Thursday, September 13, 2012


as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we shall fear no evil.
easy to say but much harder to do. how does one work to put this into practice? first of all we need to understand that life is crammed full of obstacles and pitfalls. human beings are are imperfect, greedy, selfish, lazy and just down right mean. the object is not to try and teach peace but to recognize the truth of humanness.
be at peace within yourself while at the same time being aware that life ain't perfect. you cannot inject peace into others you can only carry it within yourself and be it. 

peace has never been the absence of war. it is simply the presence of peace.
the two can exist right along side each other and work rather well together.
for many this is a very hard concept to grasp. it is even harder to act it out.
you do not have to advertize your peace,if you have to tell everyone it is not real.
the wider the river and the stronger the current the harder we must work to cross.

the more dangerous the conflict, the stronger we must believe and stand firm.
those of you who are strong, your work is never done and the day is never over.
the one thing we can all count on is change ever lasting change,this we can do.
everyone is on a different level and path. everyone sees the world differently.
when you can grasp this and use it in dealing with others you will be effective.
never pretend to know more than others in your midst, just be an example.
many words do not bring lasting peace. it is found inside of action and movement.

learn to speak with your silence. learn to live in the present moment and be calm

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