Thursday, February 27, 2014

Selfishness And Self Loathing By Kiler Davenport

We live in a time of selfishness and self loathing. We pretend to care but would not get to far out of the comfort zone to help. We help when its convenient. In no way will we give the same help to the ones suffering that we would want them to give us in our great time of need. Would you die for a friend? Hell to the no! Would you give up a major part of your time to help a complete stranger on the street. Hell no! How many of those suffering in your own community have you helped this week. Have you gone to the old folks home and sat with the lonely? Are you doing grass roots work?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Completely Clueless By Kiler Davenport

The most dangerous thing is that the completely clueless do not know they are clueless. They live in this little emotional box and reality is far from them. I see the zombies walking the streets on this town and they have blank looks on their faces. Their children are nuts off the tree of clueless.
People hate to see me post these things but we must realize that this is a big issue in these dangerous times. As a matter of fact the most important and pressing issue. Many are so hung up in their own twisted existence that they are blind to what is really going on around them.I believe that it is the responsibility of a alternative radio to ram this issue home and bring it to the front line of debate.

I work with and am a client of mental health system here in the great northwest and I find so many others in this system that are completely in touch and in tune with the realities of the day. They are awake and alert to all that is going on they know something is amiss. They see behind the dark and dangerous walls of this new world order and they do not claim to be normal nor do they want to be clueless normal.

We talked about thus yesterday and discovered that normal is the problem. The government wants you to be normally enslaved and normally clueless. They look at all of this immature lamebrain air headed bull shit here on fake book and laugh their heads off. As I always say ye shall know them by their post their words their deeds.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Understanding Bio Photon Emissions By Kiler Davenport

We are not just in an energy field. We are the energy field and we are surrounded by energy fields of others and objects in the environment. We say people are awake or asleep depending on their ability to deal with reality as well as create their own realities. To be fully awake does not mean that one has to avoid suffering, pain, and destruction. On the contrary it means that one is able to move through these energies without being drained of one's own life giving and healing force.

Most are running on very low power and have closed off the gates to even receive what is coming in from the universe. Little invisible switches are turning on and off depending on one's state of mental health and capacity.

Our physical reality is the manifestation of the source of all matter, time, space and mystery. Many of you have been infected by this highly toxic world created by man and his machines. You I have become accustomed to this toxic environment and even nourish it. It is the culture we live in and the children have been indoctrinated to live this way also.

Most of you will never escape this dark and empty place. Your children are doomed to hell on earth and their children. This is hard for many of you to grasp.

There is a way of escape but it would require you to completely disregard almost everything you have ever believed. It requires sacrifice and hard work. At the end of the day the majority will stay in this dark and empty place. They are too lazy to change for it is difficult and impossible for most.

We do not live in a physical place. We are not who or what we think we are. We exist in one of trillions and trillions of possible realities. The external world is a reflection of our inner being and attitude.

This matrix reacts and responds to the collective in a very powerful and eternal way and this is very hard to understand.

I will be doing many shows on this and explaining how all of these things work. The powers that be so not want you to be fully aware and awake and will do anything to keep you in the dark. It is up to you to really listen to those of us who have mastered this complex matrix. We are here to teach you and guide you.

I am available for private consultation and I do not charge for my services. This knowledge will give you back your personal power and allow you to become. It will also give you insight into the world around you and help you see in ways you have never seen before.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kiler Davenport Live: Bringing Alternative Radio Into The Mainstream

Current Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Kiler Davenport Live on BlogTalkRadio

Kiler Davenport Live: Behind The Dark Door of Long Term Care


Current Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Kiler Davenport Live on BlogTalkRadio

Kiler Davenport Live on We Roar Radio Feb. 14th, 2014

Kiler Davenport Live on We Roar Radio Feb. 14th, 2014

Kiler Davenport Live with Gillian Trebilcock on Revolution Radio

Kiler Davenport Live with Gillian Trebilcock on Revolution Radio

Monday, February 17, 2014

Collectivism By Kiler Davenport

People of today have no real idea of what the real collective means. Collectivism is not a movement it is a frame of mind. A way of life and living. It is about helping each other and lifting your brothers and sisters up and out. This culture is doomed to failure unless we can teach them the real meaning of the collective. We are evolving at light speed and true down to earth leaders are in short supply.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kiler Davenport Live: Bringing Alternative Radio Into The Mainstream

Tonight on Kiler Davenport Live I will be providing an in-depth look into the emerging world of Alternative Public Radio. Alternative Public Radio International is now online and ready to take the world by storm. We are looking for producers, directors, live on air hosts, editors, writers, bloggers and volunteers to fill many front line spots we have open here at APRI. We have out two years and thousands of hours into this project. It has been well worth the time and effort. Come and join us as we explore this explosive and nonconventional media. See you on the air.

Date for show: Feb. 16th, 2014

Time for show: 8 pm pac / 9 pm mtn / 10 pm cent / 11 pm est

Direct Link to show:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Learn To Integrate And Interact By Kiler Davenport

Let the dragons play. Let the clueless romp and frolic. Look out and be amazed at the diversity of this place and time. For this is wisdom and those awake will not be enslaved by these things. It is all good. Each has its own place and reason for being and doing. Learn to integrate and interact. We are as varied as the stars and as deep as the oceans. There are none right or none wrong. All are the paint on this complex canvas. We have all come to be and to see and take in this anomaly. One will kill the other and rape the other and con the other and each will justify its own being and doing. This is the mystery and wisdom see through it all and takes it all in.

