Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Truly Free by Kiler Davenport

do not ever leave the house thinking that you are special because you can be dead in a minute and I mean dead. we see so much death here in our business , up close and personal. so many of you are living in the void and have not really grasp life and living. to understand life one must understand deep pain and suffering.

you must let go of yourself and reach out to those who are suffering and take it all in and get close to it and them. this government has created herds of people, we are treated like animals on a farm.

we have limited freedom and false liberties that make us more productive than if we were locked up and not somewhat free range. most of you will never ever be truly free because you do not even realize that you are completely enslaved. the walls are closing in every second and you are being programmed to except your captivity and confinement. you have grown up in this cage, your children have been indoctrinated into this new world order.

you are programmed from birth to obey, to sit, to stand, to walk and run on command. you are bonded this clueless lamebrain empty headed worthless tribe. you are taught to do as the rest of the monkeys do and think like they do. if you step out of line you are considered nuts, you could even be arrested or killed depending on just how far from the so called norm you are. yes normal you must be to fit in, you must bow to the herd and be like them.

so many of you are zombies, you are the walking dead. you continue to follow the main stream way of thinking and doing. you are in such a deep and lasting sleep that this is where you will remain until your death. I am begging all of you to try and see what I am saying her.

I can only do so much to warn you of the dangers that lurk in the shadows and behind the dark walls. you were born into a lie and you have lived a lie and you will die in this lie if you do not force yourself and your children to wake from this deadly sleep. we the people have allowed our government run wild, we have allowed thugs to take over. we have become so lazy and stupid and careless that the children will suffer for our stupidity and ignorance.

please try and think about what I have said here and listen to my shows and help us with the radio network, we are experienced in these critical matters and have much experience on these front lines. if you grasp this please come on the show and tell your story. if you have a show idea please let us know . email us here at the network @ aprifriends2014@gmail.com and you can hear my shows @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/alternativepublicradiointernational

my life , my death by kiler davenport

as I sit here I feel if I am going to die any minute, my head is pounding and my heart is pounding and I feel that very dangerous feeling of impending doom. I have had these feeling before and let me tell you it is bad real bad. I am on some new meds and that could be what is causing this and I am over weight. I know that many of you have gone through this and it is hell on earth. people who have not gone through this have no idea how scary it all is. it really makes one think about how precious every second is and how fast you can be dead. I encourage all of you to take care of yourselves and watch how you are living and what you are doing and thinking. we are taking a road trip to do some interviews from the beach and I hope this will help me to relax a little.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Death Does Not Take A Vacation By Kiler Davenport

Death never takes a vacation and the killing never stops and this new world order will not rest until all if you are in complete submission and on your knees like dogs. Most off you are well on your way and your kids are learning how to be good little slaves just like mommy and daddy. Are you clueless as to what I am saying here? Did your kids fall off the nut tree?

We have all become slaves in this illegal corporation we call the USA. How long before you come out of your sleep. Most here are dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to international affairs and how these things affect all if us.

Today we honor the mothers and tomorrow we let this moment fade into the void and go back to clueless ville.

This government is completely controlled by external forces that has the intention of killing millions of Americans one way it another. I know this is very hard to believe for some of you. Impossible for others but none the less true.

How much longer are you going to believe the lies and the fraud and the scam. What will you do about my words that you read here. Will you teach your children not yo bow to this order. Will you come out of your clueless sleep and fight with all of your might.? Are you willing to die to protect your children from these monsters? The majority of you are a big part of this overall problem because of your lack of wisdom in these areas. You are spoiled, lazy, comfortable and clueless. Your kids do not have a chance in hell of escaping your influence. What will you do?