Tuesday, September 11, 2012


physicality is a very tough subject and takes us into the realm of the self.
that in itself is a mind bending thing,we do not know what the self even is.
it has not ever been properly defined and or described, nor has life or death.

we know not of where we came from, where we are or where we may go.

we know not how the human brain works, we have not the slightest idea.

we only see the afterbirth of life, the outward effect of this mystery world.

we cannot even cure the common cold, all we can do is suppress its symptoms.
we are stupid enough to claim to have seen some mystery effect of the God particle.

we spend billions and billions to kill anything and everything we do not agree with.

we overindulge and waist everything we get out hands on and then we complain.

we want more and more and more for less and less and less and less and less.

we love tearing it up and taking it out but when it comes to putting it back,
forget it.

we say we are one Nation under God. I asked what God, who's God, man made God.

we talk of love and caring, we talk of peace and harmony, and then we kill 
some more.

we try and tell other Countries how to live and we are the most corrupt Country.

we advise other Countries on women's rights and we treat them like shit here.

we talk about child labor in other Countries and our kids here are spoiled rotten.

we talk about bringing other Countries democracy and all we bring them is death.

we send our men and women off to fight wars so that corporations can get rich.

we bring those dead bodies home in a bag and say they fought for what, tell me.

we do not know our ass from a whole in the ground, we only know destruction.

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