Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Piece about Peace -- Kiler Davenport

peace is not something we as humans create, it is something we perceive.
it is impossible for peace to exist outside the mind, it happens within us.
the idea of peace is totally self constructed and is not out there somewhere.
if you are looking for peace you will not find it, peace is completely self imposed.
the idea of peace is very illusive and hard to grasp, because it exist as a thought.
you ca
nnot teach peace, buy peace, sell peace, find peace, or make peace.

while I am on this subject we can say that love is as illusive as peace,
so many believe they will find love, give love away, teach love or bring love.
love is a concept, an idea, it is what we can learn to manifest deep within us.
we cannot give love away, we cannot receive love, we will not sell love or buy it.
the idea of love is very hard to grasp and hold onto, this is why their is so much hate. hate is much easier to learn and hold onto, teachers are everywhere we go.
I will be doing many shows on this subject for those who want to learn and grow.

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