Tuesday, September 11, 2012


have your eyes wide open and be available. to pass by and offer a prayer is not enough,to say I really know how you feel is insulting, to refer them to someone else is damming. many of you have done this very thing and will continue to do so because you are afraid and unable to open yourself up to this kind of love and caring.

it is so much easier to pass it all off to someone else, so much safer to not take time out of your busy day to help this person at that very moment in time. this is the problem here in the Americas. we always want someone else to fix it, we want to think that we have done our part or that we are just to busy trying to help ourselves.

just think for a second what if the shoe was on the other foot and it was you who needed help. what then, how would you reach out and what would you say and how would you feel begging for help. do you think you are so good that it could never happen to you. you should think again my friend. most every single person out there on the street never dreamed of being homeless. they never wanted to be lost and begging. if you somehow think you are different you are sadly mistaken.

as matter of fact you will not escape the fact that you turned away from those in need. you will pay the price for your misdeed. I have seen this happen over and over again. karma is real and it is powerful at its core. remember that forever. one who is awake, alert and oriented will set off a chain reaction every where they go and effect everyone they touch. 

you will carry with you all that you need to bring fourth goodness, harmony and balance. everywhere you go you will find people looking for answers to life's many complex questions. in order to see the hurt in the world at the core and be able to respond and interact with it you must

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