Thursday, January 23, 2014

Last Call Before The Fall By Kiler davenport

You mortal men grasping at the wind Chasing the golden rainbow You cram your pockets full of blood stained money as if it is sport You dress your women like plastic blow up dolls, sex toys You are all so ugly on the inside You are so rotten you stink

If only you would reach out to those in true need Just give from the bottom if your heart, soul, mind, and body You look down on those people You belittle them You hate them Your pride is digging you a deep pit Do you think you will escape it

My words are like fire I will split you in half from a distance You are cursed

We wait for you to turn from this vomit We have plenty of time Death will consume you I have heard men like you scream I have seen them wiggle and cry It was too late death was coming

Give ear to this you bastard You blood sucking fool Death comes

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