Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I have peeled back this wretched skin a thousand ways to find what is me.
who is it that talks about me when it is me talking about me, is it I.
how can an I and a me live in the same prison, how can this be pray tell.
layer after layer of shit that smells to high heaven, years of dirt piled one on other.

all these wretched souls walking the halls of hell on earth, smelling just the same.
I, me, you, we
, us, them, they, those,the division never ends, the madness eternal.
if I ask you who are you, you cannot tell, I myself know not me this blind fool.
we are all walking down the same dead end path, the same endless road.
one blind leading the other blind, the deaf talking to the deaf, lame leading lame.
the most wise of us has not even a clue as to how the wind blows or even why.
the are but the afterbirth of the essence, the ding after the dong, burned up wood.

we know not where it began nor where we are, let alone where we may go.
I will never stop this mad crazed wanting, this insane desire to know my fate.

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