Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gorging on Foolishness and Stupidity by Kiler Davenport

As we gorge ourselves on foolishness and stupidity the deadly poison moves in around us. It already has the children in its mighty grip. This living breathing monster has completely consumed the world as we know it. You swim in its feces and are drawing in its piss. Those enslaved have daily intercourse with this dragon. The children are its play thing and the earth is its footstool. Up close this hot hell looks even pleasing and warm but up close and inside the maggots warm and eat the dead walking. Your brains are like empty shells long lost. The life force has been sucked out of you. Banished to your comfort zone. There you will remain until the grave swallows you and yours. Your children living will hate you. They will loath in your inaction and foolishness. You have left them in this desolate place. This barren land. This burning hell we call earth.

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