Friday, January 24, 2014

Wisdom Vs. Brains By Kiler Davenport

We are all of one skin, bone and blood and yet we act as if we do not know each other at all. Most of the time when we are together we are not together.

Those who have wisdom are faced with the task of teaching those who do not.

This is a daunting task. You will not argue with idiots. You will not convince those who will not listen to reason. Wisdom can be felt by those who are craving her.

Lame brains do not have the capacity to see her or feel her because their mind is full of the self and the ego rules them. Airheads abound and those that do not want to offend them or hurt their feelings. Many brains in America have completely shut down.

People have not been instructed on the art of thinking about thinking. This is both sad and dangerous. It effects us all. Stupid parents breed stupid kids most of the time. The gene pool is turning out shit and I do not see if t getting any better.

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