Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Maiden Voyage with Host Kiler Davenport - Episode #3



Tonight I will talk about quantum physics, singularity, the big bang, consciousness, metaphysical vs. fact, meditation, imperical observation and investigation and how all of this applies to religion.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Citizens of the World by Kiler Davenport



I am a citizen of the world. Using the technology at my disposal and the resources at hand we will set out on a journey that will last a lifetime. We freely choose to pull up stakes and travel the United States in search of those who are actually making a powerful and positive difference in the lives of many. Those grass roots organizations like ours who do what they do because they can, because they have to. It is built in them to push the limits, tip the scales, rock the boat, shake up the status quo, to go where most will not go, and do what most will not do.There is no good explanation for why we do what we do. We have learned to overcome fear and disappointment. We have learned to just keep on keeping on.

I am a student in this world, an observer. I know how to listen and learn. I do what I do because I am good at it. It is in my blood. This internet public radio network is my life, my very breath. Many of you have asked 'What do you get out of this? What's the catch?' I guess you could say we are thrill seekers, unconventional creative thinkers. We work best on a deadline and in tight and sometimes dangerous situations. Its just who we are. It is what it is. As a matter of fact if not for people like us. There would be no life at all. We fight to keep the scales balanced, to keep free speech free, to limit big government, to instill hope where there is little, to educate, to inform, to uplift, to search for that elusive and constantly moving truth, to protect those in harms way.

We are always here watching, listening, thinking, overseeing, developing. We will not stop doing what we do. The powers that be would like for us to go away. They would kill us if they could. They watch us. They monitor us. They follow us. We do not fit any mold. We do not follow any trend. We do not bow to any denomination or religion. Yet we stand strong and fight for the rights of all these to exist and be free.

Please help us grow. We are the watchers. The ones in the shadows. We have the skills, traits, weapons, and experience to slay the corporate dragons. We are not afraid of the machine that seeks to control us all. We will not back down. We will not surrender. We believe that America is asleep. Lulled into believing the lies of a mad, crazed, corporate giant. A government that has forgotten the people that keep it afloat. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Crime is crime no mater how you package it up or what kind of pretty paper you wrap it in.

We ask all of you to stand with us, to invest in us. We work for you behind the scenes. We know the enemy. We see the future. We are the watchers. We are Destinie Radio Network. We are everywhere. We circle the globe. We are implanted in every institution in the world.

The network is where you can contact us. Drop us a hint and we will investigate. Volunteer for us and have a powerful impact on the future. Invest in us and feel proud.





Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Heard You When You Fell

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If I were not here to see this
Would it be so

It does not see me or does it
You see me, I see you
They see us, we see them

It does not care or does it
If it had the capability to care or not
It would not be it
Would it

I mean how can you exist without me
Can’t you see
It needs me, us, you know
Doesn’t it

Well then why the hell is it here
Why the hell are we here on it in the first place
It was getting along just fine without us
Wasn’t it
How would we know if it goes away when we do

I mean does the observed rely on the observer
Does one vanish when the other goes away
Do both cease to be when the others do not see

I mean you see this
But you don’t see me

I may be long gone
Or never there in the first place

And you, you aren’t there yet
And I speak as if you were there

Kind of like calling you into being
See there you are
All of a sudden

Okay you are gone
Now that I think about it

The Truth Is What It Is

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The truth that hurts is the one that we know is right.
The one we hide our face from.
 The one that keeps us awake at night.
The one that has been there all along.

It begs to be heard
Locked up in the dark corners of our mind
Surrounded by the I, me, it, they, them and we.

The truth, that all knowing, all seeing
Strange figment of the imagination.

The I Am, the Almighty, the one and only truth.
We cannot and will not touch it.
We will never know it or even be able to describe it.
It remains to be the only place that we can feel safe.

The truth, it hides in plain sight
Yet we pretend it is not there.
It moves the earth and keeps the planets in their orbit
Yet we refuse to acknowledge it.

It is the very essence of our being
The breath that gives us life.
The hand that reaches out to comfort us
In our time of need.
The soft voice in the dark that brings forth another day.

We study it, we deny it.
We analyze, contemplate, and ponder its mighty works.
All the while refusing to submit, to become one with
The I Am, the word, wisdom.
Just to be.

We are not the truth nor are we the way.
We did come from ourselves and cannot
Be sure we will live another day.

The truth it begs our attention.
It is now and ready, waiting and wanting.

