Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kiler Davenport Live: The Science Of The Mind

At the request of many fans we did another show on the complexities of living and operating in this state we call humanity or the third dimension. We have touched on many of these very important subjects before however many are still having a hard time understanding how to escape the trap of the self and years long and ingrained programming that they have been bombarded with since birth.
The so called new age movement is trying very hard to provide answers and we commend them for that. However, many of these groups do not have any idea of the realities they are facing nor do they truly understand the mechanics of the machine. We welcome your input, comments, and suggestions on this show. We respect all people and we understand that each one of you has a different perspective on the matter.
Many of you will stay stuck in the third dimension for life and others will break free.
On this show we talked about the concept of right and wrong. The role religion plays in all of this and this most misunderstood thing we call existence and human life.
To hear the show hit on the play button on the player below:
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