are not even sure of this. Most of you are trapped inside words and things and this makes it impossible for you to know that you do not know this because these words enslave you and keep you locked in the box of illusion and delusion. You will never break free of your current programming and indoctrination. Unless you free yourself from words and rise to the level of the mind that is unbound and lives in infinity.