Escape Into The Void By Kiler Davenport

Day and night are illusions. Things are illusions. Love is an illusion. Right and wrong a fiction. We live within the confines of these mysteries. We label this world and we put meaning to things. We struggle for clarity and vision. The true master thinks beyond all these and can fly to the places in the void where time does not live and space does not exist. Most of you live and breath at the bottom of this vast emptiness and your lives are bound and enslaved by this reality. To be free you must escape into the void and make your place there. Most of your worry comes from the lower realms. Your struggles. Your pain and sorrow comes from your lack of wisdom in these things. Untangle yourself and fly free.

Right And Wrong By Kiler Davenport

Remember telling someone you are right is also telling them they are in fact wrong. Let me ask you at this time what makes you so right. How can you determine if you are right. You cannot. So why is it that we go out and try and sell this to others. Is this attitude changing your world for the better. Are folks asking you to run for some big office? Your right is wrong to another and what you believe to be true is insanity to others.
Life is a string of illusive events in time and space. We are contained within this massive energy field and we will remain here forever because that is the away energy works.
Look how long we have had to bring things into perfect balance and yet we have not brought anything into balance. Look how long we have had to fix what is broken and yet we have not. Can any of you grasp this or are you too far gone?
Your quest for this illusive truth is a fiction. You are a small fish in a vast and ever changing ocean. Your idea that you are somehow special is insanity to say the least.

Thought For The Day Feb. 15 2014 By Kiler Davenport

People are turning away from God but they are blind to their own inner powers and those powers that are eternal and immutable. People have been programmed to live and think in this material world. They are connected to things. They have forgotten how to put their feet on the ground and feel this eternal spirit. Even those who say they are Christians are far from the truth. They are treading shallow and clueless waters. They need to reconnect to the spirit. They need to reorganize their thinking. Reevaluate their existence and place.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Introducing Alternative Public Radio International

Friday, February 7, 2014

An Escript From "Touch Me Real" By Kiler Davenport

We do not need a president what we need are tribal leaders. Cross community leaders that listen to the people. The population has grown way to large and this is why it is so out of hand and why the government is working on a depopulation plan.

Globalism will not work because it serves only the rich and powerful. It leaves the poor and sick at the mercy of the rich and powerful. This government will not be deconstructed because people are so lazy and clueless. They are used to being told what to do and how to do it and when to go to work, what to wear, and when to come home and everything else. They are good slaves.

It would take 50 years to construct any kind of natural and safe environment at this point and that would only happen if we were in complete revolt. This system needs to be abolished completely and I do not see that happening at all. We must deal head on with these issues or be clueless ourselves. These are very important questions that must be asked.

Goodness will not fix this. Love will not fix this and being clueless will not. It will take force and direction and energy and passion and coordination.

Presidents are under the total and absolute direction of the mega rich and there is nothing that one person can do about this. We have built this system and we have ingrained this culture.

The people are sheeple and they are completely programmed and indoctrinated to this system. The poor have not the skills or the intelligence to run this massive and complex world. Most cannot balance a check book.

Governments do not run on good intentions and love and caring. This machine runs on money, power, war, and domination. All of these powerful and controlling forces would have to be completely overcome in order to deconstruct or change anything.

Folks have been taught from an early age to bow down to this system. They have been trained like animals to be passive and suck off the system. The best kind of slave as you know is one who believes them self to be free.

Nothing in the books even hints that this system is bad. Reality is all made up and magic. It is all based on perception and experience and a million other factors. People must change the way they see reality and they must be educated in science, astrophysics, social science, history, farming, agriculture, quantum physics, they need to learn to read and study and question reality and authority.

We have a 250,000,000,000 dollar debt at this time and that number is growing fast. We are printing money like drunken fools. Trillions are kept in offshore banks by the rich. This money was taken from those who work for a living - the slaves and what those slaved do. They continue to be good little slaves.

The founders were a bunch of white racists. They cared not for the common man. Read your correct history people. I hold my words back believe it or not. I know how this system works from the inside out. But the people here could not understand the most basic elements of this.

This government is one that is devoted to the mega rich. They do not give a rats ass about what you and I are doing. They have this system completely controlled and these new age folks are clueless and stupid. I am not the least bit sorry for telling the truth.

We are the most clueless nation on this planet. We consume and waste more than any other country in the world. We are divided and confused and the government loves it this way. Ten million should rise up and take arms and put this government out of business as many countries are doing at this moment. However many will die and the children will suffer. But if we do not do this (and we will not) nothing will ever change and anyone who says different is a complete idiot.

When I speak, I speak as one who sees through the dark veil. I speak as one who has smelled the dead and held the dead and the dying. I have walked in the blood and guts of those caught up in this shit. Those who understand my words are in waiting for me for they know what we have done and they realize that we will pay and the children will pay. We will all pay through the teeth more than you can even imagine.

