Friday, January 24, 2014

Lame Brains By Kiler Davenport

Now that most of you have pissed away your life in lala land what is next. How many lame brains does it take to come up with something original? So you will all be dead very soon and what can you say you have done. Did you fight I mean really fight or did you sit on your fat ass and complain. I know you feel powerless and so disconnected. You are angry at what I say. I speak the hard cold truth. You can't handle the truth. Can you handle it? Do you have any idea where all of this is going at all? Can you see up ahead? Your children are doomed and dead. We have put them in eternal earthly darkness. Are you proud of yourself? Can we hold our heads up when we walk down the street. Its over fool. The dirty deeds are done. The graves are dug and await our arrival.

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