When you set out on your journey to find it
You must stop and realize it is where you stand.
The air you breath, the ground you walk upon,
The bird in the air, the ocean breeze, the fire, the grass, the trees.

The truth always and forever with us.
Ready to take us up in arms and hold us.
Ready to make the way straight.

When you arrive into her place
You will see nothing
You will hear nothing
You will feel nothing
You will know nothing
For in her is everything
Which is the absolute, the void, the invisible made whole
The beginning of the end
Past, present, future all in one

Now go and seek this JOY
This peace, this place
This incredible something that
We so humbly call the truth

Say Goodbye To You

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Good, bad, ugly, and different

Words for the same thing


You make it so on top of

The essence of reality


You call it into being as

Being what it is or is not


Without you it would rest

I would not be what it became


Things, parts, pieces, places

They know not who or what they are

Until you give them name


Perception has left you wanting

Craving to see, to here, to feel


You came out of them

They toy with you

Invading the place where you stand

Living inside of you


More and more they come

Filling you up with sickness


They live inside your head

They are you, you are them


The man slave, the whore

The gobble monster

Beans, cookies, rice and milk


Santa Claus

The Easter bunny

The I AM

We, us and they


A construct, a manifestation

A priority

Time flies

Gotta go

Been  there done that


You will not escape this mad reckoning

You are trapped on the wheel

The undercarriage of the way


Stop, Look, Listen

There’s more to come

Planet Blip

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We will continue on this present course of self destruction because it is in our nature. Cultures come and go like the changing of seasons. We cannot be anything but who we are. When one can sit back and observe as an outsider, then one has found a sense of enlightenment, a portion of wisdom. To see things from a distance is to see the foolishness of it all. The fads, the clicks, perks, special deals, relationships, dogmas, creeds, ideas, concepts, even colors, shapes, dimensions, space, time, matter.

Humanity is but a blip on the eternal radar. An insignificant moment in an incomprehensible thing we call reality. We use, we abuse, we squander and waste. Constantly on the lookout for ways to do it better, faster, leaner, and meaner. Always trying to get that advantage, that edge. We dominate our space, strangle with intensity, consume with a vengeance, a free for all of vane imaginings. In denial of our shortcomings, apologetic as we step on each other, and hell bent on getting there first.
Searching for G-D in quantum is like a small child sitting in the seat of a 747. Our technology primitive and unseen by the universe. Toys in the hands of mad men. Foolishness that will fade like a fallen leaf.

Our failure is in our quest. Our downfall in our ability to recognize ourselves and asked who are we, what are we, where are we. Our resources are limited. Our time is short. Our power feeble and misused. We suck the energy from each other. We are devouring ourselves from the inside out. We think too much of ourselves as if this was all a gift because we are so special.

We talk of one nation under G-D while dancing like wild whores with the underworld. We freely give ourselves to the darkness. Our brains are out of control craving more and more. The abnormal has become the in thing. The twisted has become our bed fellow. We shall not escape ourselves. We cannot put the pieces back together. We cannot turn our head and make it all go away.

 Death will come sure and swift. It will devour us completely. It will take us down to that dark place where choice is not an option. Free will does not exist and second chances are null and void.

The time to act is now while we still can. The time for change is now in this present moment. Your opinion is like a bird with a broken wing. Your status a fool’s game. Your education a handicap. When death comes knocking at the door will you be ready. Can you say come in I have done my good deed. I have been the good neighbor, the good friend, the good boss, the good person. Can you say you are ready.

Fund Issues That Count For People Who Care

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Why should you invest, donate or contribute to Destinie Radio Network (

This internet radio station belongs to the people we serve our listeners, our volunteers, the recipients or our outreach and community programs.

We built this station from scratch. We began with one radio show on blog talk radio and worked every day – fifteen to eighteen hours a day – to get where we are today. This has taken over a year.

American freedoms are being stripped away one by one slowly but efficiently. This cannot be denied.

We believe the true power still lies in the people. The working class – the wage earner.

Our goal is to awaken the sleeping giant – the general populace, the consumer who has been lulled to sleep by a self serving government who will stop at nothing to make us slaves in our own country.

Our weapon is one of words, facts, figures, music, volunteers, participants, events, activities, personalities, scientists, consultants, advisors and an undying commitment to empower the people once again where they will rise front and center and let their voices be heard and the physical presence of many felt by those in power.