Americans are dead beats. They love the easy way, the short path, the good deal. Most refuse to give up what they have and get off the grid and build communities like we do.

These kids today are completely clueless and continue to be blind and stupid. We live in the matrix of infinity. We are traveling beyond the speed of light out into this void. Particles clashing and banging and dancing. Enjoy the matrix. Take it all in. I can teach any of you who want to learn how to make it through all of this. But your ego will stop you from learning and grasping. I am the watcher.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love And Eternity By Kiler Davenport

Have we outgrown God
Have we grown to big for our britches
Do we just use him for a crutch
A hiding place for when we get scared

Most have created God in their own image
Like a genie in a bottle
God is more than a book, a dogma, a religion, a church, an outreach, or feelings
God is the ultimate quest, the source, the alpha, the omega, our only hope

Even those who do not believe still wonder
They long for answers

Eternity is an everlasting thought that never dies in the mind if mortal man
It lingers like terminal cancer in the feeble minds of the people
We beg to know

As I stand in Haiti I cry out "Where are you God?"
As I roam the flats of Sudan stepping over half dead children
Vultures waiting in the background
I ask "Why?"
Watching all of our little hospice patients wither away to nothing begging to die

The older I get the more questions I have and the less I want to know

So many of us are locked into little silly boxes
Like kids playing with toys

God why do you need us
Are you lonely, sad, confused, bewildered, myth

The almighty minds of the times talk about first cause, singularity, hyper-dimension
They probe the human brain like little monkeys picking bugs off one another

We send probes to bthe outer reaches of the universe while millions die starving
We send bombs in every direction to dominate and destroy (one nation under God)
We rob those around the world of their culture, liberty, customs, dignity, and beliefs
We suck off the criminally insane mainstream news a as if our lives depended on it
We are addicted to the poisons, toxins, and chemicals of corporate America

Our people and children shot full of big Pharma
Doped with propaganda
We are slaves to the lie of the global new world order
We feed this dragon daily
A nation of zombies, lambs on our way to the kill floor
Destined for destruction

I say one nation under what, working for who, believing in what, and why

People ask me all the time "Just what is the new world order, when it will come"
It is a process, a progression, an evolution, it is free will
Free choice at its worst

Believe in what you will
Do you what you can
Reach beyond what's possible
Live out in the darkness
Get out of your comfort zone

Live where it hurts, where it is hard, painful, sad, suffering, hungry, anguish, fear

Love is no good in the comfort zone
She was made for battle
To overcome

Go into your corner and pray
Ask that your eyes be opened to this truth

You asked me how will you know when you have found love
And I say when you already
Go now and ponder these things
Devote your life to this quest
This journey

Love is not a new age game
Nor is it a fad to be played with
It is age old and hot
Its power grows with the ability to realize it
Focusing it requires maturity

It will never be contained in groups or circles
It must be free
It must breath
Real love is strong and offensive
It brings out the worst in people
It digs deep
It will not be used to win friends and influence people
It is a knife that cuts

Love is ready to come out against this new world order
It is poised to strike

Many who have been drowning in the self will die when she raises her head
The clock is ticking, the watchers watch
You will not escape her wrath and fury

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Different Directions In Life By Kiler Davenport

Remember you are creating your present and future every second and will live in whatever world you decide to create. Be very careful how and what you think because it will determine your next step. It is very hard even impossible to change your programming and take a different direction in life because you are so hooked on the one you are creating at this very moment even as you read these words.

The way you respond to my writing will be determined not by your logical mind but by your old programming and trash thinking that has been given to you by a very confused and mixed up world. It is very hard to stop and step back from your life and look at it from a different perspective. It takes a lot of hard work and much practice and not many of you will be able to do it and those that can't or will not will remain blind, deaf and dumb for the rest of their life.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Zombies Are Everywhere So Beware By Kiler Davenport

There is nothing left but fragments of what was
We walk through the broken bones of a land lost to the clueless
We walk side by side with the slaves of this demented world
These zombies number in the millions and their children follow them down to the slaughter house blindly

Every step they take ordered by the machine
Every word they speak has been programmed into them
There will be no escape from this self made prison
Their DNA has been altered forever and they know not what they do
Some of us could not be bought or enslaves into this mind trap

These new zombies are very dangerous and violent
They have become the watchers and will take your soul to their masters
Avoid them at all cost and avoid their children
When mixing with them pretend to be like them
Blend in and act as they do or they will sniff you out and report you

We are deprogramming as many as we can but our team is tired and over worked

These zombies come from all walks of life and blend in very well themselves
Some are hard to spot and will fool you so be careful and always alert

Dangerous Times In History Of Mankind By Kiler Davenport

We are facing some of the most dangerous times in the history of mankind. We have so many little and big ticking time bombs just waiting to go off. Any one of them could show themselves at any minute now. We still have a chance but as I look into out into this vast and clueless landscape I can assure all of you nothing will be done. The young ones lives depend on what we as adults do NOW this very moment. So far it does not look good. With so many lame brains out here and so many complete air heads who have nothing but shit for brains we are in a shit load of trouble.