Friday, September 14, 2012


it is so hard, even impossible for most of you to love those who are different than yourself. it is almost impossible for you to see yourself as equal to those who do not smell like you or look somewhat like you and you lash out at anyone who opposes you. we are on the whole a nation of haters even though most will not admit it or even believe it. we were all cut from the very same mold and came into the world from the same opening. we are all pretty much the same at birth. 
it is when we start to mix with other humans that we get sidetracked and twisted in to pieces. we grow up on different time lines and walk very different paths. we are surrounded by culture, religion, dogma, food, experience, education and demographic. as we grow up we can hope to be fortunate enough to be raised by people and community with much wisdom however this is usually not the case. many have to go out into this world alone and find all these things out the hard way. the road to self destruction is paved with good intentions and sweet sounding melodies. 
we learn to be hateful and selfish. we learn to get in and get all we can and get out before anyone is the wiser. we are trained and educated to waist and consume without ever caring how it will be replaced. we are taught to spend more than we make, take more than we need and run over as many people as possible to get to the top. yes I know very well that many of you are not like this and really have hearts of gold.unfortunately their are not enough of us to go around to make a big difference. 
sometimes it feels as if we should just give up and quit trying. the problems just seem overwhelming to the point of being completely impossible to solve and this may very well be the case. never the less we must forge ahead and do everything in our power to overcome.

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