Division will not save us. Segregation will not empower us. Civil uprising will not bring us the fruits of our labor.

We must band together and stand firm in the belief that we have common bonds and shared experiences that forever connect us at the hip.

We must move beyond the groups, the factions, the special interests, even the two party system that has become obsolete and completely out of control.

We must take back the control. We must clasp hands and work together for the new party – the people’s party: the ones who pay the bills, the ones who sacrifice, the ones who die for this country to please mad men in high places.

The working mothers and fathers who have become drones in a faceless, heartless, pawn game; we the people must say “We will not take it anymore”.

We must stand and fight. We must do whatever is necessary to protect our seeds that came out of us and the seeds that will come after them.

We know what we want. We know the enemy. We know the territory. We have the weapons of light, life, spirit, courage, and commitment.

Together we can take what is ours. Together we can overcome.

The Watchers Watch


They know where you are

They know who you are

They know what you are


You will not escape their gaze

The powers they possess are far beyond anything you could ever imagine


They are in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen

They are outside

Watching from all angles

They peer down from the sky to watch and listen

They are in the car, at work

They shop with you, play golf, go bowling, fishing, camping


Your walls and windows are no detourant

The deep woods will not hide you


The watchers watch

They analyze, decode, transcribe, measure, distrubite, encode, collaborate, sequence, and stratify

They hide in plain sight

They could be sitting beside you at this very moment

The neighbour, the maintenance man, the mail man, the store clerk


They don't have to work hard at all

You offer yourself up to the digital dragon like a mad crazed whore

You sell your children to the dragon

He is well fed and hungry for more


This mad crazed information orgy is wet with the juices of fools


Like cage chickens you lay the golden egg

Like well paid ladies of the night you bring them to orgasm over and over and over

They return the favor and have their way with you

They fondle, poke, prod, dazzle, glaze, daze, and amaze

You stand mesmerized, confused, hot for more

You have become a zombie sex slave

You have intercourse with these devils


You give your children over to them

You have lost control

Independent thought has vanished

Originality is gone by the way side

You are now the property of the U.S.A corp

You are one with the new world


Your mind is empty, your soul dead

Your spirit once filled with passion of the new deal

A chicken in every pot

The American dream is now the global nightmare


Religion will not save you

God is dead. God is dead.


Wisdom has silenced herself

She has saved herself for a select few


Those who have given themselves over to dragon

Those who have submitted to the slave masters will perish by their own hand

They are dead already

Walking empty headed through the streets

Going to and fro buying, selling, trading

Working, eating, and playing

And for what I asked

To feed this monster

This global god

This lie

This OZ with balls


You have submitted

You have laid down and opened yourself up


You are addicted to this world and everything in it

That is sick, perverted, scalding, demented, hard, sour, rotten, and perverse


Those of you who have fallen from the table

Poking around in the dark like blind and deaf pigs rooting for that next morsel

Of anything that will fill your endless appetite


The watchers they watch

Open up your eyes

Come out of the darkness

Come up and see the light

Listen to the silence

Speak nothing

Move not

Disintangle, breath


Remember who you are, where you are, what you are, why you are

You are nothing and yet everything

You stand at the beginning of the end of the beginning

You are and yet you never were

You came and you passed

Get out of yourself

Move away from the illusion

Pass into the void and be


New World Nonsense by Kiler Davenport


I walked a million digital miles today

Went to the moon

Explored the atom and beyond


I found out just how hot I am

Who's peeking at my profile

Made ten new friends

Talked to Jesus

No I mean really talked to Jesus

Well he said he was Jesus

But then again

I have another Jesus over on Myspace

But this guy has got to be the real one

I mean he says he is Jesus and God

You know the I Am, Alpha Omega, all that

Hell I don't know


Someone got arrested today for taking a picture

Of their kids in the the bath tub

Another for toilet shots of their four year old

What's this thing with the toilet anyway


I get poked every morning

Poked every night right between my Google

We poke, and poke, and poke


Meaningless chatter night and day

As if we, I mean what we say

Will really make a difference


I set and watch the world scroll before me


An empty box filled with incomprehensible do dads, whatchamacallits, and thing-a-majiggies


We worship it

We are insanely addicted to it

We are transformed by it


We are friends with the faceless

We like things we know nothing about


We act as if we are some kind of community

Community of what


Digital faceless drones

Hanging their junk on the digital clothes line

For all the world to see


Putting all out there for Big Brother