Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I know that I very seldom talk about the wonderful things and people in this life however I am fully aware that they exist. I always tell everyone that we are not here to bask in the few things that are sweet,pure and exquisite. we are here to expose the corruption and conspiracy that is eating this Country up from the inside out.it is not the little bit of good that is killing all of us, it is the
mountain of bad that is crushing us. I cannot and will not live in a comfort zone surrounded by fantasy and delusion.

we all have our idea of what we are cut out to do and that is what we should do.
nuclear, chemical, biological and mind control warfare looms close over our heads. we are one button push away from total and complete destruction. I know that many of you would rather not think about this or even believe it is as bad as I say. most of you would fall to the floor and give your life to God if you knew how close we are to annihilating ourselves. we have everything we need to destroy the world as we know it in less than ten days.
many have asked me Kiler how do you know these things, and my question back to them is how could you not know them.some of us that remain in the shadows of the internet have long been involved in the depths of dark politics.
we know just how powerless the American people are and the reasons for that lack of power.we work behind the public wall to continually alter the course of the rushing river that has come to drowned every citizen in the United States Of America.

some things we know we cannot tell,other things we will not tell and this is to
protect ourselves and our families. I and my team out ourselves at risk every day
broadcasting the information we do over the air ways. I put myself at risk and in
grave danger posting my spoken word.we are not just another digital bleep on the screen. we are experienced leaders on the front line of this new world order war.

this Country is lacking in moral leadership.it is drowning in selfishness and greed.

our people have lost their direction and have not a clue of what to do. debate will not solve these problems, chat will not, posting will not, commenting will not, the like button will not, as matter of fact the bad news is these problems cannot and will not be solved. at this point we must do everything we can to just hang on.we must learn the skills that we will need to survive the coming age. we must reach out to others of like mind and work together to create a barrier between us and them. all of you must study how the game is played and who the key players are.
forget the election for this is the game of fools and lame brains. it is only a distraction. while this party is going on the government is planning your demise. they are planning to strip you and your children of the very right to breath without government permission and authority. stay close to us and we will do everything in our power to teach you how to navigate these rough waters.

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