Thursday, January 16, 2014

Call To Action & A Cry For Wisdom And Clarity By Kiler Davenport

We have been taught to sit back and watch our own self destruction. We have Been programmed to even promote stupidity and foolishness even as millions suffer and are homeless and starving. Our children are being raised to be lame brains and those sucking off the nanny state. These young parents are teaching their children to be self loathing and self centered.

The new age nuts are running from reality and calling it fear porn. Americans more than any other people are deluded and enslaved inside this matrix of mind control. These young clueless ones are not even able to grasp the dangers we face at this time. That have been captured by economic slavery and new age bullshit.

The house of cards is tumbling as fast as you can say Walmart and buy now and pay later. Every second that is pissed away here could be used to get off your lazy ass and get involved in this physical reality called life and living. You are what you post.

I can spot a zombie a mile away and smell coming. Many who grasp my words here feel ashamed and wanting. They will see that they are killing their children with their stupidity and foolishness. Some will feel so ashamed that they will change or at least try.

This mind war will not be won on this fake book battle field. It can only be won in the streets and face to face. Each and every post should be a call to action and a cry for wisdom and clarity. Every post should reflect the grave dangers we face and the short time we have.

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