Tuesday, September 11, 2012


we must tear down these walls of division. we must learn not to be so sensitive and quick to react. so much opportunity passes us by when we go out with false expectations and twisted intentions. to avoid getting hurt we must ground ourselves in solid rock. we must stand firm in the knowledge that we complete in our ability to withstand the storm of others who are not practiced. most minds are clouded with the way things should be and the way they want things to be and the way they have always known them to be. all of these ideas are a form of sickness and lack of awareness of ones true environment and the way it really operates. many of you go out looking for trouble. your preconceptions as to the way life should be will bind you and ultimately destroy you and all those around you. many of you reading this at this very moment will scoff at this teaching. you will disregard it as foolishness. one can only see and interact with wisdom when one has wisdom. to gain wisdom one must practice transforming knowledge into wisdom and this takes much practice and study. those who want to escape the bondage of the lower realms must become an observer of life and people, to grow one must learn to be quite and listen. their are too many times when we go out looking for trouble, our mood is bad, our morning did not go as planned, we did not get our way on such and such and the list goes on and on. patience with others is the key to winning relationships and keeping them and this is the hardest this to master. patience comes with practice and practice come with passion and passion comes with the yearning for wisdom.

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