Tuesday, September 11, 2012


as you move through the void use your senses wisely, do not be blinded by self.
you are the product of an unexplained phenomena. the manifestation of energy
bound together as this mystery we call life. within this mortal vessel a trillion quad trillion dimensions lie. the odds of being present in this moment incomprehensible to this human mind. for one to truly live they must learn to live in this present moment,time as we know it does not exist inside of eternity and space time know it not. the essence of being will not reside in or around this mortal self this physical dump. to become awake is to die to self and not be bound by it. it is like shedding old dead skin, it is a transformation of the soul, a refreshing and renewing of the mind. one cannot soar with the Gods while swimming in the mud, one cannot move the mountains while trapped in earthly circumstances. frame of mind will bind you and keep you from becoming, it will trick you into living the darkness. inside you is contained a power far and beyond mind mater body soul and spirit. it calls out to you, it follows you to the end of this road, look for this wisdom and if you should find it hold on to it as you would the most precious treasure. when you find it give it away to all that you meet. let your light shine in this worlds darkness where all are bound in the illusive chains of self.

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