Thursday, September 6, 2012


one cannot and should not pray for things. one would be better off pissing in the wind and hoping it lands in the bucket. prayer should be about subtraction and not multiplication. we need to deaden the sense to a point where we can see it and put a circle around it and all its parts. when we chant, pray or meditate we are bringing everything into clear focus and clarity. we are learning to master the ability to let go of the illusion of things and people activities and events. it is also about fellowship, focus and community. it brings common purpose and harmony. prayer, chanting and meditation allows us to be fully present in the moment yet a million miles away.
we must have faith when we are in this mode and learn to operate within this powerful realm. if we will remember that thoughts are things then we should know prayer, chanting and meditation should take us away from conventional thinking and put us in a place that is reserved for complete silence and transformation, it should teach us to view the world in a completely different way as we awaken from our deep sleep. many of you are involved in petty arguments concerning your practice whatever it may be. God will not be divided up into little peaces and spread out for you to see.
God will not be conjured like a genie in a bottle at your whim and command. those of the higher realms are known and will be known by their actions. you will sense when they enter the room. you will know by the slow and easy wisdom that comes out of their mouths. they are sharp as a knife and if not careful they can and will cut you.

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