Thursday, January 16, 2014

Children Are Our Teachers By Kiler Davenport

Children are so powerful and magic. They can teach us so much if we will only take the time to listen to them and grasp them. They still have the magic and the wonder we have lost long ago. Some of the parents try to force them into a mold and indoctrinate and program them to be something that they are not and never will be. Children need to be free to express themselves and explore the world and all its complexity.

The problem starts early because we want them to be, look, think, feel and act as we do. Molding them too tight will cut them down to our size and God forbid we do this. Sit down, stand up, go over there, come over here. Show aunt I your new toy that you hate. Stand in the corner. Eat that shit that we would not eat. Go to bed now. Stop picking your nose. Yes we mold them to believe like we believe and do like we do and this is a crime against the children.

Child abuse is to hope your kids grow up just like you. This is child abuse. We need to let them find them. We need to exclude them from our delusion of the way the world works and let them create their own magic and we need to express this in many ways to them.

You do it own your children anymore than you own the wind or the trees. They came here as free agents and this is the way you should treat them. The public schools should be closed an burned. Television should be turned off and they should be given a fighting chance to grow and mature in a world that does not put them on the fast track to the new world order.

Children should have a full range of studies and options in front of them. They should not be sheltered from suffering and dying and hurting and the hard, cold, nasty world. We should do everything in our power to help them expand the brain as a whole. The left the right, the lower and the mind, the body, spirit and soul. We should avoid making them like us because we are no good example anyway you look at it.

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