Friday, September 14, 2012


Know when to take a step back and know that we do not know.
We seem to struggle with the idea of knowing and believing.
its as if we know we do not know yet we pretend to know.
after a while some even start believing that they really do know.
all of these no it alls coming together is like a bad accident.
would it not be better to just work together and gather consensus.
would it not be better to a
dmit that we just do not know anything.
I mean even if we do know we still really do not know what we thought we knew.
and even if we know some of it, whatever it is, we can never know it all.
your God, my God, their God, his God, she God, he God, this God that God.
this is an endless and meaningless quest and one that will not bring peace.
mystical knowing is not knowing at all, it is hit and miss to say the least.
we know not even where we came from or where we might go.
we know not from where we came and by who's hand we were brought.
if we could just trade knowing for being, loving, caring and sharing it would be good.

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