Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lust Condemns Me -- Kiler Davenport

standing in the darkness fist raised to split this vast void in half.
hands quivering ice cold stares bequeath this shattered soul.
the Gods have died a thousand deaths and resurrected hell.
its open arms call me to the pit that I dug long long ago.
this withered body falls to the feet of this demon drop of pith.
my wanderings last eternal lust condemns me to this deep abyss.
i call out and the innocent blood befalls me, take me now to my place.
I will lay down my spirit down upon this rock and bleed the blood of lambs.
I cry out and none to come me, I am servant to this rock, to thee I give.
open the grave and I will fall in and die a thousand deaths my blood bequeath.

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