Sunday, October 26, 2014

New Agers and Lost Sheep by Kiler Davenport

The new age is running amuck with infiltrators and disinformation agents and the clueless fall into these traps all the time. Especially young people who are easy picks. Many new age groups are filled with people who have no common sense at all. They are empty headed and will and are serving the new world order well. They are told that they are Gods and they are consumed with the idea of love and light.

Most of these new agers are lost sheep and have no master to lead them down this complex road of reality so they end up believing almost anything that sounds like magic and mystery. Some of these groups have become cults and are brainwashing the members. The disinformation agents want these folks to be and stay clueless because this way they will stay out of the way of the movers and shakers.
There is no room  in the real world for these lame brains. We need warriors and realists. We need those who can see and smell reality as it is in the now and deal with it as it is.

Love and light will not save us and it will not turn this country around, not one bit. It will only serve to make the stupid more stupid and the weak weaker.

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