Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brain What Brain ??? -- Kiler Davenport

diversity is the manifestation of evolution and digression as birth is to life and death. community is that elusive state of being and mind that is and never will be fully realized. all strive to exist as human within humanity as fish try and swim in perfect form.our collective ability has been shattered by the realization of our individuality. our foolish attempt at civilization has prompted usin the wrong direction.

we have traded in wisdom for specialized knowledge. we have sold out our souls for foolish and empty doctrines. we have built roads that lead to dead ends and monuments that honor killing of the innocents. we point fingers and judge others while standing in muddy water and sinking in sand. our reputation as destroyers precedes us.

we rape, pillage and plunder all in the name of God and democracy. we are proud to serve a Country that has enslaved us and lied to us and our off spring. many are so brainwashed they will never escape the invisible hands that control them. I am saddened as I look out and see so many brain dead souls. they look at me with a blank stare or shuffle their feet as if to say brain what brain. misinformation, lies, propaganda, mind control and repetitive main stream media programing have shattered any hope of recovery for most.

those who are able to see through the fog are very few and scattered throughout the world. for them to meet is a rare occurrence. it is my hope that more of us find each other fast and hold fast to the fact that we do exist and somehow are effecting this enigma we call life and living. 

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