Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have been studying world religions for many years now and I am always amazed at people. they are all trying their best to secure some kind of afterlife or ongoing presence in one form or another. I meet very few people like myself that understand the dying and death process as just that a process.

it is something we as humans will never understand because we are human. there is no need what soever to live in any form at any time and in any place. it is silly and childish to even think so. I mean who could honestly say that living in such a twisted and mixed up place is good anyway.

I have seen my share of real suffering.I have been present when hundreds of people have died and I have burned and buried and chopped up my share of dead flesh and I can tell you it ain't no picnic. most of you have no idea at all what you are even talking about when you discuss death or dying and even if you have had some experience with it it was not enough to leave a burning lasting impression on your brain.

as matter of fact most of you should not go anywhere near where I have been because it would drive you into insanity at once. you would never come back from this place where I have been. so you really know nothing about these things and that might be the reason you come up with all these silly and foolish ideas about death and dying.


  1. I find it confusing too. People have always had OBE's/NDE's and religion has tried to keep much hidden & much twisted so as to control populace. Therefore, belief systems to control, interesting that those who are heads of these belief systems do not abide by any such belief and often if not perpetrators of crimes themselves,turn a blind eye to such amongst their minions, even protecting them. In this human form it is sincerely difficult to maintain a true higher consciousness of right & wrong when all seems wrong. But what do you mean exactly by the first sentence in 2nd paragraph?

    1. I do not believe us to be as special or significant in the universe as we have thought for so many thousands of years. To me we are like the clay. The potter might have his hands on us and be shaping us in many ways but we are as dead and unimpressive as the clay. And may never know of our true origins in this cosmic mix and that should be perfectly okay if not comforting. -- this is what I mean by the first line in the second paragraph.

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  3. In this manifestation yes, the clay. There are reports we made the clay, so insignificant then nay. Just a thought. Have you read of such reports or heard of experiences of this in your life and study? Or have you thrown them aside as well? OBE's/NDE's not being proof enough or too much for the limits of clay to substantiate? My clay prevents remembrance. Thank you for your reply.