Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sea Of Mad Crazed Self Constructed Reality By Kiler Davenport

I woke up this morning in the high alps of my mind and spirit. There are us and them. Those of us who can see far beyond the self. Those that have moved beyond the mistake of really taking yourself seriously. Let us all meet on a neutral place. We look at each other and marvel that we know that we do not know. We then begin to do ponder and communicate. We look out and chuckle at the sea of mad crazed self constructed reality. We watch as the photons reflect mysteries of the ages. We do not see trees. We do not see people. We do not see our animals. We only take in this yet misunderstood thing called light. Every activity is but an illusion that makes no sense except that we develop it in this hologram we call the mind. If you will listen to this wisdom I give you. You will see a new world. You will marvel at the possibilities. You will say "Kiler I never knew what you were talking about until now".

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