Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Combination Of Energies By Kiler Davenport

The answer and the question just a combination of energies All one and the same There is nothing out there or over there or in there or under there Illusion and folly There is nothing to gain and not thing to lose Black is white and white is black The trip has been taken before you ever leave You are back before you even get there There is nothing to figure out Nothing to calculate Nowhere to go Nothing to see You did not to find it You will not climb it You cannot build it You do not see it Sit in your pool and stand firm in the truth of the lie Live the lie, live the life All one in the same You and I, it, those, them, they, me, us, we Energy you see You will not find reason, logic, or clarity of thought Because it is what it is, same Call out and none will hear The sound is pulsing light is raging beside and within

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